Administration of Veritas NetBackup 8.0 and NetBackup Appliances 3.0 v8.0

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An administrator has a backup for client Linux1 using the LinuxClients policy complete successfully, even though the policy Backup Selections are NOT modified, the backup job fails the next day with the following status code:

What is a possible reason the job failed?

  • A. The Enable granular recovery option was unset.
  • B. The client was added to another backup policy.
  • C. The file systems have been unmounted on the client.
  • D. The client was temporarily shut down.

Answer : C

How can an administrator determine the storage and database paths for a Media Server
Deduplication Pool?

  • A. run the Configure Disk Storage Server wizard for the MSDP
  • B. view Storage Unit > View Properties for the MSOP storage unit
  • C. view Disk Pool > Disk volumes for the MSDP disk pool
  • D. view Storage Server > Properties for the storage server

Answer : D

An administrator notices that backups are failing for clients added to a new backup policy.
The backups attempt to run again after 10 minutes.
How can the administrator modify the time between backup attempts?

  • A. modify the Job retry delay host property
  • B. modify the Policy update interval host property
  • C. modify the Schedule backup attempts host property
  • D. modify the Take checkpoints every value in the backup policy

Answer : C

Refer to the exhibit.
Which diagram is supported for backups spanning BasicDisk storage?

  • A. A
  • B. B
  • C. C
  • D. D

Answer : C

To reduce network use by limiting the number of parallel backup streams, which cloud setting should be modified under the Scalable Storage host property?

  • A. Metering > Metering interval
  • B. Network Connections > Maximum concurrent jobs
  • C. Throttling > Total available bandwidth
  • D. Throttling > Sampling interval

Answer : B

An administrator is attempting to configure a new backup policy using synthetic backups.
When creating a new full backup schedule, the Synthetic backup option is unable to be selected.
What must the administrator do to the policy to make the Synthetic backup option available for selection?

  • A. create a differential or cumulative incremental backup schedule
  • B. select a backup destination that supports synthetic backups
  • C. enable Collect true image restore information with move detection
  • D. create a full backup schedule with Accelerator forced rescan enabled

Answer : A

A restore has failed with the following job details:

Which two resources should the administrator use to troubleshoot this issue? (Select two)

  • A. the bpmedia command
  • B. the robtest command
  • C. the operating system logs
  • D. the logs from the NetBackup tar process
  • E. the nbdevconfig command

Answer : D,E

Which disk type is unsupported in a Media Server Load Balancing storage unit group?

  • A. Pure Disk
  • B. BasicDisk
  • C. AdvancedDisk
  • D. Cloud Storage

Answer : B

A NetBackup policy is configured to back up the following paths for a client:

D:\stage -

E:\data -

E:\home -

F:\production -
Multistreaming is enabled for the backups, and multiplexing is set to 4. Backup streams are running slowly.
Which step should the administrator consider to improve backup performance?

  • A. increase the multiplexing level
  • B. back up only one stream from each physical device on the client
  • C. disable multistreaming
  • D. increase the number of data buffers

Answer : A

Upon arriving at work on a Monday, an administrator sees several replication Jobs that have failed with the following error message:
No images were successfully processed
Which two reasons may be the cause for the error code? (Select two.)

  • A. The checkpoint restart is disabled for the replication Jobs.
  • B. There are network connectivity issues between the source and target domains.
  • C. The NetBackup host ID-based certificate was revoked.
  • D. There is insufficient storage space on the target storage server.
  • E. There are insufficient tapes in the replication volume pool.

Answer : AB

Weekly full backups run for client A on maeter1 using a storage unit that belongs to medial.
The administrator is required to retain client As full backups for a period of four months.
When the administrator modifies the full schedule, an option for 4 months is missing from the Retention drop down list.
How can the administrator add a four month retention?

  • A. modify an existing retention level in the server host properties, under Retention Periods
  • B. ignore the selection list and type in the desired retention period directly
  • C. add a new retention period in the media server host properties, under Retention Periods
  • D. increase the Image cleanup Interval in the master server host properties, under Clean- up

Answer : C

An administrator has a job that has failed. Upon reviewing the Detailed Status tab for the job, the administrator sees the following information:

Which setting value prevented the job from running during the backup window?

  • A. the Global Attributes > Maximum jobs per client master server host property
  • B. the Timeouts > Client read timeout master server host property
  • C. the Maximum concurrent jobs storage unit setting
  • D. the Limit jobs per policy setting

Answer : A

Which two options are available to an administrator to bung the Media Server
Deduplication Pool (MSDP) catalog back online in the case of a hardware problem that caused corruption? (Select two.)

  • A. restore the MSDP catalog from the NetBackup catalog backup
  • B. recover the MSDP catalog from a MSDP catalog backup
  • C. repair the MSDP catalog using the crchk tool
  • D. restore the MSDP catalog from an MSDP catalog shadow copy
  • E. repair the MSDP catalog using the recoverCR tool

Answer : BD

Backup images that reside In an MSDP storage pool have been manually expired using bpexpdate. Which step must fin administrator perform to manually free the associated space in the storage pool?

  • A. run image cleanup on the media server that hosts the MSDP storage server
  • B. run an inventory on the MSDP storage pool
  • C. run content router queue processing on media server that hosts the MSDP storage server
  • D. fun content router queue processing on the master server

Answer : A

An administrator has a scheduled policy has a scheduled policy backs up 20 clients, each with multiple mount points and multiple data streams enabled. One of the jobs has failed and is in an Incomplete slate in the Activity Monitor.
Mow should the administrator verify the incomplete job runs prior to the next scheduled backup?

  • A. run a manual job the client
  • B. resume the job
  • C. run a manual job for the mount point
  • D. resume the parent job

Answer : B

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Exam contains 168 questions

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