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What is one of the key challenges with measuring the effectiveness of software projects?

  • A. Multiple programming languages
  • B. Unrealistic schedule expectations.
  • C. Cross-organizational boundaries.
  • D. Poor market positioning.

Answer : C

(page 4, bulleted point#2)

Which of the following customer benefits is addressed using the Smarter Application
Portfolio Management (APM) accelerator?

  • A. Ensure regulatory compliance through automated audit trails
  • B. Enable strategic assessment of enterprise modernization initiatives.
  • C. Provide greater visibility into project execution.
  • D. Enable collaboration for geographically distributed teams.

Answer : D

Which of the following Rational Quality Manager (RQM) features addresses the concerns and needs of business analysts and management using built-in ROI metrics of the test lab and test assets?

  • A. Risk based testing
  • B. Test lab management
  • C. Dynamic test plan
  • D. Advanced and customizable reporting.

Answer : D

(second bulleted point)

Which of the following is a reason that companies look to deploy a proper requirements management process and tool?

  • A. Engaging stakeholders after the requirements are tested is the best way to ensure projects will deliver what customers need.
  • B. Automated code generation from UML models yields tremendous improvements in an organization's software development efficiency.
  • C. Using change set based version control fosters best practice for delivering software builds.
  • D. Traceability and visibility across requirements exposes gaps and the impact from potential changes.

Answer : D

Identify an imperative that is addressed with the Collaborative Lifecycle Management
(CLM) for IT agility@scale accelerator.

  • A. Lifecycle Traceability
  • B. Advanced Configuration Management
  • C. Security Management
  • D. Test Management

Answer : A

Which of the following best captures the differentiated benefits of Focal Point for executive decision makers?

  • A. A bottom-up, scheduling driven approach to support the traditional PPM (Product Portfolio Management) domain.
  • B. A top-down, value-driven approach designed to be easy to deploy, use and adopt by LOB (Line of Business) decision makers, providing quick return on investment.
  • C. A strategic planning framework to help executives develop winning strategies.
  • D. A full feature, all encompassing solution for Portfolio Management and Project Execution.

Answer : B

Smarter-responses-to-the-marketplacewith-enterprise-portfolio-management.pdf (page 5, last paragraph on the page)

What is one of the benefits provided by the dashboards, metrics, and reporting capabilities of Rational Team Concert?

  • A. Instantly understand and provide status on teams and projects.
  • B. Produce necessary documentation for project deliverables.
  • C. Identify errors or problems with the RTC server.
  • D. Help developers find and fix bugs in their source code.

Answer : A

Which key challenges facing organizations are addressed using Product Portfolio

  • A. Difficulties valuing product opportunities and balancing the project pipeline.
  • B. Unrealistic schedule and financial expectations.
  • C. Inefficiencies in the requirements definition phase.
  • D. Poor product messaging and market positioning.

Answer : B

How does Rational Quality Manager (RQM) unify the team to provide clear and accountable direction for the testing process and status?

  • A. Through advanced customizations.
  • B. Through built-in modeling for users to visualize the process.
  • C. By having individual, synchronized repositories for single user ownership.
  • D. By having a shared view of quality assets in a central location.

Answer : D

Reference: https://www- tivequalitymgmt-dc/$file/MinimizeSWDeliveryRiskThroughEffectiveQualityMgmt-DC.pdf
(slide 17)

Your customer approaches you needing help with managing requirements for a web application. In your discovery, you learn they are struggling with various stakeholders working in silos to create different parts of the system. In addition, they all prefer using different techniques to visualize the behavior of the web application.
Which of the following capabilities of Rational Requirements Composer can help them save time and improve efficiency through better collaboration?

  • A. UML Modeling and Change Management
  • B. Storyboards, Sketching, and Use Case Models
  • C. Cognos Reporting and Dashboards
  • D. Glossary and Email Notification

Answer : B


Which of these is a common challenge faced by businesses with little or no automation?

  • A. Predictable release cycles.
  • B. Delayed releases and missed deadlines.
  • C. Complex approval processes.
  • D. Low labor costs.

Answer : B

Which of the following best describes the key positioning for Focal Point in the Product
Portfolio Management space?

  • A. The solution's depth in Planning and Analysis capabilities provides multiple entry-points at different maturity levels.
  • B. Facilitates cross-functional team collaboration and communications.
  • C. Drives organizations to develop the Right Products, for the Right Market at the Right Time.
  • D. Provides executive dashboards and views to drive process improvements across the organization.

Answer : B

What is a key differentiator of the Rational Deployment Planning and Automation solution compared to competitive offerings?

  • A. It captures and organizes information so that executives can make decisions on investing, replacing or retiring applications
  • B. Its strategy is to automate logic that the customer has already written.
  • C. It relies on integrating a mix of Rational and open-source technologies.
  • D. It is a true broad development-to-operations solution.

Answer : D

A new customer is looking to move from their manual process to a more collaborative and automated testing solution. One of their key complaints with their current process is the number of meetings required to ensure everyone is on the same page; that the testers know who is assigned tests and management can get an overall view of the status of the testing.
Which Rational Quality Manager capability would best solve their problem?

  • A. Off-line manual test execution to ensure individual ownership.
  • B. Work item tracking and dashboards providing updated status.
  • C. Test coverage optimization and test lab management.
  • D. Advanced and customizable reporting to show requirements to test traceability.

Answer : D

Identify one of the strongest benefits customers have achieved with Rational Team

  • A. Improved productivity.
  • B. Improved automated testing.
  • C. Improved requirements capture.
  • D. Reduced security weaknesses in applications.

Answer : A

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Exam contains 88 questions

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