Delta - Architecting HP Server Solutions v7.0

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Exam contains 60 questions

Which HP technologies integrate with HP Intelligent Series Hacks? (Select two )

  • A. HP Lights-Out Management (iLO)
  • B. HP Intelligent Power Distribution Units (iPDU)
  • C. HP intelligent Management Center (IMC)
  • D. HP StoreServ Inform Console
  • E. HP Intelligent Provisioning

Answer : AB

A customer is concerned about buying counterfeit memory for the HP Pro( iant Gen9 servers in its data center Which HP innovation should you explain lo the customer?

  • A. SmartCache
  • B. SmartMemory
  • C. LRDlMM
  • D. DDR4 UDIMMs

Answer : B

Which architectural features of HP OneView can decrease the time to resolution when issues arise, and eliminate the manual burden of data gathering front lT staff? (Select two )

  • A. HTML5 based Ul. which provides a clean and intuitive interface to quickfy find the information on the resources related to the issue
  • B. Alerts and Activity panes on the OneView dashboard, which provide instant visual indication of issues tn the environment
  • C. Individual resource managers, which provide resource information isolation to quickly narrow down the source of the IV.Ill'
  • D. Open REST API which provides an interface to gather relevant information to assist ,n the troubleshooting process
  • E. State Change Message Bus (SCMB). Which provides an interface to automate me immediate collection of information on the issue

Answer : A,D

A customer's data center consists of 120 HP ProLiant EM_460c Oon9 Made servers mounted m c/ooo enclosures The customer is adding 10 now servers per mouth to then environment and is having difficulty beeping their environment current with nt-w firmware updates Which built in processes of HP ProLiant Gen9 server will help the customer achieve this goal? (Select two)

  • A. Create an MSI distributable package
  • B. Create a Converged infrastructure group in HP OneView lor all applicable servers
  • C. Create an ILO I Federation group for all applicable servers
  • D. Mount the HP SUM DVI) in the Enclosure OVD drive
  • E. Mount the HP SUM ISO as virtual media

Answer : BD

A customer is installing a new read intensive database application on an HP ProLiant Gen9 server The customer needs to increase performance for this application Which configuration change should you recommend that the customer make?

  • A. install an SAS expander
  • B. install SmartCache
  • C. install larger capacity disk drives
  • D. install a Ell40i controller

Answer : C

What is an appropriate procedure to deploy HP OneView?

  • A. Deploy a Hardware Virtual Machine (HVM) package to a XenServer host
  • B. Install an HP OneView application and plug in components to a Linux server
  • C. Deploy an Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) package to a vSphere hypervisor
  • D. Install an HP OneView application and plug in components to a Windows 2012 R2 server

Answer : C

A customer needs lo configure UFF'I BIOS settings on several ProLiant Gen9 servers
Which HP utility should the customer use lo most efficiently perform this task?

  • A. HP RESTful interface tool
  • B. HP Scripting toolkit
  • C. HP Smart Update Manager
  • D. HP Insight Control

Answer : A

A needs analysis reveals that a customer requires a remote desktop solution that has ttte ability to scale with maximum density and flexibility It also must have the lowest power consumption per unit of processing power and per unit of space occupied Stage 1 of this project is tor 500 hosted desktops that need to run Windows 7 Enterprise with SP1 (x64)
Which HP solution should you recommend to the customer for Stage 1?

  • A. sixteen Proliant DL380 Gen8 servers with 2 GPUs and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • B. four Apollo GOOO with xl230A Gen9 servers and RedHat KVM
  • C. three Moonshot chassis with M70O cartridges and Citrix Xen
  • D. eight C70OO BladeSystem with Bl_460c Gen9 servers and VMware view

Answer : B

Which features of HP Smart Array Controllers can be configured by Smart Storage
Administrator? (Select two)

  • A. Auto Raid 5
  • B. Secure Encryption
  • C. HBA Mode
  • D. SSD Over Provisioning Optimization
  • E. Auto Assign Global Spare

Answer : BC

Which HP support service is provided by Foundation Care?

  • A. HP option installation services
  • B. account support professional
  • C. HP technician onsrte within two hours
  • D. hardware and software support

Answer : D

Which feature of the Apollo 8000 can help a customer meet their energy efficiency goals?

  • A. Thermal discovery Services to reduce energy usage and increase compute capacity
  • B. Active Cool 100 fans that reduce power and maximize air movement
  • C. Water cooled system that enables energy recycling
  • D. Intelligent power Discovery Services to track power usage and record configurations

Answer : C

A customer has exceeded the current capability of their Hadoop application, which was running on DL3SOe Gen8 servers. You need to recommend a server that will tun a new
Hadoop application with dense storage capability Which HP ProLiant Gen9 server should you recommended?

  • A. DL160
  • B. DL180
  • C. BL460
  • D. BL660

Answer : B

A customer needs to improve VM host efficiency and lowei network latency in their HP
ProLiant DL380 Gen9 servers. Which unique technology built-in to the HP FlexFabric 556 network adapter wilt meet the customer's requirement?

  • A. TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE)
  • B. IPv6 protocol support
  • C. 10Gb Ethernet support
  • D. ROMA over Converged Ethernet (ROCE)

Answer : D

A customer needs a highly scalable solution that may grow to 10.000+ HP Proliant Oen9 rack servers as the demand for their service grows which feature that will reduce complexity and time taken to manage servers at this scale, should you demonstrate to the customer?

  • A. Intelligent Provisioning OS deployment
  • B. Virtual Connect enterprise Manager
  • C. Onboard Administrator
  • D. iLO Federation

Answer : A

A security company is upgrading its video surveillance cameras to high definition This upgrade will increase the storage needs of its backend servers beyond what is supported by the existing hardware Some data processing will be performed on the video You need to propose a cost effective hardware solution thai is a highly efficient, converged design that deliver? The appropriate combination of capacity and performance, using the least amount of space Which solution should you demonstrate to the customer?

  • A. Moonshot with M300 cartridges with HP StoreVirtual
  • B. DL380 Geh9 servers with a 3par 740O storage array
  • C. SL4540 Gen8 3x15 model
  • D. C7000 BladeSystem with BL460C Gen9 blades and Storage

Answer : B

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Exam contains 60 questions

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