IBM i2 iBase Support Mastery Test v1 v6.0

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Exam contains 33 questions

There are four types of group that can be used in the iBase designer security manager, to control the access that users have to data in an iBase database and to the iBase features.
Which one of the 4 types of group denies access to specific commands? For example, a user may be able to add records but may be denied access to the Import command.

  • A. Database Management group
  • B. System Commands Access Control group
  • C. Data Access Control group
  • D. Folder Object Control group

Answer : B

The MSI install process automatically sends notices of its activity to the system event log.
Any events logged by the MSI install process have their source set to MsiInstaller. Which of the below is not an event message from the MsiInstaller?

  • A. Success or failure of an installation
  • B. Removal or repair of a product
  • C. SQL ServerAgent Service successfully started
  • D. Errors that occur during configuration
  • E. Detection of corrupted configuration data

Answer : C

Which of the following is False for iBase SQL server?

  • A. The SQL Server language version must match the operating system regional setting if it is available.
  • B. The SQL Server language version must be English if the operating system regional setting is not available
  • C. The default SQL Server collation sequence for the operating system must be used
  • D. iBase requires case-sensitive SQL Servers

Answer : D

Which of the following false statement about iBase Designer?

  • A. iBase designer allows you to add, modify and delete entity record data.
  • B. iBase designer allows you to design databases
  • C. iBase designer allows you to create new databases
  • D. iBase designer allows you to administer the database

Answer : A

To make more significant changes to the way an MSI installation takes place, you can edit the database that an MSI file contains. This requires you to create a transform. The tool used to create a transform is which of the following?

  • A. Microsoft SQL server
  • B. Microsoft Analysis services
  • C. iBase designer
  • D. Orca

Answer : D

You will often need to find or search individual records, or groups of records, for adding to or editing the information in your database or to analyze data for a particular task. There are a number of ways that you can find records, and each is designed for a particular type of enquiry. Which of the below is NOT a 'Find or search' method in iBase user?

  • A. Find
  • B. Queries
  • C. Search 360
  • D. Word Search
  • E. Scored Matching
  • F. Matching Records
  • G. Duplicate Records Checking
  • H. Smart Matching

Answer : H

In the iBase Designer security manager, which one of the following security groups are mandatory and must be used when adding new users?

  • A. Data access control
  • B. Folder objects Control
  • C. System Commands Access Control
  • D. Database Management

Answer : D

Which of the following iBase security features is not supported by iBase Scheduler, and any restrictions imposed by this features will be ignored in iBase Scheduler:

  • A. System Command Access Control
  • B. Database Management Groups
  • C. Data Access Control groups
  • D. Folder object control

Answer : A

A charting scheme controls how the properties of items added to Analyst's Notebook charts from iBase are updated. Which is NOT True ?

  • A. Each charting scheme defines how the data in iBase fields will be copied into the chart item properties and whether to display attributes and pictures on the chart.
  • B. Each charting scheme defines the chart template to use
  • C. Each charting scheme defines the labeling scheme to use
  • D. You can include more than 1 labeling scheme in your charting scheme

Answer : D

Which of the following is NOT true about the user who switches on and configures alerting for a database?

  • A. They must be an iBase system administrator.
  • B. They must have an SQL Server login
  • C. They must be a member of the public database role - in the msdb system database, for SQL Server 2005 or later
  • D. They must be a member of the SQLAgentUserRole database role - in the msdb system database, for SQL Server 2005 or later
  • E. They use the iBase user module and the Format, alerting menu to configure alerting for a database

Answer : E

Which is not correct when using the Index Service Configuration tool?

  • A. you will require An SQL Server installation on the machine on which you want to create the iBase index database.
  • B. the index tool can connect to any SQL instance that is not on the local machine.
  • C. Running the Index Service Configuration tool for the first time will create a separate iBase index database
  • D. The search 360 database index default name is IBaseIndexDB

Answer : B

At version 8.9, IBM i2 iBase _______________.

  • A. supports dongle authorisation
  • B. supports software license management (SLM) authorisation
  • C. supports A and B above
  • D. no longer supports or requires authorization mechanisms

Answer : D

Which of the following is NOT true for creating iBase SQL server databases?

  • A. The name you choose for the database (idb) file in iBase will be used to generate the names of the SQL Server databases.
  • B. The iBase database name (in SQL server) always contains an underscore ( _ )
  • C. The Audit Log database is the database name with _log added at the end
  • D. The name of the iBase database must all be uppercase/Capital letters

Answer : D

IBM i2 iBase is supported on a number of virtual machine environments. Which of the following is not listed within the IBM i2 iBase 8.9.1 release notes?

  • A. Citrix XenServer
  • B. Microsoft Hyper-V
  • C. Linux VServer
  • D. VMWare Workstation 6 or later
  • E. VMWare ESX Server 3 or later

Answer : C

Which file extension does an iBase security file or iBase security connection file for SQL
Server have?

  • A. .idc
  • B. .ids
  • C. .idq
  • D. .ida

Answer : B

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Exam contains 33 questions

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