Delta - Applying Aruba Switching Fundamentals for Mobility v7.0

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The exhibit shows the physical connection between two Aruba 5400R switches and a server The network administrator is concerned about redundancy and wants to implement a solution like that shown on the right side of the exhibit. The administrator plans to use an
LACP link aggregation with both links active.
What must the administrator do first?

  • A. Configure an LACP link aggregation between the switches.
  • B. Enable dynamic link aggregation globally on the switches.
  • C. Combine the switches into a Virtual Switching Framework (VSF) fabric.
  • D. Configure the same operational key on both the switches.

Answer : B

A company needs a modular switch that can be combined with another modular switch into a single logical fabric. Which ArubaOS switch series meets these criteria?

  • A. Aruba 2930F Series
  • B. Aruba 3800 Series
  • C. Aruba 3810 Series
  • D. Aruba 5400R Series

Answer : D

A company wants all wireless users who connect to a WLAN to authenticate with an individual usemame and password. The company also wants to control which wireless devices are allowed to connect to the WLAN. Which security option on Aruba APs meets these criteria?

  • A. WPA/WPA2 Personal and MAC authentication
  • B. WPA/WPA2 Enterprise and MAC authentication with the MAC authentication fail-thru option
  • C. Open and MAC authentication with a closed SSID
  • D. WPA/WPA2 Enterprise and MAC authentication before 802.1X option

Answer : A

A network administrator needs to configure Virtual Switching Framework (VSF) for the first time on an ArubaOS switch The administrator enters this command:

The administrator then wants to provision member 2 settings. What must the administrator do before provisioning these settings?

  • A. Configure SNMP settings that match settings configured on member 2.
  • B. Enable VSF on the switch and reboot.
  • C. Join member 2 to the VSF fabric.
  • D. Specify the model type for member 1.

Answer : C

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