OMG-Certified UML Professional Advanced Exam v6.0

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Exam contains 140 questions

What is true of bound classes? (Choose two)

  • A. can have properties in addition to the ones from the class it is binding
  • B. is a class that is bound by association with another class to be used in a specific context
  • C. can be used as the superclass of another class
  • D. is a class that is used as an lower or upper bound of interval specifications
  • E. can only have one binding

Answer : AC

If an activity is executed three times in parallel, how many executions exist? (Choose two)

  • A. any number
  • B. none
  • C. two
  • D. one
  • E. three

Answer : D,E

What does the protocol conformance between two protocol state machines mean?

  • A. all triggers in the two protocol state machines must be the same
  • B. the specific state machine must abide by the behavior of the general state machine
  • C. the general state machine must abide by the behavior of the specific state machine
  • D. the two protocol state machines must be the same
  • E. the specific state machine must have the same number of states and transitions as the general machine

Answer : B

Which action does NOT require classifiers as static inputs?

  • A. StartOwnedBehaviorAction
  • B. CreateObjectAction
  • C. ReclassifyObjectAction
  • D. ReadExtentAction
  • E. ReadIsClassifiedObjectAction

Answer : A

What does the internal structure of a node consist of?

  • A. an elaborate arrangement of classifiers of various types
  • B. parts of type Nodule
  • C. exactly three CommuncationPath connectors
  • D. parts of type Node
  • E. nodes cannot have internal structure

Answer : D

What can be used when the source of an object flow has values of type Customer, and the target needs the name of the customer?

  • A. transformation
  • B. effect
  • C. weight
  • D. ordering
  • E. selection
  • F. upper bound

Answer : A

Which action can continue to be enabled after it executes?

  • A. AcceptEventAction
  • B. ReadExtentAction
  • C. ReplyAction
  • D. StartOwnedBehaviorAction
  • E. BroadcastSignalAction

Answer : A

In the exhibit, what is the meaning of C2 in the protocol state machine diagram?

  • A. the trigger for operation m1
  • B. the action executed when the corresponding transition is taken
  • C. a pre-condition for the operation m1
  • D. the guard of the transition associated with m1
  • E. a post-condition of the operation m1

Answer : E

What relationship is represented in the exhibit?

  • A. node with annotated property values
  • B. node deployed on an artifact
  • C. node with deployed artifacts
  • D. node with deployment specifications
  • E. manifestation of an artifact

Answer : C

In the exhibit, how many links are created by default when an instance of A is created?

  • A. two
  • B. eight
  • C. none
  • D. four

Answer : D

When can an OCL expression be used to specify a state change?

  • A. in all circumstances
  • B. never
  • C. when expressing the postconditions of an operation
  • D. when expressing the preconditions of an operation
  • E. when the stereotype <<volatile>> is used

Answer : C

How is a power type name indicated in a diagram?

  • A. enclosed by guillemots
  • B. preceded by a colon
  • C. preceded by an equal sign
  • D. enclosed by braces

Answer : B

What is wrong with the collaboration occurrence shown in the exhibit?

  • A. Role bindings should be represented by dashed lines.
  • B. The <<ourrence>> keyword is missing.
  • C. Client and Server role names should be underlined.
  • D. The <<role>> keywords are missing.
  • E. The collaboration occurrence name should be underlined.

Answer : A

An association class possesses the properties of which elements? (Choose two)

  • A. association
  • B. interface
  • C. class
  • D. constraint
  • E. expression

Answer : AC

A DeploymentSpecification serves what purpose?

  • A. parameterizes a deployment relationship
  • B. gives a deployment a name so it can be referenced in constraints
  • C. describes the type of input-output medium used to create a deployment
  • D. indicates the kind of casters upon which a device sits

Answer : A

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Exam contains 140 questions

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