Selling HP PPS ServiceOne Services v7.0

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Exam contains 62 questions

Which mobile app can be downloaded to search for the three best HP Care Pack Services for a specific product?

  • A. HP Cirrus
  • B. HP Attach Widget
  • C. HP Care Pack Central
  • D. MySalesGuide

Answer : A

Which HP PPS Services allow customers to add leasing of the new hardware purchased within the pricing?

  • A. HP Priority Services
  • B. HP Standard Contractual Services
  • C. HP Care Pack Services
  • D. HP Custom Contractual Services

Answer : D

A customer has set aside a budget to cover replacement and maintenance of their printing and PC hardware. They are interested in contracting with a hardware manufacturer for services because their IT department does not have adequate resources to cover PPS
Services. The contract would include the following provisions:
1. Standard delivery requirements
2. Multi-vendor repair services
3. Multi-year contract
4. Quarterly payment
Which offer best matches this customer's needs?

  • A. HP Accidental Damage Protection
  • B. HP Custom Contractual Services
  • C. HP Standard Contractual Services
  • D. HP Care Pack Services

Answer : B

Which competitive advantage does HP PPS Services offer in comparison to Dell, Lenovo,
Lexmark, Ricoh, and Apple?

  • A. Wider geographical coverage
  • B. Lower prices
  • C. Wider offering
  • D. Better security services

Answer : A

A customer is nearing the expiration of their existing service engagement. When asked about a renewal, they expressed a desire to maintain the same SLA and conditions and keep existing hardware. A review of their hardware inventory shows that it is no longer supported.
Which renewal option should you offer?

  • A. Upgrading with HP Contract
  • B. HP Post-Warranty Care Pack
  • C. Purchasing an extended warranty
  • D. Hardware Refresh

Answer : D

In the event a ServiceOne reseller does not hold a services contract specialization, which statement is true about pricing for HP Contractual Services?

  • A. The ServiceOne reseller can settle pricing conditions directly with the customer.
  • B. The ServiceOne reseller should contact their HP Partner Business Manager to discuss pricing.
  • C. HP Partner Business Manager can help the ServiceOne reseller identify the nearest Services Contract specialist distributor to contact.
  • D. Prices can be found in HP Care Pack Central.

Answer : C

Which service corresponds to the following discovery question: "Do you meet the requirements of data protection regulations by physically controlling access to your data?"

  • A. Tracking and Recovery Services
  • B. Installation
  • C. Defective Media Retention
  • D. Asset Tagging

Answer : A

Reference: (page 8, defective media retention)

When is the best time to propose HP Contractual Services for hardware already covered with HP Next Business Day Onsite Care Pack Service?

  • A. Upon expiration of a service engagement
  • B. Any time during the hardware lifecycle
  • C. Prior to the HW purchase
  • D. At the time of the HW purchase

Answer : A

Which customer challenges do HP PPS Services help to mitigate? (Select three.)

  • A. Ensuring a recovery time of 134 minutes
  • B. Saving up to 44% of the time to configure devices
  • C. Business downtime due to equipment failure
  • D. Downtime during international business travel
  • E. Reducing the percentage of devices lost in transit
  • F. Confidential data exposure due to equipment theft

Answer : C,E,F

What is included in the defective media retention service?

  • A. It allows the HP technician to come onsite and replace the non-functioning device with a new one.
  • B. It allows the customer to retain the defective drives that are repaired.
  • C. It allows the HP technician repairing the device to keep the defective part.
  • D. It allows the HP technician to use refurbished parts to complete a repair.

Answer : B

Which competitive advantage does HP PPS Services offer in comparison to Lenovo, Apple,
Lexmark, and Ricoh?

  • A. Market recognition
  • B. Wider geographic coverage
  • C. Extended business hours
  • D. Wider page array

Answer : B

Which HP PPS Services enable customers to cover various serial numbers with one agreement? (Select two.)

  • A. HP Care Pack Services
  • B. HP Custom Contractual Services
  • C. HP Priority Services
  • D. HP Standard Contractual Services
  • E. HP Configuration Services

Answer : BD

Which service corresponds to the following discovery question: "Have you lost productivity due to delayed hardware repair?"

  • A. Maintenance Kit replacement for printers
  • B. HP Care Pack Services (next business day or same day)
  • C. Accidental Damage Protection
  • D. Travel Services

Answer : B

What is true about the difference between HP Contractual Services and HP Care Pack

  • A. HP Contractual Services can provide a flexible solution adapted to a customers needs when the HP Care Pack Services offerings are not suitable
  • B. HP Contractual Services integrate devices into existing environments. HP Care Pack Services are intended for new environments.
  • C. HP Contractual Services provide outsourcing for mundane IT services. HP Care Pack Services do not offer IT outsourcing.
  • D. HP Contractual Services apply to global customers. HP Care Pack Services are intended for US customers

Answer : A

Which statement is true?

  • A. More than 60% of customers rated the service provided by HP as excellent.
  • B. HP earned several recognitions for quality of support experience and excellence in operations.
  • C. HP provides the exact same service experience in more than 80 countries worldwide.
  • D. No manufacturer can support HP devices better than HP.

Answer : B

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Exam contains 62 questions

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