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During a Sprint, when is new work or further decomposition of work added to the Sprint Backlog?

  • A. When the Product Owner identifies new work.
  • B. As soon as possible after they are identified.
  • C. When the Scrum Master has time to enter them.
  • D. During the Daily Scrum after the Development Team approves them.

Answer : B

What is the main reason for the Scrum Master to be at the Daily Scrum?

  • A. To gather status and progress information to report to management.
  • B. To write down any changes to the Sprint Backlog, including adding new items, and tracking progress on the burn-down.
  • C. He or she does not have to be there; he or she only has to ensure the Development Team has a Daily Scrum.
  • D. To make sure every team member answers the three questions.

Answer : C

You have six teams using a traditional method to deliver a product. Your management has asked you to start using Scrum. In the initial project there were separate plans and teams for the layers of a software system, i.e. one for the front-end, one for the middle tier, one for the back-end, and one for the interfaces and services. This resembles what is known as component teams. But you have read that itג€™s a good idea to have teams organized by feature.
What are the advantages of keeping component teams while starting Scrum?

  • A. Thereג€™s less initial disruption than organizing into new teams. As they start, they will discover what works best, and how to potentially re-organize towards this.
  • B. Component teams generally have the skills needed to create a working Increment of software that provides business value.
  • C. Because they have worked together for some time, they are likely able to start producing shippable Increments faster that new feature teams would.
  • D. There are fewer cross-team dependencies than working in feature teams.

Answer : A

How should Product Backlog items be chosen when multiple Scrum Teams work from the same Product Backlog?

  • A. The Scrum Team with the highest velocity pulls Product Backlog items first.
  • B. The Development Teams pull in work in agreement with the Product Owner.
  • C. The Product Owner should provide each team with its own Product Backlog.
  • D. Each Scrum Team takes an equal numbers of items.
  • E. The Product Owner decides.

Answer : B

How often should Scrum Team membership change?

  • A. As needed, while taking into account a short term reduction in productivity.
  • B. Never, because it reduces productivity.
  • C. As needed, with no special allowance for changes in productivity.
  • D. Every Sprint to promote shared learning.

Answer : A

Who should make sure everyone on the Development Team does his or her tasks for the Sprint?

  • A. The Project Manager.
  • B. The Product Owner.
  • C. The Scrum Master.
  • D. The Development Team.
  • E. All of the above.

Answer : D

When is it most appropriate for a Development Team to change the definition of ג€Doneג€?

  • A. During Spring Planning.
  • B. Prior to starting a new Sprint.
  • C. During the Sprint Retrospective.
  • D. Prior to starting a new project.

Answer : C

The Daily Scrum is an event that happens every day. What would be three key concerns if the frequency were to be lowered to every two or three days? (Choose three.)

  • A. Opportunities to inspect and adapt the Sprint Backlog are lost.
  • B. Impediments are raised and resolved more slowly.
  • C. The Product Owner cannot accurately report progress to the stakeholders.
  • D. Too much work is spent updating the Scrum board before the meeting.
  • E. The Scrum Master loses the ability to update the Gantt chart properly.
  • F. The Sprint plan may become inaccurate.

Answer : ABF

Which statement best describes Scrum?

  • A. A defined and predictive process that conforms to the principles of Scientific Management.
  • B. A complete methodology that defines how to develop software.
  • C. A cookbook that defines best practices for software development.
  • D. A framework within which complex products in complex environments are developed.

Answer : D

Which Scrum Values are exhibited by not building Product Backlog items that have low business value? (Choose three.)

  • A. Economic Value Added.
  • B. Respect.
  • C. Focus.
  • D. Earned Value.
  • E. Courage.

Answer : BCE

Who creates a Product Backlog Itemג€™s estimate?

  • A. The Development Team after clarifying requirements with the Product Owner.
  • B. The Product Owner with input from the Development Team.
  • C. The most senior people in the organization, including architects and subject matter experts.
  • D. The Scrum Master.
  • E. The Development Team, alone.

Answer : A

Who starts the Daily Scrum?

  • A. The person coming in last. This encourages people to be on time and helps to stay within the time-box.
  • B. Whoever the Development Team decides should start.
  • C. The person who has the token.
  • D. The Scrum Master. This ensures that the Development Team has the meeting and stays within the time-box.
  • E. The person who last broke the build.

Answer : B

You are the Scrum Master on a newly formed Scrum Team. Which three of the following activities would probably help the team in starting up? (Choose three.)

  • A. Introduce a bonus system for the top performers in the team.
  • B. Have the Scrum Team members introduce themselves to each other and give a brief background of their skills and work history.
  • C. Have the development managers for each Development Team member introduce their direct reports and go over their responsibilities on the Scrum Team.
  • D. Ensure the Scrum Team members have compatible personalities.
  • E. Ensure the team understands they need a definition of ג€Doneג€.
  • F. Ask the Product Owner to discuss the product or project, its history, goals, and context, as well as answer questions.

Answer : BEF

A Development Team selects a set of Product Backlog items for a Sprint Backlog with the intent to get the selected items ג€Doneג€ by the end of the Sprint. Which three phrases best describe the purpose of a definition of ג€Doneג€? (Choose three.)

  • A. It controls whether the developers have performed their tasks.
  • B. It provides a template for elements that need to be included in the technical documentation.
  • C. It creates transparency over the work inspected at the Sprint Review.
  • D. It trucks the percent completeness of a Product Backlog item.
  • E. It guides the Development Team is creating a forecast at the Sprint Planning.
  • F. It defines what it takes for an Increment to be ready for release.

Answer : CDF

Select two ways in which technical debt impacts transparency. (Choose two.)

  • A. When calculated and estimated, the total amount of technical debt shows exactly how long until the Product Owner can release the Increment.
  • B. It leads to false assumptions about the current state of the system, specifically of an Increment being releasable at the end of a Sprint.
  • C. As development progresses and code is added, the system becomes more difficult to stabilize, which results in future work being slowed down in unpredictable ways.
  • D. It enhances transparency for the Product Owner as a Development Team is not allowed to do additional feature development in a Sprint as long as there is technical debt.

Answer : BC

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Exam contains 197 questions

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