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Nothing beats the cost of free!

Are you getting ready for certification and found yourself drowning in exam pre websites, books, CD’s, Software, and more? The industry is full of expensive and outdated solutions that ultimately aren’t even living up to the quality control needed to prepare students to pass certification. CertLibrary offers FREE exams for hundreds of tests. That’s thousands upon thousands of FREE questions you can study and use to nail your exam. Every exam offers AT LEAST 50% for free to anyone and for those really serious about getting certified, who need a little more, we have Premium Access options for giving you that extra nudge toward success.

We know WatchGuard, because we’ve walked this road before you

No matter who you are, certification is a great option for getting the foot in the door or getting that raise you’ve been working toward. We know WatchGuard that certification will give you the boost you need to be a living success story, because our professional staff has been there. Our guides are written and designed by professionals who ACTUALLY have real-life experience with your certs. And that matters because, getting certified with WatchGuard is a huge win for your resume and skillset but it’s not easy. Every exam or level of certification offered by WatchGuard can be found at CertLibrary and you don’t need to pick one just yet. Every exam prep offers at least 50% of it for free meaning you can peruse our catalogue and find a cert that you love before diving in!

This isn’t imaginary fluff exam prep content

Our industry professionals have years of experience and they made exam preps that hold up to experience and knowledge. These exams simulate the actual things you’ll encounter at the job or on test day meaning you aren’t caught off guard by poorly prepared questions or lacking technical knowledge. Come to the exam prepared to be wildly successful and confident that your next role or job will be rewarding because you actually learned the skills you needed to learn. We make these exam preps as close to the exam as possible and as up-to-date as you can get. And as we said before, you get so much of this content for FREE!

Hit the books on the phone!

Today we want to study anywhere and everywhere. Our website is optimized to let you access your exam preps on any mobile OS meaning more freedom and more study time. And if you actually want to print it out and feel that hard copy of our exam preps in your hand, with premium access you can even do that!

Does this really work?

Don’t just take our word for it though. If you just listened to us, you would be getting that company bias. Instead, listen to some of our raving fans and how testing went for them!

I was struggling to pass the WatchGuard exam, it was just too hard my first go around.
It made me a bit hesitant to spend more money by trying to purchase testing materials, after all, I’d spend a bit just to fail the test.
I took a risk, leaped in, and wish I had done it sooner! CertLibrary prepared me for about 60% of what I encountered on the exam.
While it wasn’t perfect, it was enough to help me pass my exam.
I would have saved so much money if I’d just bought this exam prep on day 1!”

- Kyle P.

I recommend the practice tests at CertLibrary for anyone taking a WatchGuard test.
There were several online practice exams I found while getting ready for certification but most of them had terrible customer service and poor-quality exams or filled with advertisements.
CertLibrary was different, they gave me ten excellent practice questions to view the quality of the practice test they offered.
All of them were spot on to the content I had already encountered.
I have loved using them and will use them again next time I have to obtain a new WatchGuard certification!”

- Dale N.

CertLibrary helped me pass my WatchGuard exam with flying colors.
I loved using them as a resource.
As a visual learner I do have to say that I wish they had some more visual representations but the information was still incredibly helpful and accurate to what I encountered on exam day.
If you are nervous about WatchGuard certification, you should look into CertLibrary!”

- Darya S.

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