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Which of the following is not a benefit of the ILE solution?

  • A. Improve officer safety
  • B. Informant recruiting
  • C. Share information across jurisdictions
  • D. Access data by role

Answer : B

ILE Standard includes full functionality and full administration access.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer : B

Explanation: IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis Collaborate Add On (previously IBM i2
Enterprise Intelligence Analysis Standard) is designed for other key stakeholders in the organization, including researchers, investigators, front-line personnel, and decision makers. It extends and leverages the valuable intelligence created by the analysts. It provides access to a core subset of capabilities that are delivered through a lightweight browser-based application. These capabilities can help users from outside the traditional intelligence unit work alongside the analysts and perform supportive information collection.

i2 solutions can help:

  • A. Law Enforcement and Defenseonly
  • B. Government only
  • C. Private Sector, including commercial organizations, banking and insurance
  • D. All of the above

Answer : D

Analysts face the challenge of dealing with large quantities of data from multiple sources every day,i2 solutions allow analysts to:

  • A. Automatically be made aware of entities in their data requiring further investigation
  • B. Reduce the time to deliver rich, actionable intelligence from disparate data sources by helping to quickly identify patterns in data that might otherwise be missed
  • C. Clearly and concisely disseminate the high value intelligence gained from their data
  • D. B and C

Answer : D

What are the core competencies of the i2 Intelligence Analysis Portfolio?

  • A. Data collection, warehousing, aggregation and reporting
  • B. Automatic data ingest, alerting, intelligence evaluation, reporting
  • C. Information fusion, intelligence production, intelligence store, operational usage
  • D. None of the above

Answer : C

Explanation: i2 Intelligence Analysis Platform helps organizations to:
* obtain greater insight and produce richer intelligence production by fusing data from multiple disparate sources into a centralized aggregated view.
*Support collaboration by storing a users work-in-progress comments alongside information and intelligence products as they develop over time.
*The platform helps facilitate and support operational analysis, improving situational awareness and providing faster, more informed decision making across and inside organizations

How can NDI help a customer with multiple types of intelligence (SIGINT and HUMINT) and data sources?

  • A. Collaboration services
  • B. Data acquisition capabilities, including federation
  • C. Scalability
  • D. Geospatial capabilities

Answer : A

Explanation: Clients need to work collaboratively and requireinteroperability across all services.

What is the difference between NDI Standard and NDI field?

  • A. NDI Field provides a full spectrum of multifaceted analytic and data acquisition tools to support deep dive analysis. NDI Standard is a Web-based thin client application that extends lite' capabilities.
  • B. NDI Standard provides a full spectrum of multifaceted analytic and data acquisition tools to support deep dive analysis. NDI Field is a Web-based thin client application that extends lite' capabilities.
  • C. NDI Standard provides a full spectrum of multifaceted analytic and data acquisition tools to support deep dive analysis. NDI Field is a thick client application that extends lite' capabilities.
  • D. None of the above

Answer : C

Explanation: Rich desktop and Thin Clients.

What are 3 key benefits of the NDI solution?

  • A. Integrated, open source, scalable
  • B. Scalable, interoperable, modular
  • C. Modular, cost-effective, portable
  • D. Cost-effective, integrated, proprietary

Answer : B

Explanation: Scales from point-solutions to enterprise-wide.
Offers scalable, security-rich and modular architecture.

i2 solutions have helped national security and defense customers in:

  • A. 27 of 28 NATO defense forces of member countries
  • B. 85% of national security agencies
  • C. Counter terrorism,Counter Intelligence,Border Security and Cyber risk
  • D. More than 120 military and defense organizations

Answer : C

Explanation: IBMI2 DefenseCapabilitiesinclude:

Counter Terrorism -

Counter Intelligence -

Border Security -

Cyber Risk -

Intelligence Analysis -

The challenges facing policing agencies today include:

  • A. Lack of collaboration and operational visibility
  • B. Ability to respond quickly and effectively
  • C. Too many analysts, not enough investigators
  • D. A and B

Answer : D

Explanation: *An integrated collaboration and communication tool is also provided in IBM

Intelligent -
Operations Center for messaging and communication among users where and when it is needed.
Collaborate with colleagues and maintain continuity over long-running investigations
*i2 Law Enforcement offersseveral benefits:
A single view of data from multiple sources with identification resolution and no duplication to increase the speed of discovery and reduce the risk of missing connected information.

ILE Standard is aimed at:

  • A. Detectives. Command Staff. Patrol Officers
  • B. Parole Officers
  • C. Analysts and investigators
  • D. Command staff only

Answer : A

i2's go to market strategy is addressed with 3 distinct solutions. What are they?

  • A. i2 COPLINK; i2 iBase; i2 Intelligence Analysis Platform
  • B. i2 National SecurityDefenseand Intelligence (NDI); i2 Integrated Law Enforcement (ILE); i2 Enterprise Intelligence Analysis (EIA)
  • C. i2 Fraud Intelligence Analysis (FIA); i2 Intelligent Investigation Manager (MM); i2 Intellishare
  • D. IBM Intelligent Operations Centre; IBM Intelligent Video Analytics; IBM Threat and Fraud Analytics

Answer : A

Explanation: / IBMi2 COPLINK is police software with database capabilities to consolidate data from many sources, aid collaboration and help generate tactical leads. It enables law enforcement professionals to generate photo lineups, save their search history and organize investigations to generate reports more easily.
/ IBMi2 iBase is an intuitive intelligence data management application that enables collaborative teams of analysts to capture, control and analyze multisource data in security- rich workgroup environments.
/The i2 Intelligence Analysis Platform is also at the heart of IBM i2 solutions targeted at specific industry needs:
*IBM i2 Fraud Intelligence Analysis IBMi2 Fraud Intelligence Analysis helps reduce the time, costs and complexity associated with fraud detection and investigation.
*IBM i2 Intelligent Law Enforcement - Law enforcement software enables agencies to generate actionable insights that can help reduce crime and improve public safety.
*IBM i2 National Security and Defense Intelligence- IBMi2
National Security and Defense Intelligence helps enable customers to carry out interoperable intelligence exploitation through a scalable and secure architecture.

Which are benefits of the i2 Enterprise Intelligence Analysis solution?

  • A. Easy presentation of statistical representation of data
  • B. Increase efficiency across all areas of the intelligence lifecycle
  • C. Leverage the value of existingi2investment and lower the total cost of ownership
  • D. B & C above

Answer : D

Explanation: B:Increase Efficiency
Consolidate massive data sets with a 24x7 automated
identity resolution engine.
Search and automatically process and analyze
unstructured data.
Per form link, temporal and geospatial queries and run
network analytics across hundreds of terabytes of data
in seconds.
C:A cost-effective solution that supports operationalefficiency
Integrate with and use current infrastructures, systems
and data.
Commercial, off-the-shelf design minimizes need for
developer support.
Improve operational and situational awareness with
dashboard and Key Performance Indicators.
Uncover non-obvious relationships by applying
multi-dimensional visual analytics.
Flexible and agile design can be easily extended with
third-party and IBM applications to meet changing needs.
Reference:IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis for Cyber Intelligence

How does IBM i2 Integrated Law Enforcement help front-line officers?

  • A. ILE allows front line officers to identify emerging threats and deploy resources accordingly
  • B. ILE facilitates tactical lead generation and situational awareness, allowing officers to save critical time and cases to be solved faster.
  • C. ILE allows front line officers to share and collaborate intelligence
  • D. All of the above

Answer : A

i2 solutions support the fraud detection and investigation lifecycle at which points in particular?

  • A. Data and Discovery
  • B. Discovery and Manage
  • C. Investigate and Report
  • D. All of the above

Answer : D

Explanation: BM i2 Fraud Intelligence Analysis can be used as a stand-alone fraud identification and analysis solution where currently there is either no, or only a manual, capability currently. It can also be deployed in conjunction with other IBM products to deliver against the entire fraud lifecycle, such as predictive analytics for fraud detection, business process rules, and case management, to support the management of fraud investigations.

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Exam contains 44 questions

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