HP-UX 11i v3 Advanced System Administration v7.0

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A customer is moving to an Integrity platform but has legacy PA-RISC applications that cannot be recompiled on Integrity. Which type of container can provide binary emulation environment for the customer's applications?

  • A. PA RISC Container
  • B. System Container
  • C. HP 9000 Container
  • D. Workload Container

Answer : B

Which statement about auditing Standard Mode Security Extensions (SMSE) is correct?

  • A. SMSE uses an external daemon to maintain the audit logs.
  • B. SMSE Audit log files can be read by the users of the SMSE-Administrator Group "smeadm".
  • C. SMSE auditing is available on HP-UX 11i v1, HP-UX 11i v2, and HP-UX lit v3.
  • D. SMSE auditing is compatible with NIS and LDAP.

Answer : C


The HP-UX 11i v3 mass storage stack has different load balancing policies available.
Which policy is the default?

  • A. preferred_path
  • B. closest _ path
  • C. least_cmd_load
  • D. round robin

Answer : D


A customer needs a partitioning solution that provides dedicated resources and electrical isolation. Which HP solution should the customer use?

  • A. vPars
  • B. Integrity VM
  • C. HP Containers
  • D. nPars

Answer : D


A customer wants a partitioning solution that has the ability to move running workloads to eliminate downtime and increase flexibility, especially for proactive maintenance and workload balancing. Which solutions provide this capability? (Select two)

  • A. nPars
  • B. vPars v5
  • C. Integrity VM v6
  • D. Integrity VM v4
  • E. vPars v6

Answer : BD

Given the output below, what is indicated by the line starting with "memory"?

  • A. Memory pages already used for paging needs
  • B. Amount of memory reserved by the kernel for its own internal use
  • C. Amount of memory calculated for pseudo-swap
  • D. Memory allocated by the kernel for possible future paging needs

Answer : D

The application's I/O profile is doing random I/O. Which action must you perform to disable automatic read ahead on the related filesystem?

  • A. Use the command newfs with the "read_ ahead=0” option on the filesystem
  • B. Mount the filesystem with the “readahead=random” option
  • C. Use the command vxtunefs to set the "read_ ahead=0" option on the filesystem.
  • D. Mount the filesystem with the "mincache=tempcache" option

Answer : C

You are trying to create a new Serviceguard cluster with two nodes. The
/etc/cmcluster/cmclnodelist file exists and is correct on both nodes. They can resolve hostnames and IP addresses correctly, and Serviceguard is installed correctly on both nodes. When running the command cmquerycl -v -n nodeB -nnodeA on node nodeA, it works but when run on node nodeB, the same command fails with the following message:

What is the cause of this problem?

  • A. The "auth" service entry is commented out in the /etc/inetd. conf file on node nodeA.
  • B. The "auth" service entry is commented out in the /etc/inetd conf file on node nodeB
  • C. The "hacl-probe" service entry is commented out in the /etc/inetd conf file on node nodeA
  • D. The "hacl probe" service entry is commented out in the /etc/inetd conf file on node nodeB.

Answer : C

A customer wants to run a two node HP Service guard cluster on nodes "node 1 and
"node 2". The HP Serviceguard cluster nodes are Integrity VM VSPs. HP Service guard toolkit for Integrity Virtual Servers (SG-IVS) is installed on both nodes VM guests
"VMGuest 1 and VMGuest2" are configured as cluster packages"pkgl" and "pkg2".
During a maintenance window, the administrator needs to failover both cluster packages, pkg 1 and pkg 2, from node 1to node 2. Which statements are correct? (Select two.)

  • A. Use hpvmmigrate to failover “pkg 2”.
  • B. “VMmGuest 1” and VMGuest 2” must be rebooted during the failover of “pkg 1” and “pkg 2”.
  • C. HP Service guard does not monitor the VM guest during the online migration process.
  • D. Use cmmovevpkg to failover “pkg 1” and pkg 2”.
  • E. Use hpvmsg_ move to failover “pkg 1” and “pkg 2”.

Answer : AC

What is the maximum number of nPars that can be configured on a fully populted
Superdome 2 (SD2-16s)?

  • A. 2
  • B. 4
  • C. 8
  • D. 16

Answer : D


Match the UNIX system commands with their toolbox description

Answer :

Which tool allows you to control which processor or locality domain a thread will execute on?

  • A. mpsched
  • B. glance
  • C. psets
  • D. nice

Answer : A


Which methods allow you to install an Integrity server using an Ignite-UX server on a different subnet? (Select two)

  • A. Use the dbprofileEFI command
  • B. Use the ifconfigEFI command.
  • C. Use the loadfile command
  • D. Use a boot helper system
  • E. Use the lanboot command

Answer : BD

A server is running in nPars mode. Which command should be used to change the system to vPars mode (vPars v5)?

  • A. parmodify
  • B. vparreset
  • C. vparenv
  • D. vparboot

Answer : D


A customer wants to run some jobs periodically on a database inside ot HK-UA integrity virtual machines.
At which level does the administrator need to assign rights to allow the user account to create and execute cron jobs?

  • A. at the HP-UX OS level on the HP-UX Integrity VM only
  • B. at the database level and at the HP-UX Integrity VM HP-UX OS level
  • C. at the database level and at the HP-UX Integrity Host OS level
  • D. at the HP-UX OS level on the HP-UX Integrity Host only

Answer : C

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Exam contains 71 questions

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