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Exam contains 820 questions

A network technician is reviewing the interface counters on a router interface. The technician is attempting to confirm a cable issue. Given the following information:

Which of the following metrics confirms there is a cabling issue?

  • A. Last cleared
  • B. Number of packets output
  • C. CRCs
  • D. Giants
  • E. Multicasts

Answer : C

Which of the following is the physical topology for an Ethernet LAN?

  • A. Bus
  • B. Ring
  • C. Mesh
  • D. Star

Answer : D

An IT director is setting up new disaster and HA policies for a company. Limited downtime is critical to operations. To meet corporate requirements, the director set up two different datacenters across the country that will stay current on data and applications. In the event of an outage, the company can immediately switch from one datacenter to another. Which of the following does this BEST describe?

  • A. A warm site
  • B. Data mirroring
  • C. Multipathing
  • D. Load balancing
  • E. A hot site

Answer : E

The management team needs to ensure unnecessary modifications to the corporate network are not permitted and version control is maintained. Which of the following documents would BEST support this?

  • A. An incident response plan
  • B. A business continuity plan
  • C. A change management policy
  • D. An acceptable use policy

Answer : C

Which of the following is MOST likely to generate significant East-West traffic in a datacenter?

  • A. A backup of a large video presentation to cloud storage for archival purposes
  • B. A duplication of a hosted virtual server to another physical server for redundancy
  • C. A download of navigation data to a portable device for offline access
  • D. A query from an IoT device to a cloud-hosted server for a firmware update

Answer : B

A technician is troubleshooting a network switch that seems to stop responding to requests intermittently whenever the logging level is set for debugging. Which of the following metrics should the technician check to begin troubleshooting the issue?

  • A. Audit logs
  • B. CPU utilization
  • C. CRC errors
  • D. Jitter

Answer : B

A technician wants to deploy a new wireless network that comprises 30 WAPs installed throughout a three-story office building. All the APs will broadcast the same SSID for client access. Which of the following BEST describes this deployment?

  • A. Extended service set
  • B. Basic service set
  • C. Unified service set
  • D. Independent basic service set

Answer : A

A user tries to ping from the command prompt on the network but gets the following response: U.U.U.U. Which of the following needs to be configured for these networks to reach each other?

  • A. Network address translation
  • B. Default gateway
  • C. Loopback
  • D. Routing protocol

Answer : B

A branch of a company recently switched to a new ISP. The network engineer was given a new IP range to assign. The ISP assigned, and the branch gateway router now has the following configurations on the interface that peers to the ISP:

The network engineer observes that all users have lost Internet connectivity. Which of the following describes the issue?

  • A. The incorrect subnet mask was configured
  • B. The incorrect gateway was configured
  • C. The incorrect IP address was configured
  • D. The incorrect interface was configured

Answer : A

Within the realm of network security, Zero Trust:

  • A. prevents attackers from moving laterally through a system.
  • B. allows a server to communicate with outside networks without a firewall.
  • C. block malicious software that is too new to be found in virus definitions.
  • D. stops infected files from being downloaded via websites.

Answer : C

Which of the following service models would MOST likely be used to replace on-premises servers with a cloud solution?

  • A. PaaS
  • B. IaaS
  • C. SaaS
  • D. Disaster recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Answer : B

Which of the following factors should be considered when evaluating a firewall to protect a datacenter's east-west traffic?

  • A. Replication traffic between an on-premises server and a remote backup facility
  • B. Traffic between VMs running on different hosts
  • C. Concurrent connections generated by Internet DDoS attacks
  • D. VPN traffic from remote offices to the datacenterג€™s VMs

Answer : A

You are tasked with verifying the following requirements are met in order to ensure network security.
✑ Datacenter
- Ensure network is subnetted to allow all devices to communicate properly while minimizing address space usage
- Provide a dedicated server to resolve IP addresses and hostnames correctly and handle port 53 traffic
✑ Building A
- Ensure network is subnetted to allow all devices to communicate properly while minimizing address space usage
- Provide devices to support 5 additional different office users
- Add an additional mobile user
- Replace the Telnet server with a more secure solution
✑ Screened subnet
- Ensure network is subnetted to allow all devices to communicate properly while minimizing address space usage
- Provide a server to handle external 80/443 traffic
- Provide a server to handle port 20/21 traffic

Drag and drop objects onto the appropriate locations. Objects can be used multiple times and not all placeholders need to be filled.
Available objects are located in both the Servers and Devices tabs of the Drag & Drop menu.
If at any time you would like to bring back the initial state of the simulation, please click the Reset All button.

Answer : See explanation below.

Top left subnet ג€"
Top right subnet ג€"
Bottom subnet ג€"
Screened Subnet devices ג€" Web server, FTP server
Building A devices ג€" SSH server top left, workstations on all 5 on the right, laptop on bottom left
DataCenter devices ג€" DNS server.

Which of the following is used to prioritize Internet usage per application and per user on the network?

  • A. Bandwidth management
  • B. Load balance routing
  • C. Border Gateway Protocol
  • D. Administrative distance

Answer : A

A network administrator needs to query the NSs for a remote application. Which of the following commands would BEST help the administrator accomplish this task?

  • A. dig
  • B. arp
  • C. show interface
  • D. hostname

Answer : A

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Exam contains 820 questions

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