Administration of Clearwell™ eDiscovery Platform 7.1 v7.1

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A new data source has been added to the Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.1 and has completed pre-processing without exceptions. No additional data has been added to the source since the completion of pre-processing. The Case Team needs all data in the source indexed for the case. Which steps are required when processing the data source?

  • A. select the source and configure processing options using the property browser
  • B. select the source, apply the necessary date range filter, and process with or without discovery
  • C. select the source and configure the processing filters at the source level
  • D. select the source and process with or without discovery

Answer : D

A Case Team needs to search for all items that include the word "jasmin" because it refers to a project that is under investigation. The Case Team also wants to include variations such as "jasmen," "jasmine," and "jasminum". In addition to running the search now, the search will be saved and run after additional data has been added. Stemming is enabled for this case. Which search syntax or functionality should be used?

  • A. jasmin
  • B. jasm*
  • C. jasm?
  • D. jasm???

Answer : B

A Case Admin runs an export that fails to complete successfully. From the Jobs window, the job status indicates that the export was Partially Completed. The Action options available are:
Retry or Finish. Which behavior should be expected if the Case Admin selects the Retry option?

  • A. Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.1 will start a new export job.
  • B. The partially completed export job will start over again.
  • C. Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.1 will attempt to export the failed items.
  • D. The export job will finish with status: failed.

Answer : C

A Case Team with a new case and related data set decides to run a Concept Search. They enter an important keyword in the Concept area, restrict the search based on a Folder, and then open the Concept Builder. They see a list of 200 Related Terms. The 200 Related
Terms are derived from which data population?

  • A. from a standardized thesaurus source that is leveraged by Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.1
  • B. from the group of documents that have the keyword present without other documents
  • C. from the group of items that was within the Folder included in the search criteria
  • D. from the entire data population that has been processed into the case

Answer : D

Which two questions should a pre-sales consultant ask a potential eDiscovery customer during the first onsite meeting? (Select two.)

  • A. Which challenges do you have in performing backups in your organization today?
  • B. Do your legal policies address all aspects of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM)?
  • C. Do your archiving/document retention systems intelligently communicate with your security products?
  • D. How many matters do you handle per year across all business units typically?
  • E. Which lines of business care most about a data breach in your organization today?

Answer : BD

Where can a System Manager recycle the Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7. x all services simultaneously?

  • A. in System > Support Features
  • B. in the Clearwell System Support Tool
  • C. in System > Settings > General
  • D. in the Clearwell Utility

Answer : D

An organization is collecting email from its Microsoft Exchange servers and local Outlook files (both PST and OST) from employee laptops. The mail file synchronization between the laptops and Exchange has occasionally failed. This has prevented mail messages that are otherwise identical from de-duplicating if the document duplication in milliseconds processing option is selected. How should the mail be processed to minimize the impact of these minor time differences on message de-duplication?

  • A. Process all of the mail files with document duplication in milliseconds turned on, then re- process the messages that failed to de-duplicate after changing the setting.
  • B. Process only the files collected from Exchange with document duplication in milliseconds turned on, then process the OST and PST files after changing the setting.
  • C. Process all of the mail files with document duplication in milliseconds turned off.
  • D. Process all of the mail files with document duplication in milliseconds turned on.

Answer : C

During a case data processing task some items are marked with "Error" and "Failed to
Index." Which reporting tool should be used to analyze these processing failures?

  • A. Case Status report
  • B. Pre-Processing report
  • C. Processing Status report
  • D. Exceptions report

Answer : D

A data source may fail to be pre-processed by the Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform
7.1 for which two reasons? (Select two.)

  • A. corrupted source
  • B. PST file within a container file
  • C. duplicative of another source
  • D. read-only
  • E. L01 file

Answer : A,D

Custodians can be added to an Employee List in which two ways? (Select two.)

  • A. import from CSV
  • B. import from XML
  • C. input manually
  • D. import using Clearwell Utility
  • E. import using Excel

Answer : AC

A New York-based System Manager receives a hard drive of PSTs from the Singapore office. After processing the data into the case, the Case Team reports that the emails appear to have been sent between 8 p.m. in the evening and 8 a.m. in the morning. How should the System Manager correct the time display without affecting other cases?

  • A. set the time zone in All Cases > Settings to Singapore
  • B. set the time zone in System > Settings > Time & Date to Singapore
  • C. set the time zone in the Case > Processing > Settings to Singapore
  • D. set the time zone on the Clearwell server to Singapore

Answer : C

A System Manager is performing analytics on a collection. The System Manager needs to determine the size of the data collected. Which two methods should be used to analyze this collection? (Select two.)

  • A. by Custodian
  • B. by Clearwell server
  • C. by Source Type
  • D. by Timeline
  • E. by Summary

Answer : AC

What is a participant in the context of Analysis and Review?

  • A. unique MD5 hashes of senders' and/or receivers' names in the search results
  • B. any sender or receiver who has an item in the discussion group of the search results
  • C. unique email addresses and/or display names in the search results
  • D. any custodian matching the email addresses of senders and/or receivers of the item in the search results

Answer : C

What is F Measure?

  • A. the percentage of false positives acceptable
  • B. the balance between responsive and non-responsive data
  • C. the number of forced accepted results that fail to meet the prediction model
  • D. the balance between precision and recall

Answer : D

What will happen to a collection task if the account field is left blank when an Exchange source is added to a case?

  • A. Collection will fail with authentication error.
  • B. Collection will run using the ESAApplicationService account permissions.
  • C. Collection will run using the ESAExchangeCrawlerService account permissions.
  • D. Collection will run using the ESAExchangeRetrieverService account permissions.

Answer : B

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Exam contains 178 questions

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