Certified System Architect (CSA) 72V1 v9.0

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You have been asked to configure the following relationship between three case types:
Account Open, Link Savings, and Fund Account.
1. A customer can complete an Account Open case before completing a Fund Account case.
2. A customer must complete a Link Savings case before completing a Fund Account case.
Which configuration satisfies this requirement?

  • A. Configure theAccount Opencase type to create aFund Accountcase as a top-level case. Configure theAccount Opencase type to create aLink Savingscase as a child case.
  • B. Configure theAccount Opencase type to create aFund Accountcase as a childcase. Configure theFund Accountcase type to create aLink Savingscase as a top-level case.
  • C. Configure theAccount Opencase type to create aFund Accountcase as a top-level case. Configure theFund Accountcase type to create aLink Savingscase as achild case.
  • D. Configure theAccount Opencase type to create the other cases as top-level cases. Add a validate rule to theAccount Opencase to require a resolvedLink Savingscase before theFund Accountcase can be resolved.

Answer : C

Match each development task to the appropriate role.

Answer :

You have designed a decision tree that you want to unit test. You want to test various input values to ensure that you get the expected results. How would you unit test your decision tree?

  • A. Run the decision tree and enter values on the test page.
  • B. Check the decision tree for completeness.
  • C. Check the decision tree for conflicts.
  • D. Add the decision tree to a decision shape in your application and create cases using various input values.

Answer : A

An assignment must route work to the current work group manager. Which router option do you use?

  • A. Use the standard ToWorkGroup router and specify the current workgroup managers ID as the destination.
  • B. Use the standard ToWorkGroup router.
  • C. Use the standard ToWorkGroupManager router.
  • D. Use the standard ToWorkGroupManager router and specify the current user as the user routing the assignment.

Answer : A


You need to add a button to a user form. When the button is pressed, the application invokes a data transform, then creates a new case.
How do you implement this functionality?

  • A. Configure a style format for the button in the skin.
  • B. Configure a mixin for the button in the skin.
  • C. Configure a local action on the button control.
  • D. Configure an action set on the button control.

Answer : D


You are developing a purchase application that integrates with an external inventory management system. A ____________ allows you to build the interface so that Pega can request information from the inventory management system.

  • A. Report Definition
  • B. data page
  • C. service
  • D. connector

Answer : D

In which of the following situations would you use a SQL connector?

  • A. Update a table in an external database
  • B. Write to a table as part of a distributed transaction
  • C. Retrieve a large list of reference data
  • D. Execute a complex SQL statement such as a stored procedure

Answer : A

In an application, three email addresses (work, home, and other) can be captured for a customer. You use .Email (work) to refer to the work email address. What type of property is used to capture the email addresses?

  • A. Page
  • B. Value group
  • C. Value list
  • D. Page group

Answer : B

You are designing a form that uses a repeating grid to display office furniture items. Which two data sources can you use as a source for a repeating grid? (Choose two.)

  • A. Local data storage
  • B. A page group property that holds the data
  • C. A page list property that holds the data
  • D. A single value property that contains the data in a local list

Answer : BC

While reviewing a UI form in a Grooming/Elaboration playback, you notice a typo in the label of a field. Which tool allows you to identify the section rule that contains the incorrect label?

  • A. Live UI
  • B. The Property Analyzer
  • C. The Tracer
  • D. The Clipboard tool

Answer : A

In which situation is the use of an activity necessary?

  • A. Calculating the age from the date of birth
  • B. Concatenating two strings values
  • C. Writing a message toa log file
  • D. Setting default values when creating a case

Answer : C

In an airline reservation application, users enter departure and return dates and submit for flight search. This is implemented as a flow action. You need to ensure that the return date is later than the departure date. You also need to copy the dates to a search parameter page that is used for flight search.
Select the two rule types that the flow action references to satisfy these requirements.
(Choose two)

  • A. Edit Validate
  • B. Validate
  • C. Service Level
  • D. Data Transform

Answer : BD

An application that generates auto insurance quotes allows users to add a substitute transportation reimbursement option to their coverage. Users who add this option are required to select one of three reimbursement levels:
- Up to $10/day
- Up to $25/day
- Up to $50/day
You must configure a form to add a check box that allows users to select the substitute transportation reimbursement option. Users selecting this option are presented with three reimbursement levels as a set of radio buttons, similar to the following example.

How do you configure the UI to present users with the set of reimbursement levels only if the user selects the reimbursement option?

  • A. Add a refresh when condition on the check box control.
  • B. Add a validate rule to the flow actions.
  • C. Add a visible when condition on the radio button control.
  • D. Add a validate rule to the check box control.

Answer : C

Which requirement is satisfied by configuring a service level agreement?

  • A. Users are notified when they receive an assignment.
  • B. Transaction dispute cases are considered more urgent than address change cases.
  • C. Requests from customers with elite status go to a dedicated work group.
  • D. A transaction review is completed within 24 hours.

Answer : D

An insurance claim type is defined as follows:

If the Review claim step is configured to set the status to Pending-Investigation, when is the status of the case set to Pending-Investigation?

  • A. When theReview claimstep starts.
  • B. When theReview claimstep completes.
  • C. WhenInvestigate claimstep completes.
  • D. When theProcess claimstage starts.

Answer : A

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Exam contains 77 questions

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