Administration of Veritas eDiscovery Platform 8.0 for Users v6.0

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Exam contains 78 questions

Which query is a correctly formatted keyword search?

  • A. finance AND diamond OR (reports w/5 false*)
  • B. finance AND diamond OR [reports w/5 false*]
  • C. finance AND diamond OR [reports w 5 false*]
  • D. finance AND diamond OR {reports w 5 false*}

Answer : A

Refer to the exhibits.
Which category in Exhibit one enables the feature to populate the Keyword Query filter shown in Exhibit two?
Exhibit one:

Exhibit two:

  • A. Scope
  • B. Custom Fields
  • C. Keywords
  • D. Families

Answer : C

Which character is searchable?

  • A. §
  • B. :
  • C. ~
  • D. '

Answer : A

How can a reviewer find relevant audio files that are missing in Audio Search due to dialects?

A. raise the Confidence Score -

B. lower the Confidence Score -
C. raise the Confidence Threshold
D. lower the Confidence Threshold

Answer : D Topic 5, Performing analysis on search results

Which action is an administrator unable to perform after running a search in Participant
Analysis > Custodian?

  • A. bulk tag emails the custodian sent and received
  • B. view everyone the custodian interacted with
  • C. redact the emails and documents
  • D. find similar documents across the search or case

Answer : C

After running an advanced search, the folder, tag, and custodian information are available to view; however, the sender, recipient, and keyword information are unavailable to view.
What is the cause for the inability to see the desired information?

  • A. sources have been disabled
  • B. limit filter option has been selected
  • C. retriever service has stopped running
  • D. the user lacks permission to view all items

Answer : B

What is a cf and Review?

  • A. any email address found in the To, CC or BCC
  • B. an internal sender or receiver who has an item in the discussion group
  • C. unique email addresses and/or display names in the search results
  • D. any custodian matching the email addresses of senders and/or receivers of the item in the search results

Answer : C

Where is the feature to review an email chain in chronological order in Symantec eDiscovery Platform 8.0?

  • A. Discussion Conversation
  • B. Full Review
  • C. Topics
  • D. Discussion Thread

Answer : D

Which statement accurately describes derived emails that can be found in a discussion chain?

  • A. they can be reviewed and tagged
  • B. they can be found using 'find similar'
  • C. they are shown for thread clarity
  • D. they are shown as an item in the filter

Answer : C

Which information is unavailable on the Similar Analysis screen?

  • A. messages displaying similar items and terms shared
  • B. discussions that include the similar messages
  • C. topics of similar messages
  • D. attachments that are similar to the original document

Answer : C

A Case User is analyzing discussions and needs to review all of the words that may be common to the various items that are part of the discussion.
Which attribute of the discussion should the Case User review?

  • A. Topics
  • B. Keywords
  • C. Conversations
  • D. Terms

Answer : D

File name plays a factor in deduplication in Symantec eDiscovery Platform 8.0. Two files that are exactly the same except file name are unable to deduplicate.
How can a reviewer find the identical files with different names?

  • A. Filters Pane
  • B. Advanced Search
  • C. Files Screen
  • D. Freeform Search

Answer : C

Which two options are available when analyzing documents using Find Similar? (Select two.)

  • A. across all cases
  • B. across all folders
  • C. across entire case
  • D. within saved searches
  • E. within search results

Answer : C,E

What is the most efficient way to find documents that are unable to be searched in the
Filters pane?

A. Document Size - 0KB -

B. File Type - Other Types -
C. Message Flag - crawler truncated

D. File Flag - No content found -

Answer : D Topic 6, Applying review concepts

Refer to the exhibit.

A reviewer accidentally tagged all items discovered in a search as 'Responsive'.
How can the tagging be reversed?

  • A. re-run the search, on the batch web page, check No Selection and run the batch operation
  • B. re-run the search, on the batch web page, select Remove Tag, check Responsive and run the batch operation
  • C. re-run the search, in the Tag dialog box, check No Selection and run the bulk tagging operation
  • D. re-run the search, in the Tag dialog box, select Remove Tag, check Responsive and run the bulk tagging operation

Answer : C

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Exam contains 78 questions

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