Certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant v3.0

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Which of the following describes the Forecast Category field?

  • A. Identifies where a deal is in relation to actually being closed.
  • B. Determines the row in your Forecast where the amount will be aggregated.
  • C. The numeric prediction that the revenue from an opportunitywill be realized.

Answer : B

Which of the following descriptions best describe Chatter?

  • A. A toolfor extending pricing proposals to customers
  • B. A content management tool for users who seek information
  • C. A library that allows access to documents
  • D. A collaboration tool
  • E. A data enrichment tool that maintains updated data

Answer : D

Which best describes the Salesforce Automation feature "Workflow/Approvals" ?

  • A. Ensures that we are tracking our progress towardsthe desired states.
  • B. Enforces the business process.
  • C. Identifies key stakeholders from the buy side.
  • D. Makes sure we recognize those involved in the sales process.
  • E. Allows to better automate the sales methodology.
  • F. Determines the sales stages of an organization

Answer : E

What are the two levels of access to Salesforce CRM Content that can be granted to partner portal users?

Answer : Portal users without a Salesforce CRM Content feature license can download, rate, comment on, and subscribe to content if they have the View Content on Portals user permission. They cannot view potentially sensitive data such as usernames and download, version,and subscriber history. Portal users with a Salesforce CRM Content feature license can access all Salesforce CRM Content features granted by their library permission(s), including contributing content, mo

How would you enforce a lead to enter their phone number via web-to-lead?

Answer : Use Java Script on the web to lead form to enforce entry of this data.

The Forecast Category on the Opportunity record maps directly, ona one-to-one basis, to the aggregates on the Forecast tab.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer : B

Your forecast is available to your manager only after you have clicked the Submit button.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer : B

What are key ways to increase user productivity?

Answer : 1. Reduce clicks through implementation of inline editing, tagging,multiple page layouts and use of links + buttons 2. Display data from multiple objects - hovers, custom pages, cross object formulas and console.

There are four steps to managing Products and Price Books. Can you put the steps in order?

  • A. Create Product
  • B. Create Custom PriceBook
  • C. Defined Standard Price
  • D. Set List Price

Answer : B,C,D

You have an Opportunity in the Value Proposition stage, for an amount of $1,000 that has a 50% Probability of closing. If all goes well,and this Opportunity closes, how much revenue will be realized?

  • A. $1,000
  • B. $500
  • C. $750

Answer : A

How is access to data controlled through reports?

Answer : The information you see in reports is the data that you can access.This includes records you own, records to which you have read or read/write access, records that have been shared with you, recordsowned by or shared with users in roles below you in the hierarchy,and records for which you have Read permissions.

What are the 5 types of dashboard components?

Answer : 1. Chart 2. Table 3.Gauge 4. Metric 5. VF Page

Can you email a dashboard to a non- Salesforce user, and will theybe able to access it?

Answer : No. Only Salesforce users can access dashboards.

What is a benefit ofstandardizingOpportunity Naming?

Answer : It will assist in improving data quality.

What is a matrix report?

Answer : A Matrix reports shows you data that is grouped and summarized by both rows and columns. Use this type or report when you want tocompare related totals, especially if you havelarge amounts of data to summarize and you need to compare values in several different fields, or you want to look at data by date and by product, person, or geography.

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Exam contains 327 questions

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