Selling HP Printing Hardware v6.0

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Exam contains 53 questions

How do HP PPS Solutions go way beyond the product?

  • A. by offering mobility, security, manageability, value for money, and reliability
  • B. by offering the only real mobile solution out there
  • C. by giving sales professionals tools to sell, like
  • D. by deploying an HP Eco Desktop Suite

Answer : A


Why is the Recommended Monthly Print Volume (RMPV) important?

  • A. It tells you how many sheets of paper you will be able to sell the customer.
  • B. It tells you how many pages a printer will print in its entire lifetime
  • C. It helps you match the right printer for the right customer's environment, to give them the best return on investment
  • D. It gives you an indication whether the customer needs mono or color printing.

Answer : D

Your SMB customer has a series of paper -based processes to manage their business.They need to create digital Workflows that are fully embedded into the device to improve the efficiency. Which solution should you recommend?

  • A. an MPS output solution
  • B. a capture optimized HP Enterprise Flow MFP including embedded OCR a
  • C. a full enterprise solution with HP Capture and Route
  • D. a flatbed scanner and HP SSDS

Answer : A

Where is the reseller's value in recommending an HP Printer or Scanner?

  • A. HP has shipped over 200 million printers and 300 million scanners.
  • B. Gartner recognizes HP as a leader in MFP, manageability, and security
  • C. HP invests in new compatible paper types for emerging markets.
  • D. HP only makes printers and helps to deflect selling scanners.

Answer : B

What year did HP invent Thermal InkJet technology?

  • A. 1984
  • B. 1961
  • C. 1979
  • D. 2003

Answer : A


What could a customer use to limit color printing to specific groups of users or specific applications?

  • A. 8" color touch screen
  • B. HP Universal Print Driver
  • C. HP Web Jetadmin
  • D. HP Color Access Control

Answer : D

HP Color Access Control lets organizations control color and set color quantity limits by user and user group and HP is one of the few vendors to lock out color use by application.

Which great security feature is included with the HP Universal Print Driver?

  • A. instant connection to a printer without requiring access to a corporate network
  • B. constant in-device monitoring for malicious attacks
  • C. Secure Encrypted Print
  • D. UPD loading only known good firmware'

Answer : A

Which statement is true about page maximizer technology withJetIntelligence?

  • A. it includes an automatic seal remover.
  • B. It is based on intelligent modeling, providing more room for toner
  • C. It securely authenticates the type of cartridge installed.
  • D. It is supplied with the most current workgroup printers from this year's line-up

Answer : B


Which statement is correct regarding HP Quick Sets?

  • A. HP Quick Sets are a highly reliable and secure pre-boot and recovery method for HPMFPs
  • B. HP Quick Sets allow customers to manage and retrieve documents from the cloud
  • C. Through the HP Universal Print Driver customers can set a number of tasks that can be achieved at the touch of a button
  • D. HP Quick Setsareyour customers launch document workflows mat scan and save documents and get it right every time-at the touch of a button

Answer : C

How does a 650-sheet paper tray help your customer?

  • A. It means there is no need to buy additional paper tray
  • B. Due to the bigger surface it is 3 lot easier for the user to put the paper into the tray
  • C. It minimizes noise and reduces the risk of damaging the cartridge
  • D. The customer can add a whole ream before the tray runs out of paper

Answer : B

Why is it important that HP listens to what the customer is saying?

  • A. so HP can understand where the competition is stronger than them
  • B. so HP can target their most expensive products at the right customer
  • C. so HP can make their printers meetthe customer’sneeds
  • D. so HP canbenumber onein marketing effectiveness surveys

Answer : C

A customer is looking to combine the functionality of a variety of devices in one space- saving device. What should you recommend?

  • A. HP Quick Sets
  • B. an HP Flow Scanner
  • C. an HP multifunction printer
  • D. any HP small workteam printer

Answer : C

Explanation: The HP multifunction printer Combines the functionality of a variety of devices into one space-saving device Provides enhanced workflows and security for the imaging and printing environment Important devices for digital document management
Reference: fundamentals(See Slide#54)

Why is it important to sell reliable printers to your customer?

  • A. The only reliable technology is Laser and they are the best for customers
  • B. Reliable printers typically have the highest margins
  • C. The customer will be more likely to purchase a Managed Print contract
  • D. A happy customer is a loyal customer

Answer : D

Which HP solution replaces the BIOSwith30 seconds if a virus corrupts the printer?

  • A. HP ProtectTools
  • B. HP sure Star
  • C. HP Page Lift
  • D. HP Device Manager

Answer : B


Why is the need for printing solutions becoming vital?

  • A. Customers are moving toa digital office where there willbe no need for printers
  • B. People are becoming more mobile and need the facility to print wherever they are
  • C. HP ePrint only works on home printers prompting companies to look for a solution for printing from a mobile device
  • D. Customers are strong critical documents in the cloud increasing me need for desktop printers

Answer : C

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Exam contains 53 questions

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