Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Trade and Logistics v8.0

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You plan to create a purchase order for items that are not currently in stock.
You need to ensure that when a customer places an order for the items, the quantity of the items in the purchase order can be reserved for the customer.
What should you do before you create the purchase order?

  • A. Select Reserve ordered items in the Inventory and warehouse management parameters form.
  • B. Select an Allocation key in the Accounts payable parameters form.
  • C. Select Reserve items automatically in the Inventory and warehouse management parameters form.
  • D. Select Automatic in the Reservation field of the Accounts receivable parameters form.

Answer : D

Explanation: Accounts receivable parameters (form) [AX 2012]
Select the default method of reservation to use when you create an order in the Sales order form:
Manual Requires manual reservations.
Automatic Reserves order quantities automatically.
Explosion Reserves order quantities automatically, but master scheduling controls item reservation for bills of materials.
You can change the method of reservation when you create the order, and you can change the method for each order line. Reserved quantities are subtracted from the total quantity on hand.
Not A:Inventory and warehouse management parameters (form) [AX 2012]
Use this form to set up inventory and warehouse management parameters.

Field:Reserve ordered items -
Select this check box to reserve item receipts that are ordered against item issues in
Accounts receivable, Project management and accounting, and Production control. If you clear this check box, you can reserve only items that have been physically received.
If a particular item has been set up to accept negative inventory, this field is not relevant.
Not B:Accounts payable parameters form:
Allocation key:Select the allocation key to use to reduce the effect of the budget on the cash flow forecast, according to purchase orders.
Not C:
Field:Reserve items automatically
Select this check box to reserve items automatically. This is a default setting, and you can override it by selecting or clearing the same parameter in the Transfer orders form.

You need to review the details of the cost and sales price for the following objects:
-> A bill of materials (BOM)
-> The BOM components
Which report should you use?

  • A. Where-used
  • B. Older lines
  • C. On-hand inventory
  • D. Calculation

Answer : D

Explanation: BOM calculation results (form) [AX 2012]
Use this form to view the results of an item's order-specific bill of material (BOM) calculations and as a starting point to perform additional order-specific BOM calculations.
An order-specific BOM calculation can be performed for a line item on a sales order, sales quotation or service order. Each order-specific BOM calculation creates a calculation record that is uniquely identified by a calculation number. A calculation record displays summarized information about the calculated cost, sales price, and net weight.

Button: Print -
Print the Calculation report for a selected calculation record.

You need to set up a bill of materials (BOM) to meet the following requirements:
-> When fewer than 500 pieces of a BOM item are produced, the production cost must be 6.78 US dollars for each item.
-> When 500 pieces or more of a BOM item are produced, the production cost must be 6.52 US dollars for each item.
What should you do?

  • A. Create one BOM version that has the per series field on each line set to 500. Create a second BOM version that has the per series field on each line set to 1.
  • B. Create one BOM version that has a from qty. of 0. Create asecond BOM version that has afrom qty. of 500.
  • C. Create one BOM version that has the Quantity field on each line set to 500. Create a second BOM version that has the Quantity field on each line set to 1.
  • D. Create one BOM version that has the per series field set to 500 on each line that is specific to the BOM when 500 pieces or more are produced, and has the Per series field set to 1 for each line when less than 500 pieces are produced.

Answer : C

Explanation: BOM versions and lines (form) [AX 2012]
/ Field: Per Series
Number of units for which the Quantity field is valid.

Example -
If the quantity is 1, the unit is liter, and per series is 100, one liter of the item is required to produce 100 finished BOM items.
/ Field: Quantity
The number of items included in one unit, or one series of the BOM item. If the quantity is calculated per series, indicate the basis of the series in the Per series field.

Example -
If a BOM item is generally referred to in 100-pound packages, and there are 10 pounds of component item A per 100-pound package, the quantity would be 10 per series 100. In production, it involves a gain of the current item; in consumption, it is a negative quantity.

You need to ensure that when a certain item is received, the item is quarantined automatically.
What should you configure?

  • A. Astorage dimension group
  • B. An item model group
  • C. Atracking dimension group
  • D. An item group

Answer : B

Explanation: InventModelGroup Table [AX 2012]
The InventModelGroup table contains information about item model groups.

Field:QuarantineControl -
Should items received physically be put into quarantine automatically?

A customer is placing an order for an item that is in stock. The customer requires that the order be delivered within two weeks.
You need to identify the minimum amount of time required for the order to be delivered to the customer.
What should you do from the Sales order form?

  • A. View the Confirmed receipt date.
  • B. View the Confirmed delivery date.
  • C. From the purchase order, view the Requested receipt date.
  • D. Click Simulate delivery dates

Answer : D

Explanation: TheSimulate delivery datesfunctionwill calulate and show the available shipment and receipt dates basedon your shipping calender.

You send a sales quotation to a customer named Contoso, Ltd.
You have another customer named Litware, Inc.
Litware has a trade agreement in place, which includes two of the items in the sales quotation that was sent to Contoso.
You plan to copy the sales quotation to create a sales quotation for Litware.
You need to ensure that the sales quotation for Litware adheres to the trade agreement you have with Litware.
Which option should you select in the copy quotation function?

  • A. Copy precisely
  • B. Recalculate price
  • C. Copy charges
  • D. Delete quotation lines

Answer : D

Explanation: Copy project quotations [AX 2012]
Use the following procedure to copy all or part of a project quotation.
-> Click Project management and accounting > Common > Quotations > Project quotations.
-> Select or open a project quotation.
-> On the Action Pane, on the Project quotation tab or Quotation tab, in the Copy group, click From all.
-> Under Setup, at the top of the Copy from all form, select one or more of the following options:

You need to create a draft sales order. The sales order must not include inventory transactions.
Which order type should you use?

  • A. Subscription
  • B. Sales order
  • C. Item requirements
  • D. Journal

Answer : D

Explanation: A sales order of type Journal is a draft sales order. It has no effect on stock.

You need to identify whether one of the items on a purchase order was received.
What should you do?

  • A. On the All purchase orders list page, find the purchase order, and then verity the Approval status.
  • B. On the All purchase orders list page, find the purchase order, go to the line details, and then verify the Line status.
  • C. On the All purchase orders list page, find the purchase order, go to the line details, and then verify the Finalized setting.
  • D. On the All purchase orders list page, find the purchase order, and then verify the Documentstatus.

Answer : B

Explanation: Line status:The delivery and invoicing status of the purchase order line.

You need to add freight and handling charges when you enter a new purchase order.
What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. Create a journal for the freight and handling charges.
  • B. Add two additional lines to the purchase order, one for the freight service item and one for the handling service items.
  • C. Add two additional supplementary items to the purchase order, one for freight and one for handling.
  • D. Add two charges transactions that each has a charges code.

Answer : CD

You create a new product and a new bill of materials (BOM) for the product. The product is available in three different configurations.
Which statement about these configurations is true?

  • A. The product configurator will create three separate configuration models.
  • B. The product has different item numbers for each configuration.
  • C. All three configurations must have the same item number, but each configuration must have a unique configuration number.
  • D. Each configuration must have a unique item number and the item type must be set to BOM for each new product.

Answer : C

Explanation: BOM Versions configuration key (BOMVersion) [AX 2012]
The BOM versions configuration key controls access to bill of material (BOM) forms and functions when you work with BOM versions. BOM versions contain a list of items that make up an assembly, and are used in Inventory management.
If this key is enabled, you can do the following:
Use the same BOM for several item numbers
Attach more than one BOM to an item
Track changes in the BOM by creating new versions
Produce an item using a specific BOM

You need to create a new version of a bill of materials (BOM).
Which three options can be used to create a new version of the BOM? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

  • A. Warehouse
  • B. Dates
  • C. Line type
  • D. Quantities
  • E. Site

Answer : B,C,D

Explanation: To create another version of the new BOM, click CTRL+N in the Versions grid to create a new line.
Select the relevant item number, and enter dates in the From date and To date fields to control the validity period of the BOM version. Use the From qty. field to set a minimum item quantity for using the BOM version.
Click Approve to approve the BOM version.
Select the Active check box to make the BOM version active.

You send a sales quotation to a customer.
The customer requests several changes to the original quotation, which results in a total of five different quotations being sent to the customer. Each quotation includes modifications to the original quantity and the original price.
The customer accepts the third quotation that was sent
You need to review the details of the third quotation.
What should you open?

  • A. The Quotation journal
  • B. The Sales quotation list page
  • C. The Alternative quotations
  • D. The Quotation confirmation journal

Answer : B

Explanation: View sales quotations [AX 2012]
You can use the All quotations page to view a list of sales quotations that have been created, and then use the View sales quotation page to view the details of a specific quotation.
-> Click Sales on the top link bar, and then click Quotations on the Quick Launch.
The All quotations page is displayed.
-> Select a quotation and then on the Action Pane, on the Quotation tab, in the Maintain group, click View. The View sales quotation page is displayed, where you can view detailed information about the quotation. This includes a list of items that are associated with the quotation.

You need to disable the Stocked setting for a product.
Which form should you use?

  • A. Item group
  • B. Item model group
  • C. Storage dimension group
  • D. Tracking dimension group

Answer : B

Explanation: Defining products of type service in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is fairly simple. Apart from selecting the correct product type, one essential component to remember is to associate the released product in a legal entity with an item model group, where the policy Stocked product is left blank.


You need to identify during which processes you can register a serial number manually for an item.
Which three processes should you identify? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. While registering a product
  • B. While creating a sales order line
  • C. While creating a purchase order line
  • D. While releasing to the warehouse
  • E. While completing related quality orders

Answer : BDE

Explanation: B:Now create a sales order by navigating to Accounts receivable=>
Common=> Sales orders=> All sales orders, click on Sales order button under New section and in the opened form specify the Customer account and click OK button. Now in sales order details form that gets opened specify Item number, Site, Warehouse, Quantity and
Unit price information for the product as required.
While shipping the sales order to customer, during packing slip generation we now get an option to register the serial numbers. Switch to the Pick and pack tab on sales order details form and click on Packing slip button under Generate section.
Switch to the Lines tab and click on button Update line=> Register serial numbers option.
* During the sales invoice process also we can register the serial numbers and choose whether to present them in the invoice or not

You are explaining to a customer the differences in functionality between the BOM designer form and the BOM form.
Which of the fallowingactions can be performedonly by usingtheBOMdesigner form?

  • A. Print the details of a bill of materials (BOM).
  • B. Create, edit, and delete bill of materials (BOM) lines for a BOM.
  • C. Drag and drop items into a bill of materials (BOM).
  • D. Check a bill of materials (BOM) for errors.

Answer : C

Explanation: Use the Designer form to design and work with bill-of-material (BOM) tree structures. The designer graphically displays the BOM structure. You can select different configurations and decide what information you want to display on the lines of the tree.You can use Drag and drop.

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Exam contains 95 questions

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