Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial v9.0

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You are creating a project budget for the year and are working on the different types of projects to base the project on. Project budgets allow projections based only on which three criteria? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. Group
  • B. Amount
  • C. Activity
  • D. Category
  • E. Estimate

Answer : CD

You are an account manager. At the end of each month when you close an account, you are required to make the same entry with the same account numbers and currency amounts. You want to make the process quicker so that each month, you process the journal and post it with the appropriate ac-counting date. What should you create?

  • A. Voucher template
  • B. Ledger accruals
  • C. Periodic journal
  • D. Ledger allocation rules

Answer : D

An organization has a policy of charging the same depreciation amount for the fixed asset in each de-preciation period. You need to configure depreciation according to this policy.
Which depreciation method should you use?

  • A. Straight line service life
  • B. Consumption
  • C. Reducing balance
  • D. Factor

Answer : A

You set up a fixed asset in Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial. You select the Allow asset acquisition from purchasing fixed asset parameter. What is the initial status of the fixed asset?

  • A. Open
  • B. Scrapped
  • C. Suspended
  • D. Not yet acquired

Answer : A

You are a credit and collections manager.
You need to group all customers who are based in a single city and have balances greater than 10,000 USD so that the collections process is streamlined for the collections agent.
What should you do?

  • A. Set up collection agents.
  • B. Set up collections case category.
  • C. Set up customer pools.
  • D. Create a collections team.

Answer : D

You are setting up sales tax on sales order for you customer. You need to define the setup so that it calculates as follows:

  • A. Define “Origin” under “ Calculation parameter” on the sales tax code as “Percentages on sales tax”.
  • B. Define “Calculation method” under “Calculation parameter” on the sales tax code as “Whole amount”.
  • C. Define three sales tax codes. One for each tax rate.
  • D. Define “Calculation method” under “Calculation parameter” on the sales tax code as “Inter-val”

Answer : D

You are creating a new budget and realize that you need to allocate a certain percentage of the total budget amount across financial dimensions.
In order to do this on the budget register entry, you need to define the percentage that will be allocated to each financial dimension. What should you set up?

  • A. budget cycle
  • B. budget transfer
  • C. budget allocation terms
  • D. period allocation key

Answer : A

In Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial, which fixed asset transaction type can post simultaneously with standard fixed asset depreciation?

  • A. Bonus depreciation
  • B. Depreciation adjustment
  • C. Extraordinary depreciation
  • D. Summarize depreciation

Answer : C

A financial controller wants to match the total amounts on an invoice to the total amounts on a pur-chase order. Which type of matching should the controller use?

  • A. Two-way matching
  • B. Not required
  • C. Charges matching
  • D. Three-way matching

Answer : D

Your company creates a policy that requires invoice matching information on documents.
Which three types of documents are used for invoice matching? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

  • A. purchase order
  • B. vendor invoice
  • C. receipts list
  • D. purchase order confirmation
  • E. product receipt

Answer : C,D,E

You are an accounts receivable manager. Your company levies a fine with a high-interest premium on a customers overdue amount. The customer disputes this fine and succeeds.
You need to waive the fine in Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial.
What should you do?

  • A. Print/Post Interest notes.
  • B. Create an interest adjustment.
  • C. Print/Post Collection letter notes.
  • D. Generate a customer account statement.

Answer : D

You need to create recurring free text invoice template.
Which three recurrence patterns are available in the Recurring invoices form on the customer record? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. Monthly
  • B. Weeldy
  • C. Yearly
  • D. Quarterly
  • E. Hourly

Answer : ACE

In Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial, where do you enter a budget for a fixed asset?

  • A. In the fixed asset journal.
  • B. In the Fixed asset group form.
  • C. In the Fixed asset parameters form.
  • D. In the fixed asset budget journal and directly on each fixed asset.

Answer : D

You are an accounts receivable manager.
You need to categorize the customer payment journal lines as deposits for reporting purposes on the bank statement.
What should this manager create and define on the journal lines to categorize them as deposits?

  • A. default descriptions
  • B. reason code
  • C. payment reference
  • D. bank transaction type

Answer : B

You are an accounts receivable manager.
You have an agreement with a customer that they will pay installments on the 25th day of the month every three months.
On the customer terms of payment, which three settings do you need to specify? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

  • A. cash payment
  • B. payment method
  • C. payment type
  • D. payment day
  • E. payment schedule

Answer : C,D,E

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Exam contains 99 questions

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