Architecting Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions v7.0

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You size a Remote Copy solution tor an HPE StoreServ customer. Which best practice should be implemented concerning virtual Volumes (VVs)?

  • A. All VVs belonging to the same application should be added to different Remote Copy groups.
  • B. All VVs should be spread evenly across ail available Remote Copy groups
  • C. All VVs should be put into their own Remote Copy group
  • D. All VVs belonging to the same application should be added to the same Remote Copy group

Answer : D

What must be considered when using Jumbo Frames in an iSCSl SAN environment?

  • A. Jumbo Frames are only supported on 1 Gb Ethernet networks
  • B. Only die network switches in the iSCSl network path will need to have Jumbo Frames enabled
  • C. All devices in the iSCSl network path must have Jumbo Frames enabled.
  • D. Jumbo Frames are not recommended m an iSCSl environment with multiple network switches.

Answer : C

Which tool should you use to quickly determine HPE 3PAR Storeserv hearth and performance''

  • A. Command View 3PAR
  • B. SSMC
  • C. 3PARCLI
  • D. CMC

Answer : B

Which information should be collected and analyzed when discovering customer expectations for replication performance?

  • A. rate of data change
  • B. bandwidth
  • C. type of data
  • D. latency
  • E. frequency of copies

Answer : A,D

You are presenting a solution for an HPE 3PAR StoreServ system using 3.84 TB cMLC
SSD drives. Which additional value should you focus on to appeal to the interests of the companys CFO?

  • A. savings of the solution when compared to 1.92 TB cMLC SSD.
  • B. savings of the solution when compared to a similar configuration using 10 k SAS drives.
  • C. performance gain when compared to 1.92 TB cMLC SSD.
  • D. savings of the solution, which approaches the cost of 15 k SAS drives.

Answer : B

A customer has a multi-site. 10-node HPE Storevirtual solution. What should be configured to ensure that application servers connect to storage systems located in the same site to get their data?

  • A. Peer Persistence
  • B. synchronous replication
  • D. I/O path preferecing

Answer : D

Refer to the Exhibit -

Which solution does the exhiDit represent?

  • A. network RAID 5
  • B. FOM site preference
  • C. I/O Path preterencing
  • D. synchronous replication

Answer : C

You ate proposing an HPE 3PAR storage solution lo a new customer. The customer's applications are experiencing high latency when accessing data on the existing non-HPE storage system Analysis results indicate that the high latencies always occur when the storage system is performing additional tasks not directly related to serving data
Which HPE 3PAR storage systems technology is specifically designed to mitigate this common behavior?

  • A. an ASIC specifically designed lo do all repetitive tasks related to serving data
  • B. extra wide PCI-E buses running on an extremely high clock rate
  • C. additional processor cores on the main CPU and enhanced connections between the CPU und memory
  • D. multiple processors and multiple memory banks collaborating to move the data more efficiently

Answer : A

Which requirements must be considered when designing and sizing an HPE 3PAR
StoreServ environment for periodic asynchronous replication?

  • A. Size only the source array to account for the IOPS resulting from snapshot created by Remote Copy.
  • B. Size both arrays to account for the IOPS resulting from snapshots created by Remote Copy.
  • C. Use a CPG with SAS drives for Remote Copy snapshots.
  • D. Size only the target array to account for IOPS resulting from snapshots created by Remote Copy.
  • E. Use a CPG with nearline drives for Remote Copy snapshots.

Answer : AE

A customer is using a VMware vSpnere environment with existing HPE 3PAR StoreServ for primary storage and HPE StweOnce tor backup purposes. You are planning a maintenance window to update servers and storage firmware levels to current versions.
Once the storage equipment and new features are available, which additional options can you introduce to the customer to enhance VM application-consistent backups?

  • A. HPE Data Protector with Virtual Machine Catalyst license
  • B. Catalyst license tor HPE 3PAR StoreSeiv tor deduplicated application consistent snapshots
  • C. Recovery Manager Central with Express Protect
  • D. HPE Data Protector with HPE 3PAR Remote Copy Support

Answer : A

You need to quickly determine if a software upgrade is available for an HPE 3PAR
StoreServ system. Where can you locate this information?

  • A. HPE 3PAR Firmware Update Notification Utility (FUNU)
  • B. HPE 3PAR Integrated Management Console (IMC)
  • C. HPE 3PAR Service Processor Onsite Customer Care (SPOCC)
  • D. HPE 3PAR StoreServ Management Console (SSMC)

Answer : C

Which snapshot retention policies are available through the HPE StoreVirtual CMC?
(Select two)

  • A. capacity reservation
  • B. space optimization
  • C. retention quantity
  • D. allocation policy
  • E. period of time

Answer : AC

A customer must store backup data at a separate site from the company's main data center due to governmental regulations. The customer also needs to have rapid restores and short-term retention. Which solution allows the customer to do local backups and restores, and archive data off site for the long term?

  • A. HPE StoreOnce backup solution
  • B. HPE StoreOnce Recovery manager
  • C. HPE StoreEasy
  • D. HPE StoreVirtual VSA solution

Answer : A

Your customer has a 10-node StoreVirtual cluster split between 2 sites that are 1 km apart and are connected by a redundant pair of dark fiber links. The latency is far below 2 ms.
Inside the Centralized Management console. 2 sites are created and the appropriate servers and storage systems are assigned to each site.
What should you suggest to your customer when following the best practices tor quorum voting algorithm?

  • A. Run the appropriate number ot managers on each site.
  • B. Enable Peer Persistence on Management Group level.
  • C. Deploy an NFS network Share tor Quorum Witness feature in LH OS 12.5.
  • D. Deploy the Faiiover Manager (FOM)

Answer : A

When comparing competitor solutions with your HPE 3PAR StoreServ solution design, which features should you compare?

  • A. technology, strengths threats
  • B. mesh architecture, ASIC, manageability
  • C. cost, complexity, openness
  • D. fixed cache, services cost

Answer : B

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Exam contains 65 questions

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