IBM Rational DevOps Sales Mastery Test v1 v6.0

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Exam contains 44 questions

The need for rapidly delivered innovation facilitated by IBM DevOps is driven by which three examples of emerging technology trends?

  • A. Cloud Computing
  • B. Social Media
  • C. Business Analytics
  • D. Wireless Communication

Answer : ABC

A customer is interested in Jazz and a core IBM CLM solution. The customer is concerned about their team's ability to adopt all of the CLM products. They do not want to burden their software teams with complexity or slow down development due to a high learning curve.
Which statement best positions an IBM CLM solution for this customer?

  • A. In order to achieve value from an IBM ALM solution, you need to address the core lifecycle activities of requirements, development, and testing together through the adoption of Rational Requirements Composer. Rational Team Concert, and Rational Quality Manager.
  • B. You can mix open source tools with an IBM CLM solution and still achieve the same value as using all of the core CLM products in order to reduce complexity.
  • C. You should wait until you are ready to adopt CLM as a whole so that you can get the most value out of the solution for your projects. We have training that will help you in your adoption.
  • D. The IBM solution for ALM can be adopted in part or as a whole, depending on your most immediate needs and where you will see the most immediate value.

Answer : D

IBM DevOps solutions provide which two advantages over the competition?

  • A. platforms to facilitate automated testing
  • B. consultative partnerships leveraging industry expertise
  • C. solutions that support incremental adoption
  • D. systems to acquire, analyze, and apply customer feedback

Answer : CD

Explanation: * Develop/Test: provides developers with rapid feedback from business stakeholders.
* Deploy: allows continuous integration of code and deployment several times a day.

Which three products fall under the Continuous Testing practice of IBM DevOps?

  • A. IBM Infosphere Optim
  • B. IBM Rational Quality Manager
  • C. IBM Rational Team Concert
  • D. IBM Rational Test Workbench

Answer : B,C,D

Explanation: * IBM Rational Quality Manager A collaborative and customizable solution for test planning, workflow control, tracking, and metrics reporting.
* IBM Rational Team Concert All you need to build great software integrated right out of the box -- task tracking, source control, Git integration, agile and waterfall.
* IBM Rational Test Workbench Offers a comprehensive test automation solution for mobile app testing, regression testing, integration technologies and performance & scalability testing. Significantly reduce test cycle times and move integration testing earlier in the development lifecycle as you build intelligent and interconnected enterprise applications for deployment on traditional and cloud infrastructures.

Which situation is most likely to be classified as an opportunity in which IBM UrbanCode
Deploy is a potential solution?

  • A. a customer who has a large amount of legacy mainframe applications that need to be migrated to modern tools to support online and mobile usage
  • B. clients who are experiencing high testing costs due to poor functional test coverage and dependence on third-party applications to test developer changes
  • C. customers who are experiencing cost overruns coming from large-scale projects involving multiple teams, including some that are outsourced
  • D. a client who is experiencing long lead times to deliver applications to production and difficulty coordinating across multiple applications with varying schedules

Answer : D

Explanation: UrbanCode Deploy Typical Uses:
Continuous Delivery: Integrate with build and test tools to automatically deploy, test and promote new builds
Production Deployments: Orchestrate a complex production deployments of applications and configuration
Self-Service: Grant different teams rights to push the go button for different applications and environments
Incremental Updates: Deploy only the changes components or missing incremental (patch) versions

What are three characteristics common to organizations trying to deliver software applications on a more continuous basis?

  • A. planned delivery model
  • B. small development teams
  • C. continuous integration frequency
  • D. release frequency is days/weeks

Answer : B,C,D

Explanation: * Development and Operations Team Sizes
10s with built-in DevOps automation
* integration frequency: continuous
* Release Frequency
Days to Weeks, based on business opportunity
Not A: Devops uses an incremental model, not a traditional planned delivery model.

What are three fundamental principles of highly successful deployments?

  • A. They use repeatable processes.
  • B. They eliminate manual steps where possible.
  • C. They practice continuous integration.
  • D. They only deploy what has changed.

Answer : ABC

Explanation: * The agile hallmarks of developing and testing against a production-like system and deploying iteratively and frequently using repeatable and reliable processes are an essential part of DevOps adoption.
* Automating deployments
By using the innate capabilities of computers to handle repetitive tasks, teams are free to engage in critical thinking and creative problem solving.

What are three characteristics of legacy application delivery?

  • A. planned delivery model
  • B. small development teams
  • C. semi-annual integration frequency
  • D. release frequency is months/years

Answer : ACD

Explanation: Legacy application delivery usually have large development teams.

Within the Plan and Measure entry point of DevOps, Rational Insight provides which important benefit?

  • A. empowers Line-of-Business managers to own a stake in the development process
  • B. enables managers to govern the entire product development lifecycle
  • C. improves process efficiencies and business outcomes
  • D. encourages close coordination between development groups

Answer : C

Explanation: Manage resources to increase team productivity and accurately predict project outcomes.
Note: IBM Rational Insight is a performance measurement and management solution to help improve projects and processes. Rational Insight delivers measurement best practices that help you speed time to market, improve quality, and take greater control of software and systems development.

What are the three goals of application deployment automation and release coordination tools?

  • A. speeding time to market
  • B. collaborative development
  • C. reducing cost
  • D. reducing risk

Answer : ACD

Explanation: Release better software more often
Deliver software to customers or internal users faster and more frequently with better quality, lower cost, and reduced risk. By applying release management and automation, you can reduce deployment times, streamline the deployment process, and reduce production outages.

Which statement about the value of IBM UrbanCode Deploy integrations is true?

  • A. IBM UrbanCode Deploy only supports integrations with other tools through out-of-the- box plug-ins.
  • B. IBM UrbanCode Deploy leverages a closed architecture and proprietary language for secure integrations with other tools, scripts, and utilities.
  • C. IBM UrbanCode Deploy integrations rely on custom adaptors that clients must use to translate their home-grown scripts into plug-ins.
  • D. IBM UrbanCode Deploy integrations are designed to make the deployment processes easier to design and less risky.

Answer : D

You are meeting with a potential client who is describing the problems their team faces.
Which pain statement would lead you to consider proposing a solution based on
Continuous Business Planning?

  • A. Our server-based applications do not seem to respond well during periods of heavy client usage.
  • B. We have a large number of products and services; we need a better way of determining which ones to maintain and which ones to end-of-life.
  • C. We are developing new web applications on our portal while reusing old mainframe transaction systems, and we cannot afford to set up large test lab environments.
  • D. We sometimes have difficulties evaluating the best approach to meeting our client's specifications and safety standards.

Answer : B

Explanation: Enterprise business planning capability for continuous software delivery
Continuously plan, measure and bring business strategy and customer feedback into the development lifecycle. Assure that the enterprise investment choices are aligned throughout their life cycle to your organizations needs. Employ lean principles to help teams start small, identifying the outcomes and resources needed to test the business vision and value. Adapt and adjust continually, measuring actual progress, and customer requirements so teams can shift direction with agility.

What is one way IBM's solution for application release and deployments solves the problem of scaling complex releases and deployments?

  • A. by coordinating the order and priority of development tasks
  • B. by automating most of the manual steps
  • C. by providing a common platform for dev. test, and deploy
  • D. by enabling continuous testing of builds as they are produced

Answer : D

Explanation: Agile Development: Continuous Integration of Changes driving the need for
Continuous Testing and Deployment

In which way do businesses commonly fail at continuous business planning as part of the
Plan and Measure entry point of DevOps?

  • A. gaining a view across the development and delivery lifecycles
  • B. closely coordinating between developers and testers
  • C. continuously integrating across development teams
  • D. creating a cycle of continuous release and deployment

Answer : A

Explanation: Plan and Measure -
Consists of a business planning practice.
Business planning and measuring employs lean principles to start small by identifying the outcomes and resources needed to test the business vision/value, adapt and adjust continually, measure actual progress, learn what customers really want, and shift direction with agility, and update the plan.

What are three core capabilities included within the collaborative development practice in

  • A. continuous integration
  • B. customer feedback analysis
  • C. continuous testing
  • D. service virtualization

Answer : ABD

Explanation: Develop/Test -
Innovate ideas through collaborative development and testing with IBM Service
Virtualization and IBM Rational Test Workbench, and leverage Web IDE and continuous integration capabilities as-a-service as part of IBM DevOps services for Bluemix.

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Exam contains 44 questions

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