Administration of Veritas Enterprise Vault 10.0 for Exchange v6.1

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Exam contains 322 questions

What are the three possible statuses of a Vault Store partition? (Select three.)

  • A. Closed
  • B. Disabled
  • C. Dismounted
  • D. Open
  • E. Pending
  • F. Ready
  • G. Error

Answer : ADF

Which two server roles require installation of Enterprise Vault extensions to provide users access to their archived content via Outlook Web Access in a mixed Microsoft Exchange
2003 and 2007 environment? (Select two.)

  • A. Edge Server
  • B. Front End
  • C. Back End
  • D. Internet Security Accelerator Server (ISA)
  • E. Client Access Server (CAS)

Answer : C,E

Which properties page should an administrator access within the Vault Administration
Console to configure the default archiving schedule for all Mailbox Archiving Tasks?

  • A. Site
  • B. Directory
  • C. Policy
  • D. Task

Answer : A

What are the three primary physical data-storage components of Mailbox Archiving in
Enterprise Vault? (Select three.)

  • A. Indexes
  • B. Archives
  • C. Vault Store partitions
  • D. Enterprise Vault databases
  • E. Enterprise Vault Collector

Answer : ACD

Which four items are set in the Configuration Wizard? (Select four.)

  • A. Storage location
  • B. SQL Server
  • C. Vault Directory database and transaction logs
  • D. Service Account
  • E. Name of Vault Site
  • F. Exchange Server

Answer : B,C,D,E

What is an Enterprise Vault site?

  • A. a SQL database for system-wide configuration
  • B. a geographic configuration reference
  • C. a collection of policies, servers, and storage
  • D. a grouping of Active Directory domain controllers

Answer : C

An organization needs an archiving vendor that can provide low administrative overhead for deploying different archiving strategies. Which configuration task makes it easier to deploy different archiving strategies using Enterprise Vault (EV)?

  • A. The administrator creates new Windows groups in Active Directory to align with their archiving strategy and moves the users into these groups.
  • B. The administrator uses provisioning groups to apply different archiving policies to the various groups.
  • C. The administrator moves mailboxes to specific group Exchange servers, then runs an EV Policy Manager script for each Exchange Server to deploy the policies.
  • D. The administrator creates a custom archiving policy for each executive user and leaves the default policy for everyone else.

Answer : B

What must be running in order to use the Enterprise Vault (EV) Enable Mailbox Wizard?

  • A. the EV Storage service
  • B. the EV Indexing service
  • C. the Provisioning task
  • D. the Mailbox Archiving task

Answer : D

What is the correct Enterprise Vault 80 (EV) core upgrade path?

  • A. An EV 80 upgrade requires EV 70 Service Pack 1 or later.
  • B. An EV 80 upgrade can be performed directly from Enterprise Vault 2007
  • C. An EV 80 upgrade can be performed directly from EV 60 service Pack 6 or later.
  • D. An EV 80 upgrade requires Enterprise Vault 2007 Service Pack 5

Answer : B

According to best practices, where should data and transaction logs be stored when creating a Directory database?

  • A. on a separate local SQL instance
  • B. on the same disk as the Vault Store database
  • C. on the Directory Service computer
  • D. on separate physical disks

Answer : D

What is a benefit of archiving email?

  • A. enables efficient search and retrieval of email
  • B. provides a duplicate backup system of email
  • C. prevents users from deleting email
  • D. provides high availability of email

Answer : A

Which two databases are directly associated with Stores in Enterprise Vault?

  • A. Directory and Monitoring
  • B. Partition and Vault Store
  • C. Directory and Vault Store
  • D. Fingerprint and Vault Store

Answer : D

Which three items does the Enterprise Vault Deployment Scanner check? (Select three.)

  • A. the operating system
  • B. SQL server permissions
  • C. SQL Monitoring services
  • D. IIS Security
  • E. Outlook version

Answer : A,B,E

If the Exchange Journal Archiving Task discovers that the Journal mailbox is empty, how much time does it allow to elapse before it checks again?

  • A. 30 seconds
  • B. 60 seconds
  • C. 120 seconds
  • D. 300 seconds

Answer : B

In which two ways does Optimized Single Instance Storage (OSIS) save storage space?
(Select two.)

  • A. The SIS parts are shared between the Vault Stores in the same sharing boundary.
  • B. SIS identifies the SIS part from the filename.
  • C. Attachments are stored once within a sharing boundary.
  • D. The SIS parts are shared between the Vault Stores in different sharing boundaries.
  • E. Attachments are stored only once in a different sharing boundary.

Answer : AC

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Exam contains 322 questions

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