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What are two characteristics of Juniperג€™s Connected Security Solution? (Choose two.)

  • A. centralized management
  • B. enforcement everywhere on the network
  • C. manual secure policy control
  • D. dynamic VPN connections

Answer : AB

Which two statements are true regarding private cloud services? (Choose two.)

  • A. A private cloud cannot connect to a public cloud.
  • B. A private cloud has dedicated resources for individual customers.
  • C. A private cloud must apply encryption to all stored data.
  • D. A private cloud can be deployed in a service provider network.

Answer : BD

What are two objectives of SDN? (Choose two.)

  • A. physical separation of the control plane from the data plane
  • B. centralization of the forwarding plane
  • C. centralization of the services plane
  • D. centralization of the control plane

Answer : AD

Which CSO component enables ISPs to set up and manage the virtual network and customers?

  • A. Administration Portal
  • B. Customer Portal
  • C. Designer Tools
  • D. Service and Infrastructure Monitor

Answer : A

Which protocol is used by the NorthStar Controller to discover existing tunnels in a service provider or large enterprise WAN?

  • A. REST
  • B. PCEP
  • D. SNMP

Answer : C

What are three orchestrators that integrate with Contrail? (Choose three.)

  • A. Kubernetes
  • B. Ubuntu
  • C. vSphere
  • D. VirtualBox.
  • E. OpenStack

Answer : ACE

According to Juniper Networks, what is the recommended external routing protocol for the underlay network?

  • A. OSPF
  • B. BGP
  • C. EGP
  • D. IS-IS

Answer : B

Which statement is true regarding an OpenFlow controller-based software defined network?

  • A. The SDN controller pushes configuration files to each device in the network using RESTful APIs.
  • B. The forwarding plane of each device in the network is programmed by the controller.
  • C. The control plane of each device in the network is instantiated by the controller.
  • D. The forwarding plane of each device in the network is managed by the device.

Answer : B

Which two statements are true about an SDN controller? (Choose two.)

  • A. An SDN controller centralizes control and configuration of a network.
  • B. An SDN controller stores and manages software images.
  • C. An SDN controller regulates traffic transmission rates in a network.
  • D. An SDN controller automates repetitive tasks in a network.

Answer : AD

What are two goals of cloud security automation? (Choose two.)

  • A. to implement all security functions in hardware
  • B. to centrally manage security policies
  • C. to transition all security functions to cloud platforms
  • D. to automate responses to detected security threats

Answer : BD

Which CSO component enables the monitoring of the CSO system to provide real-time data about the Cloud CPE solution?

  • A. Administration Portal
  • B. AppFormix
  • C. Designer Tools
  • D. Customer Portal
  • E. Service and Infrastructure Monitor

Answer : E

Which Cloud CPE component manages the end-to-end path from the CPE to the central office or to another CPE?

  • A. virtual network functions
  • B. physical telco cloud infrastructure
  • C. service orchestration
  • D. infrastructure orchestration

Answer : C

Which interface is used by applications, orchestration systems, and other types of business systems to communicate with an SDN controller?

  • A. east-west interface
  • B. northbound interface
  • C. southbound interface
  • D. controller interface

Answer : B

Your company has three connections consisting of MPLS, Internet, and wireless connections, respectively. You must separate traffic according to the type of application sending that traffic across the three links.
Which product will facilitate this requirement?

  • A. Contrail SD-LAN
  • B. Contrail SD-WAN
  • C. Contrail networking
  • D. Contrail Cloud

Answer : B

What is an advantage of the Junos Telemetry Interface (JTI) over SNMP?

  • A. JTI always transfers data over HTTP.
  • B. JTI never transfers data over UDP.
  • C. JTI can push data more frequently.
  • D. JTI can pull data more frequently.

Answer : C

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Exam contains 71 questions

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