Administration of Veritas NetBackup 8.0 v7.0

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Exam contains 148 questions

An administrator is attempting to configure a new backup policy using synthetic backups.
When creating a new full backup schedule, the Synthetic backup option is unable to be selected.
What must the administrator do to the policy to make the Synthetic backup option available for selection?

  • A. create a differential or cumulative incremental backup schedule
  • B. select a backup destination that supports synthetic backups
  • C. enable Collect true image restore information with move detection
  • D. create a full backup schedule with Accelerator forced rescan enabled

Answer : A

An administrator is comparing the NetBackup Accelerator and Net Back up FlashBackup features to determine which feature should be used for backup of a very large file system with millions of files.
Which consideration is irrelevant when determining whether to use NetBackup Accelerator or Net Back up FlashUackup in the situation?

  • A. the file system change rate
  • B. the file system storage capacity
  • C. the type of file system being used
  • D. the file system folder depth

Answer : A

To reduce network use by limiting the number of parallel backup streams, which cloud setting should be modified under the Scalable Storage host property?

  • A. Metering > Metering interval
  • B. Network Connections > Maximum concurrent jobs
  • C. Throttling > Total available bandwidth
  • D. Throttling > Sampling interval

Answer : A

Winch backup storage is unsupported with media server load balancing?

  • A. BasicDisk
  • B. Media Server Deduplication Pool
  • C. AdvancedDisk
  • D. Media Manager storage

Answer : D

An administrator wants deduplication clients in a remote office to perform backups so that less data is sent over the wide area network (WAN).
Which action should the administrator perform to reduce the total amount of data sent over the WAN?

  • A. set client attributes to Always use the media server
  • B. set client attributes to Always use client-side deduplication
  • C. set the deduplication disk pool to Limit I/O strtsinis
  • D. enable deduplication stream handlers for the clients

Answer : B

An administrator needs to recover the Net Backup master server catalog at a disaster recovery site, but the DR files are unavailable.
Which command should the administrator use to recreate the DR file?

  • A. bprecrover
  • B. nbcatsync
  • C. bpimport
  • D. cat_import

Answer : B

Which two restore types must be initiated from a client system rather than the Net Backup
Administration Console on the master server? (Select two.)

  • A. Oracle:
  • B. MS-SharePoint
  • C. MS-Exchange
  • D. MS SQL-Server
  • E. VMware

Answer : B,E

An administrator needs to decrease the total amount of time required to back up a UNIX file server, but requires a full backup every night for recovery purposes.
How should the administrator proceed?

  • A. use policy compression
  • B. use NetBackup Accelerator
  • C. use change journal
  • D. use client-side deduplication

Answer : B

An administrator has a backup for client Linux1 using the LinuxClients policy complete successfully, even though the policy Backup Selections are NOT modified, the backup job fails the next day with the following status code:

What is a possible reason the job failed?

  • A. The Enable granular recovery option was unset.
  • B. The client was added to another backup policy.
  • C. The file systems have been unmounted on the client.
  • D. The client was temporarily shut down.

Answer : C

Some NetBackup jobs are affected by the failure of a disk in an Advanced Disk pool, but the jobs are unavailable to view in the Activity Monitor.
In which two places can the administrator view Net Backup jobs affected by the disk failure? (Select two.)

  • A. Media and Device Management > Device Monitor > Disk Pool
  • B. Net Backup Management > Reports > Disk Reports > Disk logs
  • C. Net Backup Management > Reports > Disk Reports > Disk Pool Status
  • D. Net Backup Management > Reports > Disk Reports > Disk Storage Unit Status
  • E. Net Backup Management > Reports > Media Logs

Answer : A,D

Backup images that reside In an MSDP storage pool have been manually expired using bpexpdate. Which step must fin administrator perform to manually free the associated space in the storage pool?

  • A. run image cleanup on the media server that hosts the MSDP storage server
  • B. run an inventory on the MSDP storage pool
  • C. run content router queue processing on media server that hosts the MSDP storage server
  • D. fun content router queue processing on the master server

Answer : C

An AdvancedDisk storage unit consistently reaches capacity, causing older, staged backups to expire. How con the administrator control the prioritization of images that get removed?

  • A. change the priority for secondary storage lifecycle operations
  • B. use Data Classification
  • C. change the priority of relocation jobs in the staging schedule
  • D. modify Retention Levels

Answer : D

Which configuration file should an administrator modify to enable local fingerprint caching on a Netbackup MSDP client?

  • A. spa.cfg
  • B. pd.conf
  • C. contentrouter.cfg
  • D. agent.cfg

Answer : B

An administrator notices that backups are failing for clients added to a new backup policy.
The backups attempt to run again after 10 minutes.
How can the administrator modify the time between backup attempts?

  • A. modify the Job retry delay host property
  • B. modify the Policy update interval host property
  • C. modify the Schedule backup attempts host property
  • D. modify the Take checkpoints every value in the backup policy

Answer : C

A NetBackup policy is configured to back up the following paths for a client:

D:\stage -

E:\data -

E:\home -

F:\production -
Multistreaming is enabled for the backups, and multiplexing is set to 4. Backup streams are running slowly.
Which step should the administrator consider to improve backup performance?

  • A. increase the multiplexing level
  • B. back up only one stream from each physical device on the client
  • C. disable multistreaming
  • D. increase the number of data buffers

Answer : B

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Exam contains 148 questions

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