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Exam contains 77 questions

Which Wi-Fi technology simultaneously uses multiple radio chains to transmit or receive data?

  • A. High Rate Direct Sequencing Spread Spectrum (HR/DSSS)
  • B. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)
  • C. Extended Rate Physical (ERP)
  • D. Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO)

Answer : D

What type of protection does a lightning arrestor provide to a Wi-Fi system?

  • A. Protection from direct lightning strikes
  • B. Prevention of direct lightning strikes
  • C. Redirection of transient current due to nearby lightning strikes
  • D. Absorption of the energy induced by direct lightning strikes

Answer : C

What two factors are used to calculate the wavelength of an RF wave? (Choose 2)

  • A. Frequency
  • B. Speed of light
  • C. Amplitude
  • D. Phase

Answer : AB

The Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) protocol is necessary in Wi-Fi networks because ___________.

  • A. RF transmissions can be captured and decrypted without CSMA/CA.
  • B. Wi-Fi clients need a standardized method of conserving battery power.
  • C. 802.11g and 802.11b transceivers need an interpreter for compatibility.
  • D. The wireless transmission medium is half-duplex, thus shared by all users.
  • E. Wireless data must be converted to a format that is compatible with Ethernet networks.

Answer : D

What unit of measurement is used to measure the power difference between two RF signals?

  • A. Joule
  • B. Decibel
  • C. Ohm
  • D. Volt
  • E. Ampere

Answer : B

What is used as a relative measurement of signal strength at the receiving client on an
802.11 wireless LAN?

  • A. Watt
  • B. dBm
  • C. RSSI
  • D. Milliwatt

Answer : C


In what type of Wi-Fi deployment is an antenna mounted using a pole mounting kit, as shown in the exhibit?

  • A. Indoor Mesh
  • B. Outdoor Bridging
  • C. Office space APs
  • D. Hotel guest access

Answer : B

Simple antenna diversity mitigates the adverse effects caused by which common Wi-Fi problem?

  • A. Hidden node
  • B. RF signal absorption
  • C. Multipath
  • D. Co-channel interference
  • E. Polarization

Answer : C

Which statement best defines SNR?

  • A. The difference between the noise floor and a signal's strength
  • B. The technology used to detect objects using RF waves
  • C. The absolute measurement of signal strength at the receiver
  • D. The frequency of the RF signal compared to that of an interferer

Answer : A

802.11a operates in the __________ GHz frequency range and uses the ___________ frequency bands.

  • A. 2.4, OFDM
  • B. 2.4, ERP
  • C. 2.4, HR/DSSS
  • D. 5, OFDM
  • E. 5, UNII

Answer : E

ABC Academy is currently using non-802.11 2.4 GHz wireless security cameras. What problem will ABC Academy experience if they deploy Wi-Fi client devices in the 2.4 GHz
ISM band?
A. The Wi-Fi client devices will experience performance degradation due to co-channel interference.
B. Wi-Fi client devices will create a security hole in the Wi-Fi infrastructure as a protection mechanism.
C. If the Wi-Fi client devices detect the security cameras, they will move to the 5 GHz band and stop transmitting in the 2.4 GHz band.
D. The Wireless Network Management System (WNMS) would not be able to manage the
APs near the security cameras.

Answer : A Topic 4, Site Surveying and Installation

In preparation for site surveys, your company is creating a questionnaire that will help you understand your customer's client connectivity requirements. What question is NOT appropriate for your company's pre-survey questionnaire?

  • A. What applications will be used by Wi-Fi client devices on the wireless network?
  • B. How will Power over Ethernet (PoE) be supplied to Wi-Fi client devices?
  • C. How many concurrent Wi-Fi client connections are expected on the wireless network?
  • D. What types of Wi-Fi client devices will be connected to the wireless network?
  • E. What 802.11 physical technology (PHY) will be used by the Wi-Fi client devices?

Answer : B

A software-based site survey tool sold by your company allows your customers to determine access point coverage and optimum placement within a facility without visiting the facility.
What is the term that most accurately describes this type of site survey?

  • A. Graphical Assessment
  • B. Automated Calibration
  • C. Dynamic Virtualization
  • D. Predictive Modeling

Answer : D

Which scenario represents an improper installation for an AP with low-gain omnidirectional antennas?

  • A. Placed above the doorway, at one end of a long hallway
  • B. Placed on the ceiling, near the center of a meeting room
  • C. Mounted near the middle of a small branch office
  • D. Placed on a centrally-located desk in a small office

Answer : A

What tool is best suited for locating and identifying sources of RF interference, such as microwave ovens?

  • A. Spectrum analyzer
  • B. Wi-Fi client utilities
  • C. Wireless protocol analyzer
  • D. Predictive analysis software
  • E. High-gain omni antenna

Answer : A

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Exam contains 77 questions

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