Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator v5.0

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Exam contains 260 questions

What word is missing from the following SQL statement?
insert into tablename ________(909, 'text');
(Please specify the missing word using lower-case letters only.)

Answer : VALUES, values

What command will generate a list of user names from /etc/passwd along with their login shell?

  • A. column -s : 1,7 /etc/passwd
  • B. chop -c 1,7 /etc/passwd
  • C. colrm 1,7 /etc/passwd
  • D. cut -d: -f1,7 /etc/passwd

Answer : D

The script,, consists of the following lines:
echo $2 $1
Which output will appear if the command, ./ test1 test2, is entered?

  • A. test1 test2
  • B. test2 test1
  • C. test2
  • D. test1
  • E. test1

Answer : B

Which file inside the CUPS configuration directory contains the definition of the printers?

  • A. cups-devices.conf
  • B. snmp.conf
  • C. printcap.conf
  • D. printers.conf
  • E. cupsd.conf

Answer : D

Which of the following commands changes the ownership of file.txt to the user dan and the group staff?

  • A. chown dan/staff file.txt
  • B. chown dan:staff file.txt
  • C. chown -u dan -g staff file.txt
  • D. chown dan -g staff file.txt

Answer : B

Which command will disable swapping on a device? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)

Answer : swapoff, /sbin/swapoff

After modifying GNU GRUB's configuration file, which command must be run for the changes to take effect?

  • A. kill -HUP $(pidof grub)
  • B. grub-install
  • C. grub
  • D. No action is required

Answer : D

Which grep command will print only the lines that do not end with a / in the file foo?

  • A. grep '/$' foo
  • B. grep '/#' foo
  • C. grep -v '/$' foo
  • D. grep -v '/#' foo

Answer : C

What is the difference between the i and a commands of the vi editor?

  • A. i (interactive) requires the user to explicitly switch between vi modes whereas a (automatic) switches modes automatically.
  • B. i (insert) inserts text before the current cursor position whereas a (append) inserts text after the cursor.
  • C. i (independent rows) starts every new line at the first character whereas a (aligned rows) keeps the indentation of the previous line.
  • D. i (interrupt) temporarily suspends editing of a file to the background whereas a (abort) terminates editing.

Answer : B

Which of the following environment variables overrides or extends the list of directories holding shared libraries?


Answer : C

Which command is used in a Linux environment to create a new directory? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)

Answer : mkdir, /usr/bin/mkdir

In a nested directory structure, which find command line option would be used to restrict the command to searching down a particular number of subdirectories?

  • A. -dirmax
  • B. -maxdepth
  • C. -maxlevels
  • D. -n
  • E. -s

Answer : B

Which command is used to set restrictions on the size of a core file that is created for a user when a program crashes?

  • A. core
  • B. edquota
  • C. ulimit
  • D. quota

Answer : C

Which of the following statements is valid in the file /etc/nsswitch.conf?

  • A. multi on
  • B. dns-server
  • C. hosts: files dns
  • D. include /etc/nsswitch.d/

Answer : C

Which of the following commands preloads and manages keys that are used for automatic authentication while logging in to other machines using SSH?

  • A. sshd
  • B. ssh-agent
  • C. ssh-keygen
  • D. ssh-add

Answer : B

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Exam contains 260 questions

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