IBM PureData System for Analytics Technical Mastery Test v1 v5.0

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Exam contains 131 questions

The PureData System for Analytics implements which level of transaction isolation?

  • A. Serializable
  • B. Committed read
  • C. Repeatable read
  • D. Uncommitted read

Answer : A

Which two statements are trueabout queries on the PureData System for Analytics
Appliance? (Choose two.)

  • A. Queries are executed in parallel by the host.
  • B. Queries must be compressed before they can be executed.
  • C. Queries are compiled into snippets and executed in parallel by the S-Blades.
  • D. Queries must be uncompressed by the user and executed in parallel by the host.
  • E. A query is compiled into a snippet which is executed across all available S-Blades.

Answer : C,E

In order to set a runaway query event totrigger when a query runs longer than two minutes, which two items must be configured? (Choose two.)

  • A. The runaway query event was enabled.
  • B. The pg.log file was configured for two minutes.
  • C. The runaway query event was configured for two minutes.
  • D. The nzsystem command was used to set the QUERYTIMEOUT to two minutes.
  • E. The CREATE USER command was used to set the QUERYTIMEOUT to two minutes.

Answer : A,E

Where are the database log files located?

  • A. /var/log
  • B. /usr/local
  • C. /nz/kit/log
  • D. The SYSTEM database

Answer : C

OLE-DB based applications on UNIX requires which PureData System for Analytics software?

  • A. Install the JDBC driver for UNIX.
  • B. Install the ODBC driver for UNIX.
  • C. Install the OLE-DB driverfor UNIX.
  • D. OLE-DB is not supported on UNIX.

Answer : D

In order for an ODBC application running on Microsoft Windows to connect to PureData
System for Analytics, which two steps must be performed? (Choose two.)

  • A. Install nzsql forWindows.
  • B. Install nzAdmin for Windows.
  • C. Install an ODBC driver for Windows.
  • D. Install an ODBC Driver Manager for Windows.
  • E. Create or modify a Data Source Name (DSN) for a connection to a database.

Answer : C,E

Which command is usedto display operational statistics about system capacity, faults, and performance?

  • A. nzstats
  • B. nzstate
  • C. nzshow
  • D. nzsystem

Answer : A

Which command is used to abort a user's SQL transaction?

  • A. kill
  • B. abort
  • C. nzstop
  • D. nzsession

Answer : D

Which command allows you to show information about the database hardware as well as take actions such as activate or deactivate components, locate components, or delete them from the system?

  • A. sar
  • B. nzhw
  • C. nzsystem
  • D. nzinventory

Answer : B

What is the only predefined database user, which is able to access all objects and perform all tasks against the database?

  • A. root
  • B. public
  • C. admin
  • D. system

Answer : C

What operating system runs ona PureData System for Analytics host?

  • A. AIX
  • B. SUSE Linux
  • C. Nucleus OS
  • D. Redhat Linux

Answer : D

What PureData System for Analytics component is responsible for controlling table storage?

  • A. S-Blade (Snippet-Blade)
  • B. SFI (SwitchingFabric Interface)
  • C. FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array)
  • D. DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device)

Answer : A

Click on the exhibit.
Given the following query: SELECT * FROM TableA, TableB WHERE TableA.c_custkey =
TableB.o_custkey;What type of join processing will occur when the query is executed?

  • A. Collocation hash join processing
  • B. Distributed hash join processing
  • C. Broadcast sort merge join processing
  • D. Replication sort merge join processing

Answer : A

Whyshould you avoid using Boolean data types as a distribution key for a table ?

  • A. Table will not join.
  • B. Table will not broadcast.
  • C. Table is likely to be skewed.
  • D. Table is likely to be evenly spread across data slices.

Answer : C

What will prevent a GROOM TABLE command from running on a table named TableA?

  • A. If there are any materialized views on the table TableA.
  • B. If there are any active selects running against the table TableA.
  • C. If there are any active nzloads running againstthe table TableA.
  • D. If there are any active updates running against the table TableA.

Answer : A

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Exam contains 131 questions

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