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While considering mirroring techniques, the customer is unsure whether to choose multiMirror sync or async mode. Which two concepts does the customer need to know to make an educated decision? (Choose two.)

  • A. Sync mirror is good for all applications.
  • B. Sync mirror works well in a campus or MAN environment.
  • C. Sync mirror requires no manual intervention for failover.
  • D. Sync mirror always requires manual intervention for failover.

Answer : BC

What are three business benefits that multiView and multiCopy can introduce into a SAN environment? (Choose three.)

  • A. cost effective disaster recovery
  • B. reduced down time by enabling testing of OS and application releases
  • C. any-to-any quick copy of data for performance test and development
  • D. tiered storage architecture
  • E. TCO reduced by using less disk storage

Answer : B,C,E

With intelligent scripts (App-Pack) running on the application server, which type of snapshots are created using multiView?

  • A. crash consistent
  • B. application consistent
  • C. user consistent
  • D. snapshot consistent

Answer : B

Which three ways can the use of SVMs zero-window backup technology result in financial benefits for a customer? (Choose three.)

  • A. SVM integrates with backup software as a Virtual Tape Library (VTL).
  • B. SVM reduces the need for backup clients.
  • C. SVM allows fast, no-data-movement rollback of applications.
  • D. SVM writes directly to a tape library eliminating the need for backup software.
  • E. SVM allows a closer recovery point than the previous night's tape.

Answer : B,C,E

While doing a product search a customer asks about RPO and how multiView might help.
Which response should you provide them?

  • A. RPO is a tape concept, and multiView will create many views to help backup the data on-line.
  • B. RPO is the amount of time required to recover an application; therefore, multiView will reduce the timing.
  • C. RPO is defined by the amount of data lost during a failure event; consequently, multiView will reduce data loss by allowing more frequent recovery points.
  • D. RPO is defined by the amount of performance required to run a given application and multiView will reduce overhead created by the array.

Answer : C

SVM's multiView can provide protection for which three failure scenarios? (Choose three.)

  • A. database corruption
  • B. file deletion
  • C. site failure
  • D. RAID failure
  • E. e-mail virus

Answer : A,B,E

The IT manager from a major Internet book retailer is looking for a backup solution for their company. Because its online catalog must be accessible at all times, they are looking for a solution that allows zero-impact backups. Which solution would you suggest to them?

  • A. Add VMware ESX servers in front of SVM so that some servers could manage backup functions while others could continue to service I/O requests.
  • B. Use SVM to provision a server farm that allows the online catalog to be present in two locations: one for transactions and another for backups.
  • C. Use SVM multiView and a backup application, so they can do backups with no impact on production servers or on the LAN.
  • D. Add a second, less powerful storage array that SVM multiCopy constantly streams to as an online backup service.

Answer : C

What are three benefits that multiMirror would provide to your customer? (Choose three.)

  • A. multiMirror lowers the bandwidth required on the customer's WAN.
  • B. multiMirror allows the customer to use the data at the disaster recovery site for test or backup.
  • C. multiMirror works with both FC and iSCSI SANs for flexibility.
  • D. multiMirror allows heterogeneous devices at the disaster recovery site.
  • E. multiMirror can recover from a network failure by doing a complete resynchronization.

Answer : ABD

A customer cannot redo backups in the event of tape failure. Even though the customer has live backup agents, the increased load on the application server causes severe performance problems should the backup be restarted and runs into peak processing periods. What are two ways that multiView can assist in reducing the load on the application server? (Choose two.)

  • A. multiView can take a PiT of the application that can be kept for recovery from disk and then backed up to tape during quieter processing times.
  • B. multiView can take a PiT of the application and then copy it over IP to another site for resilience.
  • C. multiView will take a full copy of the application which the backup application can then backup offline during less busy processing times.
  • D. A view of a PiT can be mounted on a backup server and backed up to tape with no data flow or processing overhead on the application server.

Answer : A,D

When considering a snapshot strategy, the differences between copy-on-write (COW) and redirect-on-write (ROW) are very distinct. What are two differences? (Choose two.)

  • A. ROW is RAID controller-based and works on all industry-standard arrays.
  • B. A heavily loaded array using COW will impact performance across all attached servers.
  • C. ROW writes the new data to the snapshot directly, eliminating one or more write processes.
  • D. COW provides consistency of data across different platforms.

Answer : BC

A customer runs their batch jobs each evening immediately after completing their tape backup of their applications as a recovery point. Recently their tape backup has been failing, giving them no recovery point and putting their business at risk in the event of a problem with the batch jobs that may arise during the day. How can MultiView be used to give them a consistent recovery point in the event of a failed backup?

  • A. multiView will migrate the data online to another disk that can be used as a backup in the event of tape failure.
  • B. multiView will provide the means to consolidate the last evening backup with the current backup in the event of a tape failure.multiView will provide the means to consolidate the last evening? backup with the current backup in the event of a tape failure.
  • C. multiView takes PiT copies of database applications at user defined times. In the event of a tape failure, the backup can be redone off the same PiT image.
  • D. multiView will provide a full physical copy of the applications. In the event of a tape failure, the backup can be redone from the full physical copy.

Answer : C

A company has just purchased another company. Currently the parent company is preparing two sets of accounts per month and wants to merge the two companies' accounts. Integrity testing of the merged accounts is taking much longer than expected as long batch runs need to be started from the beginning each time. Which two scenarios describe how multiView helps to reduce the time taken to complete the integrity tests?
(Choose two.)

  • A. multiView will automatically remount the applications if it encounters a problem which reduces administrator intervention.
  • B. multiView allows snapshots to be taken at key points in the tests to allow processing to be restarted further into the test plan after the problem is resolved.
  • C. multiView is application-aware and will, therefore, merge the databases offline to be tested at the analysts convenience.
  • D. multiView allows multiple tests on multiple copies to be carried out in parallel.

Answer : BD

Which two SVM features or use cases deliver a benefit year after year? (Choose two.)

  • A. thin provisioning
  • B. striping
  • C. tiered storage
  • D. use of DPMs

Answer : AC

The customer has a disaster recovery site 200 miles (320 km) from their primary data center. What is the largest expense of this disaster recovery schema?

  • A. the target storage devices
  • B. the Fibre Channel to IP converters
  • C. the communications links/bandwidth
  • D. the disaster recovery test mechanism

Answer : C

What are three cost structures affected by SVM? (Choose three.)

  • A. actual data
  • B. copies for protection
  • C. RAID protection
  • D. planned downtime
  • E. allocated but unused capacity

Answer : BDE

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Exam contains 120 questions

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