Fortinet NSE 7 - OT Security 6.4 v1.0

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Exam contains 35 questions

Which three methods of communication are used by FortiNAC to gather visibility information? (Choose three.)

  • A. SNMP
  • B. ICMP
  • C. API

Answer : ACD

An OT architect has deployed a Layer 2 switch in the OT network at Level 1 the Purdue model-process control. The purpose of the Layer 2 switch is to segment traffic between PLC1 and PLC2 with two VLANs. All the traffic between PLC1 and PLC2 must first flow through the Layer 2 switch and then through the FortiGate device in the Level 2 supervisory control network.
What statement about the traffic between PLC1 and PLC2 is true?

  • A. The Layer 2 switch rewrites VLAN tags before sending traffic to the FortiGate device.
  • B. The Layer 2 switches routes any traffic to the FortiGate device through an Ethernet link.
  • C. PLC1 and PLC2 traffic must flow through the Layer-2 switch trunk link to the FortiGate device.
  • D. In order to communicate, PLC1 must be in the same VLAN as PLC2.

Answer : C

An OT administrator is defining an incident notification policy using FortiSIEM and would like to configure the system with a notification policy. If an incident occurs, the administrator would like to be able to intervene and block an IP address or disable a user in Active Directory from FortiSIEM.
Which step must the administrator take to achieve this task?

  • A. Configure a fabric connector with a notification policy on FortiSIEM to connect with FortiGate.
  • B. Create a notification policy and define a script/remediation on FortiSIEM.
  • C. Define a script/remediation on FortiManager and enable a notification rule on FortiSIEM.
  • D. Deploy a mitigation script on Active Directory and create a notification policy on FortiSIEM.

Answer : C


When you create a user or host profile, which three criteria can you use? (Choose three.)

  • A. Host or user group memberships
  • B. Administrative group membership
  • C. An existing access control policy
  • D. Location
  • E. Host or user attributes

Answer : ADE

Refer to the exhibit, which shows a non-protected OT environment.

An administrator needs to implement proper protection on the OT network.
Which three steps should an administrator take to protect the OT network? (Choose three.)

  • A. Deploy an edge FortiGate between the internet and an OT network as a one-arm sniffer.
  • B. Deploy a FortiGate device within each ICS network.
  • C. Configure firewall policies with web filter to protect the different ICS networks.
  • D. Configure firewall policies with industrial protocol sensors
  • E. Use segmentation

Answer : ACD

An OT administrator has configured FSSO and local firewall authentication. A user who is part of a user group is not prompted from credentials during authentication.
What is a possible reason?

  • A. FortiGate determined the user by passive authentication
  • B. The user was determined by Security Fabric
  • C. Two-factor authentication is not configured with RADIUS authentication method
  • D. FortiNAC determined the user by DHCP fingerprint method

Answer : D

Refer to the exhibit.

Given the configurations on the FortiGate, which statement is true?

  • A. FortiGate is configured with forward-domains to reduce unnecessary traffic.
  • B. FortiGate is configured with forward-domains to forward only domain controller traffic.
  • C. FortiGate is configured with forward-domains to forward only company domain website traffic.
  • D. FortiGate is configured with forward-domains to filter and drop non-domain controller traffic.

Answer : A

An administrator wants to use FortiSoC and SOAR features on a FortiAnalyzer device to detect and block any unauthorized access to FortiGate devices in an OT network.
Which two statements about FortiSoC and SOAR features on FortiAnalyzer are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. You must set correct operator in event handler to trigger an event.
  • B. You can automate SOC tasks through playbooks.
  • C. Each playbook can include multiple triggers.
  • D. You cannot use Windows and Linux hosts security events with FortiSoC.

Answer : BC


You are investigating a series of incidents that occurred in the OT network over past 24 hours in FortiSIEM.
Which three FortiSIEM options can you use to investigate these incidents? (Choose three.)

  • A. Security
  • B. IPS
  • C. List
  • D. Risk
  • E. Overview

Answer : CDE

Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement about the interfaces shown in the exhibit is true?

  • A. port2, port2-vlan10, and port2-vlan1 are part of the software switch interface.
  • B. The VLAN ID of port1-vlan1 can be changed to the VLAN ID 10.
  • C. port1-vlan10 and port2-vlan10 are part of the same broadcast domain
  • D. port1, port1-vlan10, and port1-vlan1 are in different broadcast domains

Answer : D

When device profiling rules are enabled, which devices connected on the network are evaluated by the device profiling rules?

  • A. Known trusted devices, each time they change location
  • B. All connected devices, each time they connect
  • C. Rogue devices, only when they connect for the first time
  • D. Rogue devices, each time they connect

Answer : C

What two advantages does FortiNAC provide in the OT network? (Choose two.)

  • A. It can be used for IoT device detection.
  • B. It can be used for industrial intrusion detection and prevention.
  • C. It can be used for network micro-segmentation.
  • D. It can be used for device profiling.

Answer : CD

What triggers Layer 2 polling of infrastructure devices connected in the network?

  • A. A failed Layer 3 poll
  • B. A matched security policy
  • C. A matched profiling rule
  • D. A linkup or linkdown trap

Answer : D

An OT administrator configured and ran a default application risk and control report in FortiAnalyzer to learn more about the key application crossing the network.
However, the report output is empty despite the fact that some related real-time and historical logs are visible in the FortiAnalyzer.
What are two possible reasons why the report output was empty? (Choose two.)

  • A. The administrator selected the wrong logs to be indexed in FortiAnalyzer.
  • B. The administrator selected the wrong time period for the report.
  • C. The administrator selected the wrong devices in the Devices section.
  • D. The administrator selected the wrong hcache table for the report.

Answer : BD

An OT supervisor needs to protect their network by implementing security with an industrial signature database on the FortiGate device.
Which statement about the industrial signature database on FortiGate is true?

  • A. A supervisor must purchase an industrial signature database and import it to the FortiGate.
  • B. An administrator must create their own database using custom signatures.
  • C. By default, the industrial database is enabled.
  • D. A supervisor can enable it through the FortiGate CLI.

Answer : D

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Exam contains 35 questions

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