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An organization requires a second technician to verify changes before applying them to network devices. When checking the configuration of a network device, a technician determines that a coworker has improperly configured the AS number on the device. This would result in which of the following?

  • A. The OSPF not-so-stubby area is misconfigured
  • B. Reduced wireless network coverage
  • C. Spanning tree ports in flooding mode
  • D. BGP routing issues

Answer : D

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) is used to route data between autonomous systems (ASs)
A collection of networks that fall within the same administrative domain is called an autonomous system (AS).
The routers within an AS use an interior gateway protocol, such as the Routing Information
Protocol (RIP) or the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol, to exchange routing information among themselves. At the edges of an AS are routers that communicate with the other ASs on the Internet, using an exterior gateway protocol such as the Border
Gateway Protocol (BGP).

Which of the following network infrastructure implementations would be used to support files being transferred between Bluetooth-enabled smartphones?

  • A. PAN
  • B. LAN
  • C. WLAN
  • D. MAN

Answer : A

PAN stands for Personal Area Network. It is a network of devices in the area of a person typically within a range of 10 meters and commonly using a wirelesstechnology such as
Bluetooth or IR (Infra-Red).

Which of the following connection types is used to terminate DS3 connections in a telecommunications facility?

  • A. 66 block
  • B. BNC
  • C. F-connector
  • D. RJ-11

Answer : B

A DS3 (Digital Signal 3) is also known as a T3 line with a maximum bandwidth of 44.736
Mbit/s. DS3 uses 75 ohm coaxial cable and BNC connectors.

Which of the following is an example of an IPv4 address?

  • A. 192:168:1:55
  • B.
  • C. 00:AB:FA:B1:07:34
  • D. ::1

Answer : B

AnIPv4 address is notated as four decimal numbers each between 0 and 255 separated by dots ( Each number is known as an octet as it represents eight binary bits.
All four octets make up a 32-bit binary IPv4 address.
In this question, is a valid IPv4 address.

A company wants to create highly available datacenters. Which of the following will allow the company to continue to maintain an Internet presence at all sites in the event that a
WAN circuit at one site goes down?

  • A. Load balancer
  • B. VRRP
  • C. OSPF
  • D. BGP

Answer : D

A collection of networks that fall within the same administrative domain is called an autonomous system (AS). In this question, each datacenter will be an autonomous system.
The routers within an AS use an interior gateway protocol, such as the Routing Information
Protocol (RIP) or the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol, to exchange routing information among themselves. At the edges of an AS are routers that communicate with the other ASs on the Internet, using an exterior gateway protocol such as the Border
Gateway Protocol (BGP).
If a WAN link goes down, BGP will route datathrough another WAN link if redundant WAN links are available.

A technician needs to limit the amount of broadcast traffic on a network and allow different segments to communicate with each other. Which of the following options would satisfy these requirements?

  • A. Add a router and enable OSPF.
  • B. Add a layer 3 switch and create a VLAN.
  • C. Add a bridge between two switches.
  • D. Add a firewall and implement proper ACL.

Answer : B

We can limit the amount of broadcast traffic on a switched network by dividing the computers into logical network segments called VLANs.
A virtual local area network (VLAN) is a logical group of computers that appear to be on the same LAN even if they are on separate IP subnets. These logical subnets are configured in the network switches. Each VLAN is a broadcast domain meaning that only computers within the same VLAN will receive broadcast traffic.
Toallow different segments (VLAN) to communicate with each other, a router is required to establish a connection between the systems. We can use a network router to route between the VLANs or we can use a Layer 3 switch. Unlike layer 2 switches that can only read the contents of the data-link layer protocol header in the packets they process, layer 3 switches can read the (IP) addresses in the network layer protocol header as well.

A technician is helping a SOHO determine where to install the server. Which of the following should be considered FIRST?

  • A. Compatibility requirements
  • B. Environment limitations
  • C. Cable length
  • D. Equipment limitations

Answer : B

SOHO stands for Small Office / Home Office. A SOHO network istypically a small network.
Being a small network, it is unlikely that it will have a datacenter or even a dedicated server room. Any servers installed in the network will still have the same environmental requirements as servers in a large network. The servers should be in a secure isolated area if required. The servers also need to be kept cool and dry. Therefore, the first consideration in a SOHO office is Environment limitations: where the servers and other network hardware will be located.

A technician needs to set aside addresses in a DHCP pool so that certain servers always receive the same address. Which of the following should be configured?

  • A. Leases
  • B. Helper addresses
  • C. Scopes
  • D. Reservations

Answer : D

A reservation is used in DHCP to ensure that a computer always receives the same IP address. To create a reservation, you need to know the hardware MAC address ofthe network interface card that should receive the IP address.
For example, if Server1 has MAC address of 00:A1:FB:12:45:4C and that computer should always get as its IP address, you can map the MAC address of Server1 with the IP address to configure reservation.

When configuring a new server, a technician requests that an MX record be created in
DNS for the new server, but the record was not entered properly. Which of the following was MOST likely installed that required an MX record to function properly?

  • A. Load balancer
  • B. FTP server
  • C. Firewall DMZ
  • D. Mail server

Answer : D

A mail exchanger record (MX record) is a DNS record used by email servers to determine the name of the email server responsiblefor accepting email for the recipients domain.
For example a user sends an email to [email protected] The sending users email server will query the DNS zone for an MX record for the domain.
The MX record will specify the hostnameof the email server responsible for accepting email for the domain, for example, The sending email server will then perform a second DNS query to resolve to an IP address. The sending mailserver will then forward the email to the destination mail server.

Topic 2, Network operations -

A system administrator has been tasked to ensure that the software team is not affecting the production software when developing enhancements. The software that is being updated is on a very short SDLC and enhancements must be developed rapidly. These enhancements must be approved before being deployed. Which of the following will mitigate production outages before the enhancements are deployed?

  • A. Implement an environment to test the enhancements.
  • B. Implement ACLs that only allow management access to the enhancements.
  • C. Deploy an IPS on the production network.
  • D. Move the software team's workstations to the DMZ.

Answer : A

Environments are controlled areas where systems developers can build, distribute, install, configure, test, and execute systems that move through the Software Development Life
Cycle (SDLC). The enhancements can be deployed and tested in a test environment before they are installed in the production environment.

A company is experiencing accessibility issues reaching services on a cloud-based system.
Which of the following monitoring tools should be used to locate possible outages?

  • A. Network analyzer
  • B. Packet analyzer
  • C. Protocol analyzer
  • D. Network sniffer

Answer : A

A network analyzer is a useful tool, helping you do things like track traffic and malicious usage on the network.

Which of the following requires the network administrator to schedule a maintenance window?

  • A. When a company-wide email notification must be sent.
  • B. A minor release upgrade of a production router.
  • C. When the network administrator's laptop must be rebooted.
  • D. A major release upgrade of a core switchin a test lab.

Answer : B

During an update of a production router the router would not be able to route packages and the network traffic would be affected. It would be necessary to announce a maintenance window.
In information technologyand systems management, a maintenance window is a period of time designated in advance by the technical staff, during which preventive maintenance that could cause disruption of service may be performed.

A system administrator wants to update a web-based application to the latest version.
Which of the following procedures should the system administrator perform FIRST?

  • A. Remove all user accounts on the server
  • B. Isolate the server logically on the network
  • C. Block all HTTP traffic to the server
  • D. Install the software in a test environment

Answer : D

We should test the new version of the application in a test/lab environment first. This way any potential issues with thenew software would not affect the production environment.
Set up a test lab on an isolated network in your organization. Do not set up your test lab in your production environment.

Which of the following communication technologies would MOST likely be used to increase bandwidth over an existing fiber optic network by combining multiple signals at different wavelengths?

  • A. DWDM
  • B. SONET
  • C. ADSL
  • D. LACP

Answer : A

Dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) is a high-speed optical network type commonly used in MANs (metropolitan area networks).DWDM uses as many as 32 light wavelengths on a single fiber, where each wavelength can support as many as 160 simultaneous transmissions using more than eight active wavelengths per fiber.

Multiple students within a networking lab are required to simultaneously access a single switch remotely. The administrator checks and confirms that the switch can be accessed using the console, but currently only one student can log in at a time. Which of the following should be done to correct this issue?

  • A. Increase installed memory and install a larger flash module.
  • B. Increase the number of VLANs configured on the switch.
  • C. Decrease the number of VLANs configured on the switch.
  • D. Increase the number of virtual terminals available.

Answer : D

You can set a limit of how many virtual terminals that can simultaneously be connected to a switch. Here the limit is set to one, and we should increase it.
For a Cisco network device:
You can use virtual terminal lines to connect to your Cisco NX-OS device, for example a switch. Secure Shell (SSH) and Telnet create virtual terminal sessions. You can configure an inactive session timeout and a maximum sessions limit for virtual terminals. session-limit sessions
switch(config-line)# session-limit 10
Configures the maximum number of virtual sessions for the Cisco NX-OS device. The range is from 1 to 64.

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Exam contains 475 questions

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