Selling HPE IT Operations Management Solutions v7.0

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Exam contains 40 questions

What does the HPE Operations Bridge Hybrid Cloud Monitoring use case provide for the customer?

  • A. infrastructure provisioning for cloud services
  • B. total cost of private or public cloud services
  • C. a single portal to request all cloud service
  • D. complete visibility of the cloud services being provided or consumed

Answer : A

What does it mean to be agile in IT Operations Management?

  • A. fierce and motivated
  • B. fast and responsive to business needs
  • C. flexible with meetings
  • D. partner with other IT teams

Answer : A

The IT Operations Management market space is growing at what rate every year?

  • A. 12-4%
  • B. 8-10%
  • C. 15-17%
  • D. 20 - 25%

Answer : A

A VP of Operations has learned that the Lines of Business have been purchasing virtual environments from an external cloud vendor because IT is too slow to respond to new requests Which use case for HPE Data Center Automation would help to address this issue?

  • A. provisioning
  • B. patching
  • C. compliance
  • D. monitoring

Answer : A

What are some challenges a Service Manager may have that would lead to a Self-Service opportunity for HPE IT Service Management Automation? (Select two.)

  • A. software license non-compliance
  • B. unknown IT Asset usage
  • C. users dissatisfied with service desk
  • D. Help Desk agents lack knowledge to handle tickets
  • E. limited self-service capabilities

Answer : B,E

What capabilities should an IT Operations Management solution have for the 'Monitoring
Automation Through a Single Pane of Glass' use case? (Select three.)

  • A. IT resource discovery & automated monitoring IS single end-to-end view of services
  • B. single cloud portal for ordering services
  • C. integration of existing tools
  • D. automated provisioning of new services
  • E. full stack provisioning

Answer : AE

IT Service Management Automation Express Edition comes with which capabilities?
(Select three.)

  • A. Infrastructure Management
  • B. Business Intelligence
  • C. 13 Asset Management
  • D. ITSM processes D Big data analytics
  • E. Self-service portal

Answer : B,C,E

What are the primary IT outcomes that HPE IT Operations Management drives? (Select three.)

  • A. maturity
  • B. devOps
  • C. agility
  • D. efficiency IS
  • E. innovation
  • F. redundancy

Answer : ACD

Where does HPE IT Operations Management fit in the HPE Transformation areas?

  • A. Empower
  • B. Protect
  • C. Enable
  • D. Transform

Answer : D

What is an IT environment considered to be when multiple automation steps are chained together?

  • A. innovative
  • B. functional
  • C. agile
  • D. operative

Answer : A

HPE is committed to helping customers move from traditional IT to what?

  • A. marketable enterprise
  • B. digital enterprise
  • C. value-driven enterprise
  • D. cost-contained enterprise

Answer : D

Which HPE IT Operations Management (ITOM) Suites that are focused on Automation?
(Select three.)

  • A. Operations Bridge
  • B. Big Data Management
  • C. Service Broker
  • D. Data Center Automation
  • E. Systems Management
  • F. ITSM Automation

Answer : C,D,F

What is the key value proposition of HPE Operations Bridge?

  • A. operate with automation
  • B. operations through a business lens
  • C. singular business remediation
  • D. dynamic infrastructure automation

Answer : B

How large is the market opportunity for IT Service Management?

  • A. $12M
  • B. $500M
  • C. $6.1B
  • D. $10B

Answer : D

What does the HPE Operations Bridge Business and IT Alignment use case provide for the customer?

  • A. business is converged with IT as one unit
  • B. impact of IT events on business priorities
  • C. aligns business requirements to strategic IT planning
  • D. categorizes IT tools to the business value

Answer : C

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Exam contains 40 questions

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