Certified Pega Marketing Consultant (CPMC) 74V1 v1.0

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Exam contains 63 questions

In a strategy, the proportions are imported using ________________________.

  • A. Data Import component
  • B. Offer Data component
  • C. Import Data component
  • D. Proportion Data component

Answer : D


How do we refer to a segment that is used to test the impact of a specific offer?

  • A. Target Segment
  • B. Control Group
  • C. Test Group
  • D. Validation Set

Answer : B

Which value is output by an Adaptive Model?

  • A. Performance
  • B. Score
  • C. Behavior
  • D. Lift

Answer : A

Which of these belongs to the same group as the prioritization component?

  • A. Filter
  • B. Proportion
  • C. Data import
  • D. Data join

Answer : A

When using an adaptive model in a marketing campaign, the Treatment type used in the Offer Flow must match the value of the property ________________.

  • A. pyDirection
  • B. TreatmentType
  • C. pyChannel
  • D. pyTreatment

Answer : C

Selection components provide the ability to ______________________.

  • A. import results from other strategies
  • B. filter propositions based on priority and relevance
  • C. choose between different business issues
  • D. make calculations based upon a list of propositions

Answer : C


A customer"™s propensity to accept a proposition increases when ______________________.

  • A. the proposition was rejected by similar customers
  • B. similar propositions were accepted by the customer
  • C. the proposition was accepted by similar customers
  • D. similar propositions were rejected by the customer

Answer : B

In a decision strategy, in the "Test run" panel you can _______________________.

  • A. enter input values
  • B. choose an Input Definition
  • C. choose a Data Transform
  • D. choose a Report Definition

Answer : C

Which strategy design pattern is used to implement Contact Policy regulations?

  • A. Prioritize "" Set Property "" Filter
  • B. Proposition Data "" Data Import "" Decision Table
  • C. Interaction History "" Group By "" Contact Policy
  • D. Set Property "" Prioritize "" Contact Policy

Answer : D

In Pega Marketing, a control group is implemented using ______________________.

  • A. a sub strategy
  • B. an interaction rule
  • C. a control group rule
  • D. a segment rule

Answer : D


When executing a decision strategy, the blue dotted line in a decision strategy means ________________.

  • A. data is referenced by the component the arrow originates from
  • B. data is copied to the component the arrow originates from
  • C. data is copied to the component the arrow points to
  • D. data is referenced by the component the arrow points to

Answer : D

The diagram below displays the definition of four contact policies. If they are all included in an E-mail Channel Only strategy, which one is executed?

  • A. Contact Policy B
  • B. Contact Policy D
  • C. Contact Policy A
  • D. Contact Policy C

Answer : D

What is a proposition in Pega Customer Decision Hub

TM -

  • A. Treatment
  • B. Offers for sales, cross sell, and retention
  • C. Customer facing action
  • D. Any kind of offer

Answer : B

In which channels is the Contact Policy applicable?

  • A. Inbound
  • B. Web and Call Center
  • C. Omni-channel
  • D. Outbound

Answer : B


A real-time container is a _________________.

  • A. dynamic section used in an email treatment
  • B. UI container that contains the real-time events payload
  • C. reusable UI element of an Inbound Call-Center treatment
  • D. representation of a space in an external real-time channel

Answer : D


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Exam contains 63 questions

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