Juniper Networks Certified Design Associate (JNCDA) v1.0

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Exam contains 68 questions

You are asked to provide a WAN design proposal for connecting together multiple customer sites. As part of your design, you want to use IPsec tunnels to ensure that traffic is private and secure.
Which statement is true about the proposed solution?

  • A. IPsec packets can be fragmented once encrypted.
  • B. IPsec tunnels will require an MPLS infrastructure through the WAN.
  • C. IPsec can require MTU modifications to accommodate the additional overhead.
  • D. Packets that are passed through an IPsec tunnel are not encrypted.

Answer : C

You have multiple virtual machines in a hypervisor deployment within a data center. Your client wants to enforce security measures on east-west traffic between virtual machines.
Which solution should you recommend in this situation?

  • A. JATP
  • B. Sky ATP
  • C. Virtual Chassis
  • D. vSRX

Answer : A

Which compliance standard must be taken into account when designing a network that will be handling credit card transactions?

  • A. HIPPA
  • B. PCI
  • C. FIPS
  • D. SOX

Answer : B

Which three questions should be asked when performing a business impact analysis? (Choose three.)

  • A. What is the cost of both partial and full outages?
  • B. What is the replacement cost of the core switches?
  • C. Which functions and services are critical to the company"™s survival?
  • D. How many redundant data paths are there?
  • E. How long could an outage be sustained?

Answer : ACE

When implementing a top-down design methodology, where would you begin collecting information to start the design process?

  • A. the CEO of the corporation
  • B. the Application Layer of the OSI model
  • C. the currently-owned network equipment
  • D. the WAN edge

Answer : B

In a Virtual Chassis Fabric, which two platforms are supported? (Choose two.)

  • A. EX Series
  • B. SRX Series
  • C. MX Series
  • D. QFX Series

Answer : AD

A customer wants to implement an automation system that can update BGP routes without commits and can make hundreds of changes per minute.
Which Junos automation tool would accomplish this task?

  • A. REST Explorer
  • B. JSNAPy
  • C. JET
  • D. event scripts

Answer : C

Which two statements are true about a service-centric data center model? (Choose two.)

  • A. A service-centric data center model pools compute resources.
  • B. A service-centric data center model pools storage resources.
  • C. A service-centric data center model does not pool storage resources.
  • D. A service-centric data center model does not pool compute resources.

Answer : AB

What are two phases of assessment when designing network security? (Choose two.)

  • A. to layout a logical design
  • B. to layout a physical design
  • C. to identify requirements
  • D. to perform data analysis

Answer : AC

Which automation tool uses the master/minion model for changes?

  • A. Puppet
  • B. Chef
  • C. SaltStack
  • D. Ansible

Answer : C

As part of your automation design, you need an off-box system that will be able to monitor telemetry information. You must then use that information to dynamically update devices as needed to ensure optimal network traffic flow.
Which automation solution would accomplish this goal?

  • A. Ruby
  • B. SaltStack
  • C. Chef
  • D. Puppet

Answer : D

What is the name of Juniper"™s network management platform?

  • A. Junos
  • B. Junos Space
  • C. MX Series
  • D. Juniper Secure Analytics (JSA)

Answer : B

You are developing a network monitoring strategy to track network response time and availability. The monitoring strategy should be scalable to accommodate future network growth.
Which two statements are true in this scenario? (Choose two.)

  • A. Network reachability monitoring functions should be centralized to a dedicated monitoring device.
  • B. RPM allows the monitoring of reachability, but does not allow delay or jitter monitoring.
  • C. Network reachability monitoring functions should be delegated to each network device.
  • D. RMON is a standardized system that is not vendor specific.

Answer : AD

What information is included in an RFP issuance?

  • A. design requirements
  • B. product features
  • C. product positioning
  • D. COGS pricing

Answer : A

You are asked to secure the routing engine of all Junos devices in your design. The design should not affect transit traffic.
Which action will accomplish this task?

  • A. Use a firewall filter on a revenue port.
  • B. Use a firewall filter on the loopback interface.
  • C. Use a firewall filter on the fxp0 interfaces.
  • D. Use a firewall filter on the management interface.

Answer : B

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Exam contains 68 questions

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