Storage Networking Foundations Exam v7.0

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Exam contains 68 questions

Which interface is used for 40GbE?

  • A. Twinax
  • B. Small Form Factor pluggable (SFP+)
  • C. multimode fiber (MMF)
  • D. Quad Small Form Factor pluggable {QSFP+)

Answer : D

What are two reasons for using a full backup? (Choose two.)

  • A. When a host needs to have all of the data available to be restored.
  • B. B. When a host restore can be accomplished across multiple jobs and sessions.
  • C. C. When a backup requires minimal space consumption.
  • D. When a backup must be available in one backup image.

Answer : A,D

You want to replace multiple copies of data, at variable levels of granularity, with references to a shared copy to save storage space and/or bandwidth.
Which data reduction method would satisfy the requirement?

  • A. deduplication
  • B. compression
  • C. thin provisioning
  • D. conditioning

Answer : A

Your company needs to buy more disks for new servers and are considering SSD and
HDD solutions What are two reasons why you would recommend using SSD? (Choose two.)

  • A. lower cost
  • B. B. no moving parts
  • C. C. better performance
  • D. high capacity

Answer : BC

Which two statements are true about archiving? (Choose two.)

  • A. Archiving is an open source technology based on Cinder and OpenStack.
  • B. B. The purpose of archiving is the long term preservation of information.
  • C. C. Archiving can be used as a response to meet regulatory requirements.
  • D. Archiving is performed exclusively to tape.

Answer : BC

Which hardware component transports FC and IP traffic?

  • A. RAID array
  • B. iSCSI
  • C. NIC
  • D. CNA

Answer : D

Which device would be an NDMP server1?

  • A. a NAS device
  • B. a disk storage device
  • C. a tape storage device
  • D. a DAS device

Answer : A

What are two characteristics of Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)?
(Choose two.)

  • A. CHAP uses a hash mechanism so the clear text authentication piece is never sent.
  • B. B. CHAP uses a parity algorithm to jumble the credentials for security.
  • C. C. CHAP uses a Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) method.
  • D. CHAP is required for iSCSI initiator authentication

Answer : CD

You want to use a light-weight communication API for cloud access. What would you use in this situation?

  • A. Representational State Transfer (REST)
  • B. Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
  • C. Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
  • D. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Answer : A

What is an implementation of a secure, multi-tenant cloud environment that is externally available to all users?

  • A. private
  • B. public
  • C. secure
  • D. hybrid

Answer : B

What are the requirements for a boot from SAN? (Choose two.)

  • A. Zoning of the LUN containing the OS image is required
  • B. B. An active path to the LUN is required.
  • C. C. The host server and storage should be from the same vendor
  • D. Only CNAs can be used

Answer : CD

Which software technique reduces the effects of a hardware component failure?

  • A. volume management
  • B. multi-pathing
  • C. LUN masking
  • D. zoning

Answer : B

A customer hires you to create an incremental backup scheme. Which solution would you recommend to the customer?

  • A. Create a backup scheme that will do a full backup and then only backup selected files.
  • B. Create a backup scheme that will do a full backup and then only backup changed data since the last backup.
  • C. Create a backup scheme that will do a full backup and then only backup changes since the full backup.
  • D. Create a backup scheme that will do a full backup and then only backup files selected by the host owner.

Answer : B

Which two statements about jumbo Ethernet frames are correct? (Choose two.)

  • A. A jumbo frame is an Ethernet frame with a payload greater than 1500 bytes.
  • B. B. Jumbo frames are always a fixed standard length of 9000 bytes.
  • C. C. Jumbo frames can increase the latency on a network due to the transmission of larger frames
  • D. Jumbo frames enable the transmission of iSCSI packets on the IP network.

Answer : AC

When presenting a single volume to multiple hosts, which type of service needs to be running on the hosts?

  • A. clustering services
  • B. DNS services
  • C. directory services
  • D. DHCP services

Answer : C

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Exam contains 68 questions

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