Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.7 and NetBackup Appliances 2.7 v7.0

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Exam contains 83 questions

Which command should an administrator use to determine which storage lifecycle policy's image copies are incomplete?

  • A. nbstl
  • B. nbreplicate
  • C. bpimage
  • D. nbstlutil

Answer : C

Which command should an administrator run to display all images written to both disk and tape for a particular client?

  • A. bplist
  • B. bpimedia
  • C. bpimage
  • D. bpstulist

Answer : B

An administrator has a backup policy with the following attributes:
5 paths listed in the Backup Selections list
3 clients listed in the Clients list
Allow multiple data streams is selected
Max Jobs per Client value set to 4
How many jobs go Active when the job is started, excluding parent jobs?

  • A. 4
  • B. 8
  • C. 9
  • D. 12

Answer : C

Which bonding mode requires configuration on the network switch?

  • A. 802.3ad
  • B. active-backup
  • C. balance-alb
  • D. balance-rr

Answer : D

Which action is performed by the NetBackup deduplication plug in?

  • A. writing data segments into the MSDP containers
  • B. processing MSDP transaction logs
  • C. performing file fingerprinting actions
  • D. performing queue processing

Answer : C

Backups of a newly added Windows Server 2008 guest virtual machine are failing with the following ?
156: snapshot error encountered
The associated bpfis process log indicates that the attempt to quiesce this virtual machine failed. Which two steps should the administrator review to help resolve the issue? (Select two.)

  • A. verify VMware Tools is installed and running in the virtual machine
  • B. disable Block-Level Incremental Backup in the policy
  • C. install the NetBackup plug-in for vSphere Web Client on the guest virtual machine
  • D. verify Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service within the guest virtual machine is working properly
  • E. enable snapshotting of the virtual machine's memory on the vCenter server

Answer : A,D

An administrator has downloaded a patch from the NetBackup appliance support website to a Windows client. The administrator plans to move the patch to the appliance through a file share.
Accessing the \\<appliance-name>\incoming patches folder from the Windows client fails.
What does the administrator need to perform?

  • A. login to Windows as a NetBackupCLi user
  • B. install the Microsoft NFS Client package on the Windows client
  • C. use the share Open command in the CLISH
  • D. use the copy /k> command to join the split tar files

Answer : A

Which option is available with a Trusted Master Server?

  • A. Backup of other Master Server domains
  • B. Duplications
  • C. Automatic Image Replication
  • D. Catalog backups

Answer : C

What causes a NetBackup appliance RAID controller to be in write-through mode for a data volume?

  • A. failure of a single Hard Disk drive
  • B. failure of the RAID controller battery
  • C. failure of one of the links to the storage
  • D. a RAID volume is in a degraded state

Answer : B

A NetBackup Master Server has many backups running each night to an MSDP pool that take a long time to complete. While these backups are running, replication jobs are queued.
Which action should the administrator perform to ensure replications can occur without waiting for the backups to complete?

  • A. increase the replication job priority
  • B. increase the maximum concurrent jobs in the storage server properties
  • C. increase the maximum concurrent jobs for the disk storage unit
  • D. increase the maximum I/O streams for the disk pool

Answer : D

An administrator needs to duplicate a backup that completed successfully earlier that same day.
How can this be accomplished?

  • A. locate the original backup from NetBackup Management > Reports > Images on Media, right click and select duplicate
  • B. locate the policy for the original backup and initiate a manual backup
  • C. locate the policy for the original backup and enable Multiple Copies on the appropriate schedule
  • D. locate the original backup from NetBackup Management > Catalog, right click and select duplicate.

Answer : D

A NetBackup environment with a single tape storage unit is experiencing performance issues when running full backups of a Windows file server with over a million small files.
Backups for all other clients on the same network are performing adequately.
What should the administrator modify to improve performance for the client?

  • A. enable Windows Change Journal
  • B. modify data buffer settings for the data path
  • C. enable the Use Accelerator policy attribute
  • D. use Flashbackup-Windows policy type

Answer : D

What is the image removal behavior for relocated images from a basic disk staging storage unit when the high water mark is reached during a backup?

  • A. NetBackup removes the oldest images until the low water mark is reached.
  • B. NetBackup removes images alphabetically until the low water mark is reached.
  • C. NetBackup removes images with lowest backup priority until the low water mark is reached.
  • D. NetBackup removes images with the lowest rank data classification until the low water mark is reached.

Answer : A

The Master Server catalog is being recovered to a new server. The administrator receives the message displayed below:
Please insert the following media and run the volume configuration wizard or the vmupdate command to update the NetBackup database.

Host - train1 -

MediaID - GBP847 -

Barcode - GBP847S1 -
In the Administration Console, barcode GBP847S1 is associated with media ID P847S1.
How should the administrator proceed?

  • A. use bplabel to change the media ID > re-inventory the library > perform recovery
  • B. use nbdelete to remove the media id > use vmadd to re-add the media id > re-inventory the library > perform recovery
  • C. delete the tape > set the media ID generation rule accordingly > re-inventory the library > run recovery
  • D. delete the tape > set the barcode rule accordingly > re-inventory the library > run recovery

Answer : C

A policy is created using the Standard policy type. The default settings are used. Linux hosts s1 and s2 are added in the client list and ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES is specified in the
Backup Selection.
Host s1 has the mount points listed below:
Host s2 has the mount points listed below:

Amp -
How many streams will be created when the policy runs for both clients?

  • A. two
  • B. four
  • C. five
  • D. eight

Answer : A

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Exam contains 83 questions

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