IBM i2 Text Chart Support Mastery Test v1 v6.0

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Exam contains 33 questions

Which of the following is not available using the iBase live connection?

  • A. Attach a chart item to a database record
  • B. Create an iBase item on the chart from highlighted text
  • C. Add a new database record
  • D. Add a marked up document to the database
  • E. Delete Schema
  • F. Update database records with information on the chart
  • G. Refresh items on the chart with data from the database

Answer : E

Which language is NOT supported by Auto Mark to find terms in?

  • A. English
  • B. French
  • C. German
  • D. Spanish
  • E. Italian
  • F. Dutch
  • G. Russian

Answer : G

If the 'Run Text Chart when Windows starts' check box is turned on, Automated Text Chart will start automatically when __________.

  • A. You open analyst's notebook
  • B. You open iBase
  • C. You open Text Chart
  • D. You log on to your Windows account

Answer : D

When setting general application options (Using the tools menu, select options to display the options; then select options\general), which of the following is NOT an option?

  • A. Enable time of day, day of week
  • B. Turn on auto save options
  • C. Turn on automatic searching for items on a target list
  • D. Change the highlight color of search results or the error text color
  • E. Turn on hyperlink detection

Answer : A

The template report does not list/contain information on which of the following?

  • A. Pallettes
  • B. Entity types
  • C. Link types
  • D. Attributes
  • E. Attribute Slot Markers

Answer : A

What is not available in the workspace summary?

  • A. A count of the number of entities and links in the workspace
  • B. The template on which the workspace is based
  • C. The total time the workspace has been open
  • D. The date and time when the workspace is created
  • E. The date and time when the workspace was last printed.

Answer : A

To import a target item list, the target list file you want to import __________.

  • A. Must be a file with a .tct file extension
  • B. Must be a file with a .tcx file extension
  • C. Must be a file with a .txt file extension
  • D. Must be a file with a .tmp file extension

Answer : B

Which statement best describes the available search preference(s)?

  • A. You can distinguish between upper and lower case, using 'match case' check box
  • B. You can search for whole words only, using 'whole words only' check box
  • C. You can specify the word length, specifying the number of characters
  • D. Only A and B apply

Answer : D

Templates are used to define many workspace properties. Which property is not defined by the template?

  • A. Entity and link type definitions
  • B. Attribute definitions
  • C. Target items list
  • D. Grading system categories
  • E. The default grade values
  • F. Line strengths

Answer : C

When setting general Chart options - Using the Chart page of the Options dialog, which of the following is not set via the chart page options dialog?

  • A. Turn on automatic searching options
  • B. Turn off animated zoom effects
  • C. Enable time of day
  • D. Show or hide the chart legend

Answer : C

When you print a workspace which answer is FALSE?

  • A. You cannot choose which parts of the workspace to print
  • B. You can print the chart only
  • C. You can print the documents only
  • D. You can print the chart plus the documents
  • E. You can choose whether to print all documents or just the active document

Answer : A

When marking up documents - which statement is TRUE?

  • A. You can create a markup from non-contiguous text
  • B. You can create a markup from an image
  • C. You can define different default colors to represent each type of markup
  • D. You can create a markup from text that spans more than one cell in a table

Answer : C

You can specify where Automated Text Chart looks for documents to mark up. Which types of watch locations can you set up?

  • A. Folders or documents
  • B. RSS feeds or monitoring content on the internet such as blogs and news
  • C. Analyst's Notebook charts
  • D. iBase databases
  • E. A and B above

Answer : E

When setting icon options and using the tools menu, (select options to display the options; then select options\icons) to make further adjustment, which of the following is NOT set via this option?

  • A. New Icons - Will display chart items using the latest, high quality icons that were originally introduced with Analyst's Notebook 8.5
  • B. Legacy Icons - Will display chart icons using the icon set available in releases prior to Analyst's Notebook 8.5
  • C. As Saved in Workspace - will match the default setting of the workspace
  • D. Custom icons directory - a set of your own icons, created by your organization

Answer : D

Which statement is NOT true about marking up events and time zones?

  • A. Time zones can be specified at the workspace level
  • B. Time zones can be specified at the document level
  • C. Time zones can be specified at the chart item level
  • D. Only one time zone, read from your computer's date and time settings can be specified for event time zones

Answer : D

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Exam contains 33 questions

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