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The method to send a redirect response and prevent resubmitting a form when a user refreshes the page is:

  • A. clearRequ estPara mete rs ()
  • B. removeDuplicates()
  • C. removeParameters()
  • D. send Red irect()

Answer : D

If multiple Ext plugins modify struts-config-ext.xml:

  • A. Liferay merges all of the plugins into one plugin and deploys the combined plugin
  • B. Liferay only deploys the first plugin that modifies struts-config-ext.xml and does not deploy subsequent plugins
  • C. The last plugin deployed takes precedence
  • D. All of the plugins deploy successfully

Answer : B

Methods for retrieving the current users ID include:(Please select all correct answers.)

  • A. ThemeDisplay.getUserId()
  • B. PortaIUtil.getUserld(renderRequest)
  • C. request.getRemoteUser()
  • D. Liferay.getUserld(renderRequest)
  • E. Page.getUserld()

Answer : ABC

Developing for Liferay requires:

  • A. IntelliJ
  • B. Eclipse
  • C. NetBeans
  • D. Liferay Developer Studio
  • E. None of the above

Answer : E

The <liferay-ui:icon-menu> tag is used to:

  • A. Display a list of actions
  • B. Display navigation
  • C. Display a list of breadcrumbs
  • D. Display categories

Answer : A

Portlets are placed in the Control Panel using:

  • A. portlet.xml
  • B. liferay-portlet.xml
  • C. liferay-plugin-package.properties
  • D. liferay-look-and-feel.xml

Answer : B

The recommended way to validate a user against an external system when adding a user through the UI or a web service is to:

  • A. Create a hook plug in to add a model listener to the User object
  • B. Create a service wrapper hook that modifies the User service
  • C. Create a Struts action hook to perform validation when the user form is submitted
  • D. Create an Ext plugin to modify the core Spring configuration to override the User service

Answer : B

All Service Builder entities contain a local reference to:(Please select all correct answers.)

  • A. CounterLocaISe rv ice
  • B. AssetLocaIService
  • C. ResourceLocalService
  • D. SocialLocalService
  • E. WorkflowLocaISe rvice

Answer : AC

An administrator would like to add a new travel preferences section in the Miscellaneous section of the user form. The travel preferences are stored as custom fields. The recommended way to implement the solution using a hook plugin is to:(Please select all correct answers.)

  • A. Modify html/portlet/users_admin/edit_user.jsp to add the travel preferences section to theMiscellaneous section
  • B. Set the portal property "users.form. my.account, miscellaneous"to "travel-preferences" and add the corresponding JSP
  • C. Create a Struts action hook to persist the Expando value to the database
  • D. Add the custom fields to the relevant JSP using <liferay-ui;custom-attribute>

Answer : BD

A class that extends MVCPortlet must implement:

  • A. init()
  • B. doView()
  • C. doEdit()
  • D. processAction()
  • E. All of the above
  • F. None of the above

Answer : B

The JavaScript method that executes after each portlet on the page loads is:

  • A. AUI().ready(fn)
  • B. Liferay.Portlet.ready(fn)
  • C. Liferay.on(allPortletsReady', fn)
  • D. None of the above

Answer : B

When a hook plugin overrides the language keys for the locale "en_USthe text presented for the locale comes from:

  • A. The core Language.properties
  • B. The plugin Language.properties
  • C. The plugin Language_en.properties, then the core Language.properties
  • D. The plugin Language_en.properties, then the core Language_en.properties

Answer : D

The method to retrieve an integer submitted as a form field named "widgetCount"' is:

  • A. GetterUtil.getInteger(actionRequest, "widgetCount")
  • B. RequestUtiI.getInteger(actionRequest,"widgetCount )
  • C. HTMLUtil.getInteger(actionRequest, "widgetCount")
  • D. ParamUtil.getInteger(actionRequest, "widgetCount")
  • E. FormUtil.getInteger(actionRequest, "widgetCount")
  • F. AlloyUtil.getInteger(actionRequest, "widgetCount")

Answer : D

The Ant target that removes compiled class files from the plugin is:

  • A. obliterate
  • B. destroy
  • C. remove
  • D. clean
  • E. reset
  • F. terminate

Answer : D

Customizations to a theme are made in the folder:

  • A. _unstyled
  • B. .styled
  • C. themes
  • D. _diffs
  • E. custom

Answer : D

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Exam contains 149 questions

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