Servicing HP Networking Products v6.1

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You are servicing an HP V1905-8-PoE switch and need to access the CLI. What should you consider in this situation?

  • A. Unlike on other V Series switches, you must set your terminal session software's baud rate to 115200
  • B. You might need a password to access the CLI's privileged EXEC mode.
  • C. You can reach the switch on Telnet, but the switch has no console port
  • D. The switch does not support a management IP address, so you must access the CLI through the console port.

Answer : B

Match the HP A Series switch user interface with the type of access that it controls.

Answer :


In-band Access - Out-of-band Console Access
When you establish an in-band management session with the CLI, the switch assigns you to a user interface, which controls the settings for the session.
The user interfaces for in-band sessions are labeled VTY.
Each management user who connects to the switch at the same time is assigned to a different interface. The interfaces are differentiated by number, with the first user being assigned to 0, the next to 1, and so forth. The number of separate sessions that are allowed varies from device to device. When you establish a console session with an A
Series switch, you are assigned to a user interface that is labeled AUX. The A Series switches about which you are learning support one console port and thus one console session labeled AUX0. The default user privilege level for the AUX interface is manager

While troubleshooting an HP E Series AP on the customer premises, you restart the AP and soon determine that its software is failing to load. How did the Power LED lead you to this conclusion?

  • A. The Power LED did not come on
  • B. The Power LED stopped blinking.
  • C. The Power LED continued blinking for more than several minutes
  • D. The Power LED blinked more rapidly after several minutes

Answer : C

The Power LED shows if the AP is receiving power. If the Power LED is blinking, the AP is starting up. If it continues to blink after several minutes, the software failed to load. Try
Resetting or power cycling the AP.

Which management method is out-of-band?

  • A. Serial
  • B. HTTP
  • C. Telnet
  • D. SSH

Answer : A

Which management session should you use for secure communications between your management station and an HP E8212 zl switch? (Select two.)

  • A. Web browser interface through HTTP
  • B. CLI through a Telnet session
  • C. menu interface through a Telnet session
  • D. Web browser interface through HTTPS
  • E. menu interface through HTTPS
  • F. CLI through an SSH session

Answer : D,F

What is a benefit of HP V Series switches?

  • A. advanced power management
  • B. a lifetime warranty on all switches
  • C. plug-and-play installation
  • D. a common operating system from edge to core

Answer : C

HP V Series switches are cost-effective, plug-and-play products for small to medium businesses (SMBs) with fewer than 100 nodes. Because SMBs do not have the staff to deploy or managed complicated products, the V Series switches operate with little to no managementwhile still providing the high performance and basic security features that more and more even small companies require.

LEDs on the HP E8200 zl switch and HP E5400 zl switch can provide what information about an installed HP E-MSM765 zl Mobility Controller?

  • A. There is network activity on one or both E-MSM765 zl ports.
  • B. The E-MSM765 zl's hard disk drive has not initialized.
  • C. The E-MSM765 zl's compact flash has not initialized.
  • D. The E-MSM765 zl passed its self-test

Answer : D

There are also a number of LEDs on the HP E8200 zl Series and HP E5400 zl Series switches that monitor the status of the E-MSM765 zl. These LEDS are related to the modules self test , which takes place both when the switch is powered on after the module is installed in the chassis, and when the E-MSM765 zl is installed while the switch already has power. The following LEDs on the switch help determine if the E-MSM765 zl has passed the self test:
Test LEDThis is on briefly while the module is undergoing the self test, and then goes off.
(Note: If the EMSM765 zl was installed with the switch powered off, and then the switch was powered on, the Test LED will stay on for the duration of the self test.)
Fault LEDThis LED is off if the E-MSM765 zl installed properly.
Module Status LEDThis LED goes on as soon as the E-MSM765 zl is installed and the switch is powered on. It stays on.

Which device requires switch CLI access for initial configuration?

  • A. E-MSM317 Access Device
  • B. E-MSM415 RF Security Sensor
  • C. E-MSM422 Access Point
  • D. E-MSM765 zl Mobility Controller

Answer : D

Unlike the E-MSM710 and E-MSM760, the HP E-MSM765 zl has no factory-default LAN port IP address. You will need to assign its LAN port an IP address before you can access the controller through the Web browser interface.

You are resetting an HP E Series AP to factory defaults using its reset button. How many times should the LEDs blink before you release the button?

  • A. once
  • B. twice
  • C. three times
  • D. four times

Answer : C

To reset the device to factory defaults, press and hold the reset button until all LEDs blink three times, and then release the button.

Which IEEE 802.11 standard offers maximum theoretical data rates up to 600 Mbps?

  • A. 802.11a
  • B. 802.11b
  • C. 802.11g
  • D. 802.11n

Answer : D

802.11n is a standard for high-speed wireless connections.
This standard offers maximum theoretical data rates up to 600 Mbps. 802.11n can operate in either the 2.4 GHz or the 5 GHz band and is compatible with both 802.11b/g and 8 0 2
.11 a .

Which HP V Series switch can connect to a redundant power supply (RPS)?

  • A. V1910-24G-PoE (365W)
  • B. V1905-24-PoE
  • C. V1810-8G
  • D. V1410-8G

Answer : A


HP V Series External RPS -
The HP V1919-24G-PoE(365W) switch can receive power from a HP RPS 1000 A3
Redundant Power Supply, one of the RPSs that you already learned about with the A
Series switches. The RPS 1000 A3 is the only RPS supported for this switch. You must also use the correct cable to connect the switch to the RPS; the slide displays the specifications. The switch has both an AC and DC power input. You can connect one or both, for redundancy. When operating at is capacity, the V1910 -24G-PoE(365W) switch draws:
AC power:
523 W for system power
365 W for PoE

DC power -
92 W for system power
740 W for PoE
The V1910 -24G-PoE(365W)switch provides an RPS Status LED directly above the Mode button and Mode Status LED. Look at this LED to discover whether the switch is successfully receiving power from the RPS (LED glows solid green) or whether the switch is not receiving power or the DC input is abnormal (LED is off).

Select the module type that A-MSR20 Series and A-MSR20-1X Series routers support.

Answer :

You are replacing a failed HP A-WX5002 WLAN Access Controller. You want to configure the controller to rediscover the customer's A Series APs as quickly as possible. What should you do?

  • A. Import an xml file with a list of the AP's serial numbers.
  • B. Add an AP and specify a wildcard for the serial number.
  • C. Enable the auto AP feature.
  • D. Add an AP and specify a wildcard for the AP name

Answer : C

If you are installing a new WLAN access controller, you probably do not want to type in the serial number for all of them. In this case, the easiest way to configure APs is using Auto
AP option.
After the controller discovers all the APs, HP recommends that you disable the Auto AP option.

A customer wants you to install an SFP transceiver that supports Gigabit fiber optic connections on an HP A-MSR20 Series router. Where can you install this transceiver?

  • A. in one of the router's fixed SFP ports
  • B. in an SFP port provided by a specific Smart Interface Card (SIC) installed in the router
  • C. in an SFP port provided by a specific Flexible Interface Card (FIC) installed in the router
  • D. in one of the router's Gigabit FX ports

Answer : A

Several HP A Series switches are distinguished by a dual-personality (or combo) port.
What is an accurate description of this port?

  • A. It can accept either Ethernet Base-T cable or fiber optic cable
  • B. It can accept either Ethernet Base-T cable or a small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceiver
  • C. It is a pair of ports. One accepts Ethernet Base-T cable and one accepts a small form- factor pluggable (SFP) transceiver. Both can be used simultaneously.
  • D. It is a pair of ports. One accepts Ethernet Base-T cable and one accepts a small form- factor pluggable (SFP) transceiver. Only one can be used at a time.

Answer : B

Dual-personality portthis port can be used as either a 10/100/1000 port or a Small Form
Factor Port (SFP).

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Exam contains 94 questions

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