Administration of Veritas Cluster Server 6.0 for UNIX v6.0

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Exam contains 240 questions

The log files used to verify that a custom application is being properly monitored are located in which directory?

  • A. /var/VRTSvcs/log/
  • B. /opt/VRTSvcs/log/
  • C. /var/VRTSvcs/agent/log/
  • D. /opt/VRTSvcs/agent/log/

Answer : B

Which three statements apply to communication between the Enforce Server and detection servers? (Select three.)

  • A. By default, the Enforce Server and the detection servers communicate over port 8100.
  • B. Port 3389 must be open between the Enforce Server and the detection servers.
  • C. The same port number must be used for all detection servers.
  • D. The servers can be configured to use any port higher than 1024.
  • E. IPSec must be configured on the Enforce Server and the detection servers.

Answer : ACD

When resolving or dismissing incidents, Symantec recommends that an incident responder completes which action?

  • A. Add comments
  • B. Delete incidents
  • C. Set severity
  • D. Export incidents

Answer : A

Which detection method is used for fingerprinting and protecting unstructured data, such as source code documents or merger and acquisition documents?

  • A. Exact Data Matching (EDM)
  • B. Directory Group Matching (DGM)
  • C. Indexed Document Matching (IDM)
  • D. Described Content Matching (DCM)

Answer : C

An administrator needs to manually add a new resource type to a running cluster.
What should the administrator do after installing the agent software on each Veritas Cluster
Server (VCS) node?

  • A. Generate the appropriate hatype commands with hacf -addtype
  • B. Use the hatype command to add the new resource type
  • C. Stop and restart VCS so that the new resource type is recognized as valid
  • D. Use the hares command to add the new resource type to the cluster

Answer : B

What happens when a DLP Agent is unable to connect to its preferred Endpoint Server?

  • A. If any detection server in the system is running, the agent automatically connects to it after a period of time.
  • B. If any Endpoint Server is running, the agent automatically connects to it after a period of time.
  • C. If any Endpoint Server is running, and if the agent is configured to recognize it, the agent connects to it after a period of time.
  • D. If any detection server is running, and if the agent is configured to recognize it, the agent connects to it after a period of time.

Answer : C

What are two operating systems supported by Veritas Cluster Server? (Select two.)

  • A. Fedora
  • B. Red Hat Enterprise Server
  • C. openSuSe
  • D. Mac OS
  • E. AIX

Answer : B,E

Which two recommendations should an organization follow when deploying Endpoint
Prevent? (Select two.)

  • A. Test the agent on a variety of end-user images
  • B. Enable monitoring of the local file system first
  • C. Enable monitoring of many destinations and protocols simultaneously
  • D. Configure, test, and tune filters
  • E. Configure blocking as soon as the agents are deployed

Answer : A,D

Which relational database management system (RDBMS) does Symantec Data Loss
Prevention 9.0 support?

  • A. Sybase
  • B. MySQL
  • C. IBM
  • D. Oracle

Answer : D

During testing, an administrator configures a Network Discover target to identify and quarantine confidential files. The target is set up with a Default credential that has read- only permissions on the file server. After running the scan and checking the results, the administrator finds several incidents from the scan, but observes that all confidential files are still in their original location, and the configured quarantine directory is empty (contains none of the confidential files).
Which two Discover target configuration mistakes might be causing the problem? (Select two.)

  • A. The sharelist excludes all directories on the host being scanned.
  • B. The Quarantine/Copy Share credentials are invalid.
  • C. The Default credentials are invalid.
  • D. The Copy option is selected.
  • E. The Protect credential is unspecified.

Answer : B,E

Which three describe an effective data loss prevention (DLP) program? (Select three.)

  • A. DLP is a company-wide initiative.
  • B. DLP is primarily driven by Information Security.
  • C. DLP is primarily driven by the Incident Response Team.
  • D. Employee participation is important.
  • E. Business stakeholders are held accountable for risk reduction.

Answer : A,D,E

Which service group attribute enables specifying preferred nodes for failover?

  • A. SystemZones
  • B. AutostartList
  • C. ClusterList
  • D. IntentionalOnlineList

Answer : A

Which three are valid Scanned Content filter types for the Discover File System target?
(Select three.)

  • A. Exclude filter
  • B. File Size filter
  • C. Read ACL filter
  • D. File Owner filter
  • E. File Date filter

Answer : A,B,E

By default, which port does the Enforce Server use to connect to all detection servers?

  • A. 443
  • B. 1293
  • C. 8000
  • D. 8100

Answer : D

Which product lets an incident responder see who has access to confidential files on a public file share?

  • A. Network Protect
  • B. Network Monitor
  • C. Network Prevent
  • D. Network Discover

Answer : D

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Exam contains 240 questions

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