Selling HPE SMB Solutions and Services v7.0

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Exam contains 81 questions

Which HPE BladeSystem option should you recommend to an SMB customer to boost networking and storage performance and increase provisioning speed?

  • A. SimpleSave disk drive
  • B. Virtual Connect
  • C. Enclosures
  • D. FlexFabric

Answer : B

Which HPE storage family provides software-defined storage and allows the customer to turn an existing x86 server's storage into a highly available, full-featured virtual array?

  • A. HPE StoreVirtual VSA
  • B. HPE StoreOnce
  • C. HPE 3PAR StoreServ
  • D. HPE MSA

Answer : A

Which tool provides information about HPE storage products, the competition and where- to-sell scenarios?

  • A. HPE Sales Builder for Windows (SBW)
  • B. HPE Storage Product Reference Guide
  • C. HPE Storage SAN Design Reference Guide
  • D. HPE Product Bulletin

Answer : B

A customer asks about the competitive advantages of the HPE Storage portfolio products.
Where is the information located.

  • A. HPE SAN Design Guide
  • B. HPE Storage Product Selector
  • C. HPE Storage Sizer
  • D. HPE Sales Builder for Windows

Answer : B

Which key customer challenges can be addressed by an HPE Storage solution? (Select two).

  • A. managing data growth.
  • B. securing remote access devices
  • C. improving data backup and recovery
  • D. deploying applications throughout the company.
  • E. improving network latency.

Answer : AC

What correctly describes the HPE approach to software-defined networking (SDN)?

  • A. HPE has taken a conservative approach toward SDN to protect customer legacy investments
  • B. HPE strategy indicates that SDN will become less important as cloud solutions become more common.
  • C. HPE has developed SDN m-house and is making its proprietary technology available to customers.
  • D. HPE is committed to SDN, with offerings across the infrastructure, control, and application layers

Answer : D

What is the expected shelf life of data archived on HPE StoreEver Tape solutions ?

  • A. 10 years
  • B. 5 years
  • C. 30 years
  • D. 20 years

Answer : C

Where should you place an HPE MSR 2000 in the infrastructure of an SMB customer network?

  • A. core
  • B. security layer
  • C. WAN edge
  • D. wired access layer

Answer : C

Which HPE ProLiant Embedded Management tool can be used to reduce the time required for operating-system installation and server configuration?

  • A. Intelligent Provisioning
  • B. Insight Online
  • C. Smart update Manager
  • D. iLO

Answer : A

Which HPE switch series should you recommend for the wired network of a large branch office? (Select two.)

  • A. HPE 1420
  • B. HPE 1920
  • C. HPE 1620
  • D. HPE 2920
  • E. HPE 5400R

Answer : D,E

Which customer maturity level is concerned with network security, formalized IT processes, and simplified management?

  • A. Service Provider
  • B. Starting Out
  • C. Expansion
  • D. Building Momentum

Answer : C

Which business benefit makes HPE ProLiant Gen9 Servers a better choice than
IBM/Lenovo System X?

  • A. ProLiant Gens servers offer fewer price points for customers.
  • B. ProLiant Gen9 servers offer multiple point solutions for greater customer choice
  • C. ProLiant Gen9 servers provide an upgrade path to the Power line of servers ??
  • D. ProLiant Gen9 servers provision faster through simplified, converged management

Answer : C

A customer is considering either HPE Proactive Care or HPE Proactive Care Advanced services for their solution. Which benefit does Proactive Care Advanced offer that Proactive
Care does not?

  • A. health scans for problem prevention
  • B. dedicated account support manager (ASM)
  • C. enhanced call handling
  • D. firmware updates

Answer : B

Which server management solution simplifies and modernizes the booting process in a secure and efficient manner?

  • A. HPE Intelligent Provisioning
  • B. HPE iLO Management Engine
  • C. HPE Smart Update Manager
  • D. Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFl)

Answer : D

What is a best practice for setting HPE networking support services?

  • A. Establish the business need for support early in the sales cycle.
  • B. Lead with Foundation Care, because most customers want to keep their support costs low.
  • C. Engage the customers end users to build a business case for support services.
  • D. Start advocating support series after the sale when the customer begins thinking about implementation and support needs.

Answer : A

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Exam contains 81 questions

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