Administration of Veritas Backup Exec 2014 v6.0

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Exam contains 133 questions

When does the append period begin?

  • A. after media expiration
  • B. each time the media is appended
  • C. each time the media is overwritten
  • D. after the media is inventoried

Answer : C

Which method for changing a media overwrite/append period is invalid?

  • A. change the media set properties
  • B. catalog the media
  • C. erase the media
  • D. assign the media to a different media set

Answer : B

In which two circumstances will the overwrite protection period for a tape begin? (Select two.)

  • A. at the start time of an overwrite job (if there are no appends)
  • B. at the end time of an overwrite job (if there are no appends)
  • C. at the start time of the last append operation on a media
  • D. at the end time of the first append operation on a media
  • E. at the end time of the last append operation on a media

Answer : B,E

Which type of media is able to be overwritten only when the overwrite protection level is set at None?

A. scratch media -
B. allocated media in any media set
C. recyclable media in any media set
D. media imported from another Backup Exec installation

Answer : B Topic 7, Explain how to perform device and media operations

Which condition makes a cleaning job fail?

  • A. Library automatic cleaning function is disabled
  • B. Cleaning job schedule conflicts with a backup job
  • C. A cleaning slot remains undefined for library
  • D. A cleaning Tape Alert flag remains unraised

Answer : C

Which two settings can an administrator configure to manually prevent a backup set from being deleted? (Select two.)

  • A. change the expiration date of the backup set
  • B. duplicate the backup set
  • C. archive the backup set
  • D. retain the backup set
  • E. catalog the backup set

Answer : A,D

An administrator's robotic library has gone offline the last three times the same piece of media has been used.
Where can the administrator look to determine whether the tape has any soft or hard errors?

  • A. on the properties of the robotic library
  • B. on the properties of the tape drive
  • C. on the properties of the job history
  • D. on the properties of the media

Answer : D

A robotic library is shared by multiple departments.
How can the library be managed so that each department can be charged for particular groups of tapes?

  • A. create a media set for each department
  • B. create a partition for each department
  • C. label the media for each department
  • D. catalog the media for each department

Answer : B

Which action should an administrator perform if a robotic library slot displays that it is
'Empty' despite the fact that a tape is present?

  • A. An import
  • B. An export
  • C. A scan or inventory
  • D. A catalog

Answer : D

How can an administrator review the backup sets that have been deleted by DLM?

A. check the Job Monitor -
B. check the Backup Set Retention category in the Audit Log
C. check the Application Log in the Event Viewer

D. check the Alerts -

Answer : B Topic 8, Describe media catalog concepts, functionality, implementation

What is a consequence of changing the catalog path?

  • A. existing catalog files will be moved to the new path
  • B. new catalog files will be written to the new path
  • C. existing catalog files will be truncated
  • D. new and existing catalog files will be re-indexed

Answer : B

Which two types of information are provided by Symantec Backup Exec 2014 catalogs?
(Select two.)

A. storage device properties -
B. searchable restore selections

C. file deduplication metadata -
D. file and directory information on each backup set
E. Symantec Backup Exec server properties

Answer : B,D Topic 9, Describe how to manage backup sets using Data Lifecycle Mgmt

What is the purpose of the Allow Backup Exec to Delete All Expired Backup Sets option?

  • A. it ensures that a response to an alert will be required before any backup set is deleted
  • B. it enables all backup sets to be kept indefinitely
  • C. it changes the default behavior that allows Backup Exec to keep one backup set per job family regardless of settings
  • D. it prompts Backup Exec to delete all backups

Answer : C

Which process is used to automatically delete expired backup sets stored on disk or in cloud-based storage?

  • A. Advanced Device and Media Management
  • B. data lifecycle management process
  • C. database maintenance grooming process
  • D. garbage collection process

Answer : D

Which job practice can cause Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) to take a long time to process?

  • A. running too many full backup operations
  • B. running too many incremental backups between full backup operations
  • C. running too many differential backups between full backup operations
  • D. running too many one-time backup operations

Answer : B

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Exam contains 133 questions

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