Intel® Server Specialist Certification Exam v6.0

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Exam contains 190 questions

Your customer calls with an error message they noticed while making some changes in the
BIOS setup screen; stating that the SEL is full. What does this mean and how would you advise your customer to correct this error from the list below?

  • A. They should enable the option “Clear the SPI flash memory.”
  • B. They should clearthe SEL using SELViewer
  • C. They should clear the SEL using SELclear utility
  • D. They should enable the option “Clear SEL” in BIOS
  • E. They should install an additional flash drive for the SEL

Answer : B

Your customer has been asked to undertake the infrastructure renewal for one of their bigger customers, including all the network connections. They would like to plan for several years and need to know about 10Gb network adapters. In particular what type of connector does the Intel Server X540-T2 10Gb adapter have? Please choose your answer from the list below.

  • A. SFP+
  • B. QSFP
  • C. CX4
  • D. RJ-45
  • E. CX3

Answer : D

Your customer callsyou to say that a just completed server installation has little activity and
(to paraphrase what was actually said) only some random beeps. You are trying to encourage your customers in general to become more resourceful and professional in their outlook. So rather than just give the answer, you want to get this customer to go and find the answer. In which document would you recommend looking for the beep post-code/LED post-code descriptions?

  • A. The Quick start guide
  • B. The TPS
  • C. The User Guide
  • D. The Product Service Guide
  • E. The FAQ

Answer : B

Which of the following sequences of RAID levels list the MOST redundant level to the
LEAST redundant level in regard to their ability to withstand disk failure?

A)RAID 1 -

B)RAID 5 -

C)RAID 10 -

D)RAID 6 -

E)RAID 0 -

  • A. D, B, C, A, E
  • B. C, D, B, A, E
  • C. D, C, B, A, E
  • D. B, D, A, C, E

Answer : C

Which of the following RAID levels requires at least four hard disks?

  • A. RAID 0
  • B. RAID 1
  • C. RAID 5
  • D. RAID 10

Answer : D

Your customer calls you as their preferred Intel Server Specialist to say that a server has suffered a stop error, and intermittently fails to boot.Which of the following is the preferred
FIRST step to take?

  • A. Ask the customer to return the server.
  • B. Start a remote desktop session to the server.
  • C. Ask the customer to reseat the memory.
  • D. Gather more information about the error. Connect to the remote management module if present.

Answer : D

A customer has an Intel Server System R1208WTTGS with Intel RMM4 lite. The customer has configured the Intel RMM4 NIC IP address and the onboard NIC 1 management IP address using the BIOS setup. Initially the customer is able to connect but after a cold boot the customer is seeing erroneous and inconsistent behavior when trying to connect to the Intel RMM4. Which of the below troubleshooting steps, in order, should an
Intel Server Specialist take when trying to resolve the customers issue?

  • A. Check the Ethernet cables.
  • B. Check the switch log.
  • C. Ensure RMM4 and onboard management NICs are on the same subnet.
  • D. Ensure RMM4 and onboard management NICs are ondifferent subnets.
  • E. Enable the root user and login remotely as root.
  • F. Install the RMM4 driver in the Operating System.
  • G. Update the system to the latest BIOS, BMC, and FRUSDR versions.
  • H. Disable the BMC firewall.
  • I. A, B, C
  • J. D, F, G K. A, D, H L. B, E, G M. A, D, G

Answer : E

Which of the following reflects the correct statement for the image below?

  • A. This SYSCFG command Reset BMC is used to reboot the BMC. This command can be useful where changes toBMC settings have been made.
  • B. This SYSCFG command Reinitialize BMC forces the BMC to rescan all available sensors. This command can be used to force the BMC to rescan all sensors when a FRU update has been applied.
  • C. This SYSCFG command Restore BMCrestores the BMC settings to default. It can be used to reset the management settings to support reconfiguration of management without carrying over previous management settings.
  • D. This DOS command allows a super user to restore the file system within theBMC, following a reformat.

Answer : A

During a training event that you are giving as an Intel Server Specialist on the use of
Intel Raid in protecting customer data from critical loss, you explain how a RAID array can generate alerts through an audible alarm. You arethen asked the question what it means when the Raid controller is beeping. How would you answer this question from the following list? (Select ALL that apply)

  • A. The Adapter cannot detect the backplane
  • B. The incorrect driver is installed
  • C. An unsupportedbackplane has been detected
  • D. The Adapter cannot detect the motherboard
  • E. The Array is degraded
  • F. Battery failure

Answer : E,F

You are giving your customer a brief overview of some of the Intel technologies that are enablingcloud deployments. You have to explain that virtualisation technologies while requiredfor the cloud do not actually support cloud architecture. Please choose the technology name from the list below to those which relate specifically to providing virtualisation implementations as opposed to enabling better cloud implementations.
(Select ALL that apply).

  • A. Intel® VT for Directed I/O
  • B. Intel® AES-NI
  • C. Intel® Turbo Boost technology
  • D. Intel® Virtualisation Technology
  • E. Intel® SMX technology
  • F. Intel® Quick Sync Video
  • G. Enhanced Intel Speedstep® Technology
  • H. Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology

Answer : A,D

What is the maximum number of hard drives supportedwith the ESRT2 on the C600 family chipsets, provided the correct number of ports is available on the motherboard?

  • A. 4
  • B. 8
  • C. 32
  • D. 64

Answer : B

Which of thefollowing are possible ways to find out why a newly integrated Intel Server
System is not powering up? (Select ALL that apply).

  • A. Motherboard diagnostic LEDs
  • B. System ID LEDs
  • C. Active system console
  • D. System Status LED
  • E. Beep codes
  • F. SEL log
  • G. BIOSerror log

Answer : A,D,E

Your customer finds that the server system R2000WT fans are running very fast. As an
Intel Server Specialist you must advise which of the following conditions maycause this symptom? (Select ALL that apply).

  • A. Wrong BIOS version
  • B. Chassis intrusion has occurred.
  • C. Processors are under very high workload.
  • D. Wrong FRUSDR flashed.
  • E. Processor socket pin bent
  • F. Both processor sockets are populated
  • G. One system fan is inoperable.
  • H. Incompatible BMC revision and BIOS version
  • I. BIOS settings have been set to default mode

Answer : B,C,D,G

During a FRUSDRupdate on an Intel Server System SR2208WTTYS a customer has flashed the wrong FRU file and inserted an unnecessary field. Which one of the following actions can help to reset FRU fields to default values and allow removal of the extra field?

  • A. frusdr.efi/cfg master.cfg
  • B. Flash BMC image in BMC Force Update mode
  • C. syscfg /rbmc
  • D. frusdr.efi /fru S2600WTT.fru

Answer : D

A reseller would like to obtain a simple command line utility that their customer can use to retrieve System Event Log information remotely. Which of the following tools is recommended to support this requirement and how would the reseller acquire it? (Select
ALL that apply).

  • A. The tool that can be used to support this function is onlyavailable on the CD shipped with the specific SKU.
  • B. The tool to support this function can be downloaded via
  • C. The tool that can be used to support this function can be purchased as a separate SKU item via Intel Authorized Distributors
  • D. DPCCLI can be used to support this function.
  • E. Stand-alone Intel Server Management Utilities include a command line utility that can support this function.
  • F. The Intel Deployment Assistant could be used to boot into configuration mode and complete the relevant SEL download.
  • G. The PCT Tool can be used to test the system and download the SEL and other test logs to the Remote Testing Console (RTC).

Answer : B,E

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Exam contains 190 questions

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