IBM Rational Enterprise Modernization Sales Mastery Test v2 v6.0

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Exam contains 39 questions

What are the core Rational products in the IBM Integrated Solution for System z
Development Accelerator?

  • A. Rational Requirements Composer, Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, Rational Developer for System z.
  • B. DOORS, Rhapsody, Rational Team Concert, ISPF.
  • C. Rational Software Architect, ClearQuest, ClearCase, Rational Insight.
  • D. Rational Developer for z, Rational Team Concert, Rational Asset Analyzer, Rational Development and Test Environment for System z.

Answer : D

(overview, 7 t 10th bulleted points)

What is a primary collaboration benefit of Rational Team Concert?

  • A. It can shorten development lifecycle by automatically doing unit test of code.
  • B. It provides an email platform for AIX users.
  • C. Team members divided by geography, skills or platforms can now work together efficiently.
  • D. It creates a multiple tool user environment based on a UNIX platform.

Answer : C

The IBM Integrated Solution for System z Development Accelerator can help to free up
MIPS for production work. How can this be accomplished?

  • A. Rich client applications need fewer host CPU cycles as most of the work is done on the internet servers.
  • B. IBM databases containing information on known program defects can be leveraged so errors that use CPU cycles can be avoided.
  • C. By running part of the new workload on zEnterprise Blade servers.
  • D. Development and unit testing activities are moved to an x86 platform.

Answer : D

Reference: https://www- xisting_investments/$file/Enhance%20Agility%20with%20Leveraging%20Existing%20Inves tments.pdf (slide 24)

How can Rational Team Concert help customers reduce errors and eliminate waste and cost?

  • A. By automating repetitive tasks and automating the enforcement of processes.
  • B. By supporting component based development to manage development complexity.
  • C. By enabling organizations to streamline business through planning and risk management.
  • D. By association to clear-cut business value.

Answer : A

How do the IBM C and C++ compilers make migration of applications from competitive platforms to Power Systems straightforward?

  • A. Developers can continue to use text based tools like ISPF.
  • B. No recompiles are required when porting object code.
  • C. By improving execution in the pre-compile stage of development.
  • D. They support industry language standards and popular extensions.

Answer : D

Reference: (page
2, standards compliance)

Rational Developer for Power: Power Tools combine Java development tools with native language tools. Bundles include Java development tools with which other tools?

  • A. Rational Business Developer for EGL development
  • B. PL/I on IBM i or COBOL on Linux
  • C. WebSphere Development Studio Client
  • D. RPG and COBOL on IBM i or with C/C++ on AIX

Answer : D

Reference: (Flexible packaging, 3rd bullet)

How can Rational Asset Analyzer be used to help reduce application maintenance and development costs? It can be used to ____________________.

  • A. discover business rules and potential services for reuse of proven assets
  • B. achieve more savings by migrating from old, stagnant languages
  • C. design and construct well architected applications and services
  • D. support creation of SOA applications

Answer : C

The highly productive environment for analyzing, coding, compiling, testing and debugging delivered by the IBM Integrated Solution for System z Development Accelerator can

  • A. significantly reduce wasted time by generating project schedules.
  • B. improve mainframe developers productivity.
  • C. eliminate the requirements for software and subscription coverage for every developer.
  • D. transform and extend the connectivity of your terminal applications by extending the proven business logic.

Answer : A

Which of the following is a common risk that an organization must consider before beginning a modernization project?

  • A. Designing good user interfaces.
  • B. Minimizing the impact on the existing legacy applications.
  • C. hiring fresh personnel with modern technology skills but less business logic knowledge and experience.
  • D. Finding a local building to house the development team.

Answer : C

Reference: nal_approach_to_enterprise_modernization-part1?lang=en (Inflexible, aging and poorly integrated IT systems, 3rd bullet, last few sentences)

What tool could a customer use to create web services from legacy applications, without altering those applications?

  • A. Rational Asset Analyzer
  • B. Host Access Transformation Services
  • C. Rational Build Forge
  • D. WebFix Application tool

Answer : B

Reference: (second paragraph)

Rational Developer for System zEnterprise is designed to optimize and simplify application development for traditional processes as well as more modern application development.
How is this accomplished?

  • A. It offers a single point of control to manage defects across disparate platforms.
  • B. It supports development of any programming language on any platform.
  • C. It provides access to hot spot three dimensional support.
  • D. It is built on Eclipse and written to CICS, IMS, DB2 and Java EE specifications.

Answer : D

IBM Rational Business Developer provides which of the following capabilities?

  • A. Uses UML to model business applications.
  • B. Provides an infrastructure to manage reuse of assets, business rules and services.
  • C. Determine the impact of proposed changes.
  • D. Design and develop Web, Web 2.0, and SOA applications for deploying on multiple platforms in COBOL or Java.

Answer : D

Organizations struggle to tap into their traditional IT professionals decades of experience and domain knowledge to improve current enterprise applications and to take advantage of new architectures and technologies. How can Enterprise Modernization help with this people problem?

  • A. Use of true point-click-wire transformation can save valuable time.
  • B. Automatic enablement of contention resolution frees the developer from spending time to fix problems.
  • C. Use of common Eclipse-based tooling across multiple platforms and languages can boost productivity and accelerate innovation.
  • D. Generation of on-line analytical cubes can overcome limitations in design.

Answer : C

Which of the following customer benefits does Application Portfolio Management address?

  • A. Ensure regulatory compliance through automated audit trails.
  • B. Enable strategic assessments of enterprise modernization initiatives.
  • C. Provide greater visibility into project execution.
  • D. Enable collaboration for geographically distributed teams.

Answer : B

Reference: https://www- on%20Revolutionizing%20the%20Economics%20of%20Multiplatform%20Application%20D esign%20and%20Development%20-
%20Niek%20de%20Gre/$file/4.1%20Enterprise%20Modernization%20Revolutionizing%20 the%20Economics%20of%20Multiplatform%20Application%20Design%20and%20Develop ment%20-%20Niek%20de%20Gre.pdf (slide 12)

Which of the following is TRUE when describing the majority of IT shops development teams?

  • A. They may be divided by geography, platforms and development language skills.
  • B. They all use the same development tooling and language.
  • C. They always work in the same location.
  • D. They are all able to develop applications for all the hardware platforms in the IT shop.

Answer : A

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Exam contains 39 questions

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