Maya 2012 Certified Associate Examination v6.1

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Exam contains 33 questions

Which of the following BEST describes the Blend Shape deformer?
The Blend Shape deformer...

  • A. creates a joint system based on the topology of the surface
  • B. Blend shape deformers let you change the shape of one object into the shapes of other objects.
  • C. is a special object you use to control the deformation effects of rigid skinning.
  • D. lets you manually sculpt NURBS, polygons, or Subdivision surfaces quickly with the stroke of a brush

Answer : B

Search Phrase: Blend Shape Deformer (300: Blend Shape deformer)

What is the syntax to add a single-line comment in a script?

  • A. //
  • B. <>
  • C. "
  • D. ==

Answer : A

Reference: yntax+single+line+comment+in+a+script&source=bl&ots=5cO8gRhiWB&sig=e0oIq6kikoYQ
=maya%20syntax%20single%20line%20comment%20in%20a%20script&f=false (topic: adding comments)

The ViewCube is an on-screen 3D navigation element that does which of the following?

  • A. Creates a multicamera rig to navigate through your scene
  • B. Provides feedback about stereo cameras and performs calculations to produce anaglyph images
  • C. Enables you to quickly and easily switch between views.
  • D. Provides feedback about the current camera view in relation to the 3D scene
  • E. Both C and D

Answer : E

Search Phrase: ViewCube (197: Using the ViewCube)

Which of the following is a way to control deformations using a Smooth Bind?

  • A. Add Influence
  • B. Flexors.
  • C. Projection Box.
  • D. Both A and B

Answer : B

PNMcDuEcFQC&pg=PA149&lpg=PA149&dq=flexor+control+deformations+using+a+Smoo th+Bind&source=bl&ots=52RxQtUX-
2&sig=8S18HcnXEbaECQ7TRkFJcU4Gkac&hl=en&sa=X&ei=zID7TqOuI4jl4QTt69CNCA& ved=0CBoQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=flexor%20control%20deformations%20using%20a%2
0Smooth%20Bind&f=false (topic: smooth bind)

To composite two layers together you would use...

  • A. Composition settings
  • B. Garbage Mask
  • C. Remap Color
  • D. Blend & Comp

Answer : A

A suitable method to have the spaceship move along the green line shown in the image is:

  • A. Animated Sweep
  • B. Motion Path
  • C. Turntable
  • D. Animation Snapshot

Answer : B

Reference: ng_the_ViewCube.htm,topicNumber=d0e70082

Which of the following is true of the Specular Color Attribute in a Blinn Shader?

  • A. Has a default value of 0.5.
  • B. Controls the color of shiny highlights on the surface.
  • C. Controls the spread of the specular highlight.
  • D. Both A and B

Answer : B

Reference: ng_the_ViewCube.htm,topicNumber=d0e70082

Which light(s) can be positioned using Look Through Selected Camera?

  • A. Spot Lights.
  • B. Directional Lights.
  • C. Area Lights.
  • D. All Maya Lights

Answer : D

What does the nConstraint Membership Tool for nCloth allows users to do?

  • A. Add vertices to a selected dynamic constraint
  • B. Remove vertices from a selected dynamic constraint
  • C. Both of the above.
  • D. Neither of the above.

Answer : C

Reference: ng_the_ViewCube.htm,topicNumber=d0e70082 (topic: editing nCloth constraint membership)

Which file format lets you exchange complex data between Maya and other software while preserving the data's overall behavior?

  • A. OBJ
  • B. FBX
  • C. DXF
  • D. None of the above

Answer : B

Reference: ng_the_ViewCube.htm,topicNumber=d0e70082 (first paragraph)

What is meant by 'sampling'?

  • A. The amount of Rendering Layers to be calculated in an image
  • B. The amount of times the software will examine different areas of a pixel
  • C. The number of photons that get emitted into the scene.
  • D. None of the above

Answer : C

Reference: sampling+is+number+of+photons+that+get+emitted+into+the+scene&source=bl&ots=B-
CA&ved=0CDwQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q&f=false (first paragraph)

The shading network in a Normal 2DTexture Map is made up of which of the following?

  • A. One file texture node and a projection node that defines the texture's placement
  • B. One file texture node and the place2DTexture node that defines the texture's placement.
  • C. Two place 2DTexture nodes.
  • D. One place 2DTexture node and one place 3Dtexture node

Answer : B

Reference: htm,topicNumber=d0e520981 (4th paragraph)

Which of the following is NOT a Glow type with the Optical FX attribute?

  • A. None
  • B. Linear
  • C. Star
  • D. Exponential

Answer : C


When choosing an NISC Video Image preset, in addition to image width and height, which other setting is changed

  • A. Pixel Aspect Ratio
  • B. Renderable Camera
  • C. File format becomes TGA
  • D. Device Aspect Ratio

Answer : A

Which of the following is the button for displaying the Safe Action in Maya?

  • A. Option A
  • B. option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D

Answer : B

50a53111913e7c26f-63b3.htm,topicNumber=d0e87875 (search safe action)

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Exam contains 33 questions

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