Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 v6.1

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Exam contains 90 questions

You specify a response type of Option Set (Picklist) in the prompt and response step for a dialog box. What is the maximum number of items that a user can select as part of the response?

  • A. All items
  • B. Three
  • C. The number defined in the dialog¡¯s prompt and response step
  • D. One

Answer : D

In which order are synchronous and asynchronous plug-ins executed?

  • A. Asynchronous plug-ins are executed first in order by rant and then synchronous plug-ins are queued to be executed.
  • B. Synchronous plug-ins are executed first in order by rant and then asynchronous plug-ins are queued to be executed.
  • C. Synchronous and asynchronous plug-ins are both executed immediately in order by rank.
  • D. Synchronous and asynchronous plug-ins are both queued to be executed as resources allow.

Answer : B

You are developing a plug-in that will be used in both Microsoft Dynamics CRM online and on-premises environments. Which trust level is required?

  • A. partial trust
  • B. Web services trust model (WS-Trust)
  • C. full trust
  • D. root authority

Answer : A

Which two plug-in stages that are available to developers are always executed during the database transaction?

  • A. Pre-operation
  • B. MainOperation
  • C. Pre-validation
  • D. Post-operation

Answer : A,D

Ref: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg327941.aspx

You need to create a series of pages to allow users to enter their usernames and birthdates when prompted. Which process type should you use?

  • A. Dialogs
  • B. Actions
  • C. Business process flow
  • D. Workflows

Answer : A

You need to return system errors by leveraging the Windows Communication Framework
(WCF). Which code segment should you include in your catch statement?

  • A. ReturnResponses = true
  • B. ContinueOnError = true
  • C. FaultException<Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.OrganizationServiceFault>
  • D. ContinueOnError = false

Answer : C

Which term describes a class that has data types that are NOT checked at compile time?

  • A. late-bound
  • B. static
  • C. early-bound
  • D. strongly typed

Answer : B

Which type of element in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Site Map XML containsSubAreaIt?

  • A. Service Area
  • B. Group
  • C. Settings Area
  • D. Site Map

Answer : B

You are querying data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Which element can be used to return an aggregate sum of the values directly in the query result?

  • A. QueryExpression
  • B. FetchXML
  • C. Open Data Protocol (OData)
  • D. LINQ

Answer : B

You are working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and trying to access the Discovery
Service URL.
Which component handles the authentication request?

  • A. Active Directory
  • B. NT LAN Manager (NTLM) version 2 authentication
  • C. security token service (STS)
  • D. Kerberos version 5 authentication

Answer : D

Which type of code will execute in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM OnLoad form event?

  • A. C# and Visual Basic .NET
  • B. CSS
  • C. JavaScript
  • D. HTML

Answer : D

Which three types are valid types of web resource files?

  • A. Webpage (HTML)
  • B. Script (JScript)
  • C. Style Sheet (XSL)
  • D. ASP.NET Web Form (ASPX)
  • E. Active Server Page (ASP)

Answer : ABC

Which Microsoft Dynamics CRM web resource is used to validate data that is entered in a te box?

  • A. XML
  • B. HTML
  • C. CSS
  • D. JavaScript

Answer : D

In a Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment, you have the following code segment. Line numbers included for reference only.

What is the purpose of line 09 in this code segment?

  • A. Verifies the identity of the user based on their Active Directory telephone number.
  • B. It is used for Lync integrated authentication.
  • C. locates the user record based on the incoming Caller ID from the organizations Private Branch exchange (PBX).
  • D. It is used to impersonate the identity of another user who is using the telephone number to locate the User ID.

Answer : D

You are updating a Microsoft Dynamics CRM entity.
Which property of an UpdateRequest message should you use to specify the entity to update?

  • A. Id
  • B. Item
  • C. Parameters
  • D. Target

Answer : D

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Exam contains 90 questions

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