VMware Certified Associate – Desktop v7.0

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Exam contains 187 questions

What are three status levels that occur under the Provisioning state during the provisioning process? (Choose three.)

  • A. Ready
  • B. Available
  • C. Deleting
  • D. Provisioning
  • E. Customizing

Answer : C,D,E

What are the two desktop status levels that occur under the Availability state? (Choose two.)

  • A. Startup
  • B. Waiting for Agent
  • C. Provisioned
  • D. Available

Answer : CD

What are three status levels that occur under the Session state? (Choose three.)

  • A. Connected
  • B. Disconnected
  • C. Checked out
  • D. Startup
  • E. Checked in

Answer : ABC

What are three status levels that occur under the miscellaneous state? (Choose three.)

  • A. Unassigned user disconnected
  • B. Assigned user disconnected
  • C. Unknown
  • D. Assigned user connected
  • E. Error

Answer : ACE

Which function preserves the unique SID on a linked-clone image?

  • A. Refresh
  • B. Update
  • C. Recompose
  • D. Rebalance

Answer : A

Which function recreates the unique SID on a linked-clone image?

  • A. Rebalance
  • B. Recompose
  • C. Update
  • D. Refresh

Answer : B

The master image has been updated by patch management and needs to be deployed to the guest.
To deploy the patch to the linked-clones using View Administrator, which function should the administrator run?

  • A. Update
  • B. Rebalance
  • C. Refresh
  • D. Recompose

Answer : D

Several datastores are low on space, while others have space available.
Which function should the administrator run to redistribute the linked-clone image using
View Administrator?

  • A. Recompose
  • B. Refresh
  • C. Rebalance
  • D. Update

Answer : C

What occurs when a pool is created from more than one snapshot or image?

  • A. A pool is created with more than one replica.
  • B. A pool is created with only the first snapshot or image listed.
  • C. Multiple replicas are associated with multiple pools.
  • D. Users are prompted to choose a replica when first logging in.

Answer : A

After the administrator updates and powers off the master image, what is the next step in preparing this image for pool creation?

  • A. take a snapshot
  • B. create a backup
  • C. make a replica
  • D. make a clone

Answer : A

Which two desktop pool types can be recomposed? (Choose two.)

  • A. dedicated
  • B. manual
  • C. floating
  • D. automatic

Answer : AC

Which three events occur when an administrator recomposes a pool using a new snapshot? (Choose three.)

  • A. The linked-clones are anchored to the new replica.
  • B. The replica is updated from the new snapshot.
  • C. The OS disk of the linked-clones is updated from the new snapshot.
  • D. The reconfigured OS disk is copied to the linked-clones.
  • E. A new replica is created.

Answer : A,D,E

The base image for a desktop pool has been updated with security patches and application upgrades. A new snapshot has been taken of this image.
What is the best practice for applying the updated image?

  • A. Initiate a refresh of the linked-clone desktop pool and select the new snapshot
  • B. Initiate the creation of a new linked-clone desktop pool using the new snapshot and assign the users to the new pool
  • C. Initiate a rebalance of the linked-clone desktop pool and select the new snapshot
  • D. Initiate a recomposition of the linked-clone pool and select the new snapshot

Answer : D

An administrator is leveraging a separate persistent disk for user persona.
What happens to the user persona after performing a Refresh function on the desktop pool?

  • A. The user persona is maintained.
  • B. The user persona is redirected to an alternate location.
  • C. The user persona is deleted and will need to be recreated.
  • D. The user persona is updated with the latest operating system changes.

Answer : A

What are two valid locations for the persistent disk of a remote session? (Choose two.)

  • A. on a separate datastore from the OS disk
  • B. on the local disk of the end point
  • C. in the same datastore as the OS disk
  • D. in a dedicated datastore on the View Transfer Server

Answer : AC

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Exam contains 187 questions

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