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A customer has multiple concerns about the effect that overloading their upstream links will have on their networking devices.
In this situation, which two problems will VOQ minimize? (Choose two.)

  • A. forward pressure
  • B. head-of-line blocking
  • C. back pressure
  • D. error handling

Answer : BC

You want to avoid large flows from blocking small flows traversing an Ethernet fabric.
Which feature would be used to accomplish this task?

  • A. Adaptive Flowlet Splicing
  • B. DSCP
  • C. two-colored policer
  • D. IPFIX

Answer : A

Which control plane protocol does EVPN use for MAC address mobility?

  • A. VPLS
  • B. STP
  • C. MP-BGP
  • D. E-LAN

Answer : A

Which encapsulation is used on the cascade ports of a Junos Fusion aggregation device?

  • A. PBB
  • B. IEEE 802.1BR
  • C. Broadcom HiGig2
  • D. MPLS

Answer : B

You are designing an SDN-based network with a QFX5100. The infrastructure requires a
VTEP between the VXLAN overlay network and the underlay VLANs.
In this scenario, what are two requirements that would allow the VTEP to function properly?
(Choose two.)

  • A. EVPN
  • B. policy-based SDN
  • C. PIM routing
  • D. SDN controller

Answer : CD

You want to improve high availability of the Juniper Networks routing devices in your data center.
Which three would accomplish this task? (Choose three.)

  • A. Routing Engine redundancy
  • B. Spanning Tree Protocol
  • C. graceful Routing Engine switchover
  • D. virtual private LAN service
  • E. VirtualRouter Redundancy Protocol

Answer : ACE

Your customer wants to connect two data centers together over the Internet while maintaining privacy and security.
Which VPN topology and ESP algorithm should you use to accomplish this task?

  • A. site-to-site VPN with 3DES
  • B. hub-and-spoke VPN with AES
  • C. site-to-site VPN with AES
  • D. hub-and-spoke VPN with 3DES

Answer : C

You are asked to recommend a stateful firewall solution for east-west traffic that will provide the best cost-to-performance ratio in your data center over a three year period. The devices that you recommend must be able to forward up to 4 Gbps of traffic.
In this scenario, which device would you recommend?

  • A. SRX550
  • B. SRX240
  • C. vSRX
  • D. vMX

Answer : A


The Junos Fusion architecture is comprised of which two components? (Choose two.)

  • A. interconnect devices
  • B. satellite devices
  • C. node devices
  • D. aggregation devices

Answer : BD

The Junos Fusion architecture consists of two major components: Aggregation devices and Satellite devices, which Juniper also calls Linux Forwarding Engines (LFEs). These components work together as a single switching system,flattening the network to a single tier without compromising resiliency.

Which device is recommended by Juniper Networks as edge routers in a data center?

  • A. EX Series
  • B. QFX Series
  • C. MX Series
  • D. CTP Series

Answer : C

A customer wants to implement redundancy in the core and at the edge with a single IP address for management in their data center. They have 200 servers dual-homed with two
10 Gbps fiber ports, and two 1 Gbps copper ports for management and testing. In addition, they have a redundant iSCSI array with two 40 Gbps ports each.
In this scenario, which solution meets the customers requirements?

  • A. a QFabric system using QFX3000-M with two QFX3600-Is, two QFX3008 Directors, along with eight EX4300-48Ts, and nine QFX5100-48Ss as node devices.
  • B. a Virtual Chassis Fabric solution consisting of two QFX-5100-24Q as spine nodes and the leaf nodes consisting of eight EX4300-48Ts and nine QFX5100-48Ss operatingin mix mode VCF
  • C. a dual core switch design with two EX9208s in an MC-LAG architecture with nine dual- homed QFX5100-48Ss and eight dual-homed EX4300-48Ts
  • D. a Virtual Chassis solution consisting of one Virtual Chassis with nine QFX5100-48Ss and one Virtual Chassis with eight EX4300-48Ts

Answer : D

AVirtual Chassis Fabric (VCF) is placed into mixed mode.
In this scenario, what are two changes in the behavior of the VCF? (Choose two.)

  • A. Mixed mode allows VCPs of varying speeds between members.
  • B. Mixed mode allows an EX4200 to be added as a leaf node.
  • C. Mixed mode lowers the hardware scaling numbers of a VCF.
  • D. Mixed mode disables certain software features of a VCF.

Answer : CD

Which three Data Center Interconnect functions are supported by EVPNs? (Choose three.)

  • A. OTV interconnection
  • B. MAC address learning
  • C. multihoming between CE and PE devices
  • D. different data plane encapsulation protocols
  • E. SSL encryption

Answer : B,C,D

You are designing your data center SRX Series devices to be highly available. You are required to have any failure on the active firewall trigger all services to be moved to the non-active firewall.
What will accomplish this task?

  • A. Place both nodes in a Virtual Chassis.
  • B. Place all interfaces in the SRX cluster in RG0 and use interface monitoring.
  • C. Remove RG0 from the SRX cluster and place all interfaces in RG1 and use interface monitoring.
  • D. Install redundant chassis cluster cards in each node and disable one.

Answer : AC

Reference: monitoring-best-practices.pdf

A customer has reached the limit of their IEEE Layer 2 VLANimplementation. The customer then switches to a VXLAN overlay architecture using Layer 3.
In this scenario, how many unique VXLAN segments are mathematically available?

  • A. 4,194,304
  • B. 8192
  • C. 4096
  • D. 16,777,216

Answer : D

VXLAN is a header encapsulation technology that defines a 50 Byte wide header. The header itself includes a VXLAN ID (VNI or also called segment ID) field that is 24 bits wide allowing for
16,777,216 (2^24) unique VXLAN segments.

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Exam contains 69 questions

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