Certified System Architect (CSA) 71V1 v6.0

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Exam contains 228 questions

Which of the following are true statements regarding a work type? (Choose Three)

  • A. A work type represents a fundamental unit of work to be processed and resolved
  • B. A work type is a template used to create a work item
  • C. A work type can be assigned to a user
  • D. A work type defines the process used to complete, or resolve, work
  • E. A work type has a unique status

Answer : A,B,D

[email protected] needs to check out the NewAccount flow rule in the
MyCoCommercialAccount:03-05-02 RuleSet in order to modify it. When it is checked out, a copy of the rule is placed in which RuleSet? (Choose One)

  • A. [email protected]
  • B. MyCoCommercialAccount:03-05-01
  • C. MyCoCommercialAccount:03-05-03
  • D. Pega-ProCom:05-01-10 (or current 5.1 version)

Answer : A

Primary path stages can be defined as: (Choose Two)

  • A. Stages that can be transitioned either manually or automatically
  • B. Stages that can only be transitioned in the order defined in case map
  • C. Stages that represent a normale course of events when describing a case (Missed)
  • D. Stages with no conditions or logic between steps

Answer : A,C

Which statements best describe the purpose of a data transform (Choose Two)

  • A. To retrieve data from an external system of record
  • B. To update the value of a property
  • C. To store data obtained from an integration request
  • D. To manupulate data copied from one case to a subcase (Missed)

Answer : B,D

A service level rule is defined with the following settings:

After 4 days, what is the urgency of the assignment if the default urgency for the work item is 0 (zero)? (Choose One)

  • A. 45
  • B. 65
  • C. 50
  • D. 80

Answer : B

When following PRPC best practices, which artifact is completed prior to running the
Application Accelerator? (Choose One)

  • A. Enterprise Data Model
  • B. Application Profile
  • C. Class Structure Diagram
  • D. User Interface Design Review

Answer : B

By default, declare expressions calculate when:

  • A. The target property is referenced
  • B. All the source properties change
  • C. Any of the source properties change
  • D. The target property does not have a value

Answer : A

Which rule availability setting allows you to mask a rule in a child class and fall back to the same rule in a parent class? (Choose One)

  • A. Withdrawn
  • B. Blocked
  • C. Hidden
  • D. Skipped

Answer : A

Which of the following is true of a Declare Expression?

  • A. They are only referenced in a data transform
  • B. They are referenced in a section
  • C. They must specify the sequential order in which to run
  • D. They are invoked automatically without any explicit reference

Answer : D

What is the primary purpose of an assignment shape in a flow?

  • A. To pause the flow for an operator to act upon the case
  • B. To assign the case to an external system
  • C. To add work parties to the current case
  • D. To allow the end user to change the work status of the case

Answer : D

When decomposing a case, a step in a case stage represents:

  • A. An action, or actions, taken to process a case
  • B. A first level for organizing tasks needed to process a case
  • C. A decision needed to process a case
  • D. The components used to implement the tasks for a case

Answer : A

From the following choices, select three statements that are true about a framework layer.
(Choose Three)

  • A. The framework layer is a reusable application that can be used as the basis for a specific implementation
  • B. A framework layer may be built upon another framework layer
  • C. A framework layer can support only one implementation layer
  • D. Rules applied to a class in the framework layer can be called from the implementation layer
  • E. During rule resolution, PRPC assembles one rule cache for the framework layer, and another rule cache for the implementation layer
  • F. The framework layer may only consist of abstract classes

Answer : A,B,D

Which of the following classes correspond to a case type_

  • A. MyCo-HRApp
  • B. MyCo-HRApp-Work
  • C. Work-
  • D. MyCo-HRApp-Work-EnrollBenefits

Answer : D

Select the decision rule that is most appropriate for implementing a set of nested if conditions.

  • A. Data Transform
  • B. When Rule
  • C. Decision Table
  • D. Decision Tree

Answer : D

What is the key difference between BPM application development and traditional application development? (Choose One)

  • A. A BPM application is process-centric (all elements of the application depend upon the process)
  • B. In a BPM application, elements of the application such as UI, logic, and data cannot be modular
  • C. A traditional application cannot be used in an N-tier environment
  • D. A traditional application allows for direct execution of the business process, while a BPM application does not

Answer : A

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Exam contains 228 questions

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