HPE OneView v7.0

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Point and click on the area of the graphic that identifies the area that the Microsoft System center uses to communicate with HPE One View.

Answer :

Explanation: Insight Plug-in -

A customer has an existing server environment consisting of G5 and newer HP ProLiant servers managed by HP SIM with Insight Control. The customer needs to implement HP
OneView as their new management platform. Which approach should you take to meet the customer's needs?

  • A. Migrate all servers to HP OneView.
  • B. Use HP OneView and HP SIM to manage all hosts.
  • C. Use the Insight Control Management appliance to run in Update-only mode.
  • D. Continue to use HP SIM with Insight Control to monitor the existing environment and implement HP OneView to monitor G6 and newer servers.

Answer : C

According to HPE in which way does HPE OneView enable transformation to a hybrid infrastructure?

  • A. enables agile IT operations
  • B. builds better mobile apps
  • C. provides application layer control
  • D. enhances security and governance control

Answer : B

Which operational function provides the benefit of being automated in HPE OneView?

  • A. HP StoreVirtual Volume creation
  • B. Online enclosure migration from VCEM to HPE OneView
  • C. Virtual Connect server profile creation with automated iSCSI attached
  • D. SAN Zoning

Answer : B

How does HP OneView monitor an HP ProLiant Gen8 server?

  • A. through the Agentless Management Support (AMS)
  • B. by gathering SNMP information configured on the operating system
  • C. by accessing intelligent provisioning
  • D. by using periodic polling

Answer : A

Which component of HPE OneView uses the Core Foundation Services to access the physical components of the data center responsible for managing blade servers?

  • A. Connection Resource Manager
  • B. Physical Server Resource Manager (PSRM)
  • C. Network Services Resource Manager
  • D. Image Resource Manager

Answer : C

You are preparing to install HPE One View to monitor your HPE environment.
Which mechanism will HPE OneView use as a primary source of status information?

  • B. SNMP Traps
  • C. State Change Management Bus (SCMB)
  • D. Polling

Answer : A

You are setting up an HPE OneView system. You have all of your server information in an asset management tool and you need to import the data from it to your HPE OneView installation/
How can you accomplish this?

  • A. Export the data to a .csv file and import with the Environment Resource Manager (ERM).
  • B. Use the Physical Server Resource Manager (PSRM) to import the data.
  • C. Use the REST API to script the import of the data.
  • D. Create a server profile for each server in HP OneView. then import the data with a PowerShell script.

Answer : C

What is required to reset the administrator password to the HPE OneView appliance?
(Select two.)

  • A. service level access via the Ul
  • B. logon to the appliance CLi with Root level access
  • C. access to the OneView CLI from the appliance console
  • D. a one-time password from HPE support
  • E. serial access to the appliance

Answer : A,D

Which REST API resource attribute can be described as the primary identifier of a resource?

  • A. ResourceID
  • B. uri
  • C. locationUri
  • D. parentUri

Answer : B

What becomes of user interface interactions that take longer than 200 milliseconds?

  • A. They become asynchronous tasks.
  • B. They generate a timeout error.
  • C. The priority of the tasks is raised and they are retransmitted
  • D. They are retransmitted as lost data packets

Answer : A

A customer needs to make a REST call to see the enclosures managed by an HPE
OneView appliance.
What should the customer include in the request to demonstrate that they have properly authenticated with the appliance?

  • A. an OVsession cookie
  • B. an Auth HTTP header
  • C. a JSON-encoded user name and password
  • D. a token cookie

Answer : D

Point and click the option you should click to add a Certificate Authority-signed certificate to your HP OneView installation Settings

Answer :

You have several old servers that are not HPE intelligent powered devices. You need to add these devices to HPE OneView and create a manual power configuration for them
How can the power topology be built?

  • A. from the bottom up by creating rack PDUs
  • B. by configuring the intelligent iPDU on the server
  • C. from the top down using Location Discovery Services
  • D. with a parent device

Answer : A

Which restriction will prevent you from copying a server profile from one server to another?

  • A. The server processor count is different.
  • B. The server has additional memory.
  • C. The server has a different network adapter layout
  • D. The server BIOS settings are a different version than the settings on the original.

Answer : A

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Exam contains 64 questions

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