HPE Converged Solutions v7.0

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What do HPE Hyper-Converged Solutions add to HPE Converged Solutions?

  • A. systems that are pre-built and optimized for visualization, cloud, and big data workloads.
  • B. virtual machines that are pre-built with application software installed.
  • C. hypervisor software that is pre-installed and configured.
  • D. software-centric architecture that integrates resources and technologies in a single compact appliance.

Answer : B

Which HPE ConvergedSystem design tool can be used to show a customer a picture of the final solution, showing the physical size and individual components?

  • A. Customer Intent Document
  • B. ConvergedSystem Decision Matrices
  • C. HPE Sizer for ConvergedSystems Virtualization
  • D. HPE Reference Architecture

Answer : D

An HPE customer with a traditional IT infrastructure plans to optimize operations by implementing an HPE Composable Infrastructure.
Use the arrows to move the description of the steps of the implementation process on the left into the proper implementation order on the right.

Answer :

Explanation: Improve Staff Productivity

Simplify deployments -
Simplify Infrastructure as a Service

What is an appropriate use case for the HPE Hyper Converged 250 solution?

  • A. The customer needs a system that is flexible and designed to incorporate the existing environment
  • B. The customer needs a custom-designed data center solution, optimized for analytics workloads.
  • C. The customer needs a turnkey solution, with a fast deployment time and configured for a big data workload
  • D. The customer needs an entry-level appliance, pre-configured for a private cloud solution.

Answer : D

Which statement describes the HPE Converged Architecture 700?

  • A. a 2U rack solution that can be installed at many locations and can generate VM guest servers managed by VMware VCenter console
  • B. a pre-built 2-node appliance specifically optimized for a Hyper-V cluster that can be managed through Microsoft's System Center
  • C. a pre-built appliance designed for a branch office scenario that can support a 2-node VMware cluster
  • D. a pre-built solution, specifically designed for each customer's environment and custom- optimized for a variety of workloads

Answer : D

Under which circumstances is it most appropriate for an architect to use CloudSystem
Enterprise when designing a Helion CloudSystem on a Hyper Converged 380 platform?

  • A. when the solution requires OpenStack and Azure cloud storage.
  • B. when the customer needs OpenStack implemented on VMware hosts.
  • C. when the customer does not need to integrate any public cloud services.
  • D. when the solution will provide laaS and PaaS for a single environment.

Answer : A

A customer plans to implement a virtual desktop system. These are the considerations critical to the design of the system:
Call center employees will work from home.
The IT staff are highly skilled.
The IT staff believe they can design and build an optimal solution.
The new system has a short timeline.
Which statement explains why an HPE ConvergedSystem is a better solution for this customer's project than a self-built system?

  • A. Converged systems are pre-built with optimal components that can be expanded quickly.
  • B. Converged systems provide a turn-key appliance-based solution with high availability built-in.
  • C. Converged systems provide workload optimized components that are built and configured by the customer.
  • D. Converged systems run on a software-centric architecture supported by a single vendor.

Answer : D

When designing a VDI solution, what are two VDI-specific design factors that an architect must consider? (Select two.)

  • A. the type of clients: knowledge or power users.
  • B. database preference.
  • C. redundancy factor.
  • D. over-subscription limits
  • E. required compression ratio.

Answer : AB

Which challenge to implementing a private cloud is resolved by the OpenStack component of Helion CloudSystems?

  • A. self-service provisioning of a development platform.
  • B. automating provisioning of public cloud resources.
  • C. developing a technical self-service portal for resource provisioning.
  • D. providing a PaaS service to support the cloud environment.

Answer : B

A customer is buying an HPE ConvergedSystem 700 for a modem data center. The customer's circumstances are that:
The solution will be used for warehousing and analytics projects for its sales division
It can easily house the new system and has adequate IT staff to manage it.
The existing environment includes a SAN with inadequate capacity for the new system.
The customer plans to start with a storage capacity of 100TB. using BiadeSystem chassis.
When using the HPE Sizer for ConvergedSystems Virtualization to determine the proper size, which of the customer's circumstances will factor as parameters for the sizer tool?
(Select two.)

  • A. data center capabilities
  • B. skill level of IT staff
  • C. workload type
  • D. total storage capacity
  • E. capacity of existing SAN

Answer : AC

A customer's IT department has been tasked with producing an analytics solution that can take advantage of its sales and ordering system. The project includes these challenges:
The IT staff includes only one system administrator, with minimal experience with an analytics system.
The project must be in production in 30 days.
The architect recommends the HPE ConvergedSystem solutions for SAP HANA.
Which capabilities of HP ConvergedSystem solutions for SAP HANA will help this customer succeed with this project? (Select two.)

  • A. RAS features allow customers to deploy the delivered solution out of the box.
  • B. It provides autonomic storage provisioning and simple backup solutions.
  • C. It offers the highest I/O bandwidth of any current x86 scale-up system.
  • D. In-memory databases are pre-configured out of the box.
  • E. A pre-configured order can be up and in operation in 2-3 weeks.

Answer : A

Which guideline should be followed when choosing the proper converged system for a
CloudSystem deployment?

  • A. The Converged Architecture 700 should be used for fast deployments.
  • B. The ConvergedSystem 700 is appropriate for solutions that need 2-16 nodes.
  • C. The Hyper Converged 380 should be used for SMB scenarios.
  • D. The ConvergedSystem 700 should be chosen when a flexible configuration is needed.

Answer : B

For a Hyper-Converged VDI solution, a VLAN-based network design model will require separate VLANs for which two functions? (Select two.)

  • A. iSCSI storage
  • B. Fiber Channel storage
  • C. high availability
  • D. remote access
  • E. storage vMotion migration

Answer : A,D

When designing a Converged Solution for VDl. for which critical VDl component should the architect consider high availability?

  • A. storage repositories .
  • B. controllers.
  • C. graphic accelerators.
  • D. desktop broker.

Answer : B

A customer needs to virtualize its data center to reduce power and cooling bills, and increase efficiency. An architect is planning to use an HPE sizerto design an HPE
Converged solution for this purpose.
What is one customer requirement that the architect must obtain to use the sizer effectively?

  • A. the average cost of power in Watts per hour
  • B. the maximum budget for the project
  • C. the average memory requirements for VMs
  • D. the timeframe for the solution implementation

Answer : D

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Exam contains 40 questions

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